Gorgeous Ponderings...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*spins and sings* I simply remember my favorite things....

And then I don't feel so baaaaaaaaaaaaad!!

How cool that this is my 200th post!!

A Christmas in review:

Christmas dinner was a success! Everyone enjoyed the food and my mother's gumbo was screaming!!!

I ended up decorating with silver, gold and white. How classic is that! It was very cute with the white twinkling lights and white stockings, gold bulbs and assorted silver accents! Kind of elegant. LOL!

On to the gifts!!
My mother?? Sometimes she surprises me! I guess I was a good daughter this year. She felt like I needed new cookware. Even though I already have KitchenAid cookware But I guess you can never have too many pots!! She also bought me another microwave! because something happened to my first one.
Kitchen Aid 12 piece cookware set

My sister bless her heart! She's a bite rrr and took my gifting "my favorite things" Op.rahs idea but anywhooo she bought me some booty shorts and a burnout tank! Gotta love her for that. LOLOLOLOLOL! and her favorite nail polish and lashes.

My bestie, she knows I like to eat and gave me a gift card to Kincaids in Jack London Square. I'm so excited about this! Mmmmmmm!! I love the wings yep I said wings at this steak house, one of the yummy salads and the creme brulee. Annnnnnnnnnnnd she got me the big Amazing Grace Body Wash!! It smells so good. I can't wait to get the body lotion.

My favorite Aunt gave me a gift card for Ma.cy's. I have enough for my watch, but guess what?? It sold out at Ma.cy's!! Why did the watch I wanted sell out??? Really Ma.cy's! *BIG HUGE SAD FACE : (
But I'm considering This One! Which is very similiar. What's missing are the numbers. I like watches with numbers.

I bought the Aldo necklace for myself because it went on sale and I didn't want it to sell out. Which it now has!

I LOVE the grocery store because they sell all types of giftcards now.We did secret santa in my family and my cousins gave me gift card for Bloomingdales!! I can buy my new lunch bag or put it toward my rainboots!
I have to purchase the purse and both pair of boots myself this year. Dang it! LOL!!! Oh well! I knew that!

There are a few people in my FAM that I haven't seen yet so I'll be getting more gifts but overall I had a very Merry Christmas!! I Hope YOU Did Too!!!


AR Gal said...

Belated Merry Christmas!!

Classic colors are always a good look on the tree. Wally World has marked down their Christmas decorations so I picked up a ton of stuff in a baby blue color. The only thing I haven't found is a tree topper, stockings and a tree skirt. In due time. Here's hoping I feel like putting the tree up again next year. LOL

Love the cookware set (and that the microwave matches). We are in need of another one ourselves. Maybe I'll look around tomorrow to see what I can find.

Go sister!

I always forget about Aldo unless I'm in the mall which is rare. Yes, I know they have a website (LOL) but it's a out of sight, out of mind thing for me.

kisz4tj said...


I so need new cookware! You came out really nice. You must be loooved

Jameil said...

WOW! You cleaned up! Merry Christmas! If you want to send me the new cookware, I will take it because I'm that sweet! Awwwww! Blog la familia!

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I so need new cookware.

LOL @ your sister.

You got some nice gifts. I actually prefer gift cards because folks in my family are not good with gifts.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR gal
Thank you! Ooo Yaay! that you were able to find your blue decorations. I remember you mentioned that. Score!
Yeah my kitchen is red and they couldn't re-heat food because my microwave was dead at Thanksgiving. I'm happy

Girl my sis is a MESS!!

Same here with Aldo but for the secret santa thing I remembered they have cool inexpensive jewelry. I'm so glad I got it. It will look good with my booty shorts and tank LOLOLLOLOL!

I feel loved!! LOL!

Thanks! I think so too! There you go wanting my pots now too! LOL!

I've been lusting after some other cookware but I'm pleased.

Yeah my sister SMH!

I LOVE gift cards the most. People in my family just started getting better with gifts! Seriously like this year! LOL!

Nexgrl said...

I used to spend a lot of time making sure that the gift matched the person, but not anymore. I've started purchasing deep discounted items or gift cards. It seems my family has gotten the hint and have begun improving in their gift giving skills. I have to wait for my new cookware. It's my niece's incentive @ her job. I will get the Emeril Pro-Clad Cookware from BBB.

P.S. I love this... said...

You're dinner decor sounds like it was divine.

I need new pots and microwave. Love that you have color in your kitchen.

Some shorty- shorts? Ok Miss Daisy Duke! Work it out!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I love giving out gift cards! I only personalize a few gifts.
Ooo you are too lucky to actually have a relative that works at a store. I LOVE that! The family discount!! YASS! the cookware sounds nice *googles*

My sister is nuts for real. But that's her favorite things *shrugs*
I plan to wear a long sleeve blouse with the shorts and jeans with the tank! maybe... lol

I love color in the kitchen! I was thinking of changing to orange there are such pretty options out, but I'm still in lurve with red for now!

Thank you! As I started decorating it just came together.

Anonymous said...

Nice red! That's my favorite color. Why did this lady I know get defensive when she found out I had red plates? She was like, "I thought I was the only one that had a red kitchen." Seriously? The ONLY one? LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

Nooo she didn't!! The only one??? That's hilarious!!! I've always wanted a red kitchen. You need to tell her about me too! LOLOLOLOL! She'd have a fit!

What kind of plates? I did a post awhile back about my FAB plates I found at Mar.shall's

Nina said...

Yay! Glad it was merry!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Nina Thank you! I hope yours was too!

Anonymous said...

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