Gorgeous Ponderings...

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wow!! The last Thursday Thoughts of 2010. Let's do it!

1.What the heck is up with Niecey Nash’s KWEPIE DOLL EYES on Brandy and Ray J. I hate everything about her face in that episode except her lipstick. Loves!!

2.I LIKE DIP! I like dipping food in dip I’m a dipper but NOT a double dipper and YOU should NOT be a double dipper either!

3.Waking up at four in the morning looking at the TV and getting drawn into a movie that you have to keep watching is a #FAIL. I was soooo sleepy all day.

4.If I get sick over the weekend and have to cancel a meeting on Monday because I don’t feel well why would I want to attend a 9:00 am meeting on Tuesday! Didn’t I just tell you I’m sick? O_o

5.I saw Elf again for the 50th time and I died again when he drank the whole bottle of Co.ke. That’s physically impossible to do. Isn’t it? I would think the carbonation would cause your head to explode! It did make me want a Co.ke though! Yum!

6.It’s weird to me when people buy ugly designer shoes and they feel the need to keep telling you that they are designer. Umm no, they’re just ugly!

7.Speaking of feet/shoes. I need some new run/walk shoes any suggestions??

8.It’s almost New Year’s Eve. I’m not as excited as I was 2 weeks ago.

9.I get great thoughts after I shut down my computer for the night. I need a note pad. I had 2 great thoughts and I could not remember them when I woke up. *sadface*

10.I want some bubble gum.

11.Every year the church I use to attend has a 21 day fast for the first 21 days of January. This year I’m participating. I'm making my own individual sacrifice. Guess what I’m giving up??? Wait for it………………Co.ke!!! No Co.ke for 21 days!!! Two days left to get my DRANK ON! LOLOLOL!

12. I was sad to learn that Teena Marie had passed away. It baffled me that not much was said about her death at first, then gradually more news mediums picked it up. But it still was not really a big deal! *sad face* Back in the day my aunt dated a dude who owned a club and the old heads would be up in there dancing and dranking. LOL! I remember hearing Fire and Desire and needing to find out who the heck had that voice. I was shocked to find out she was Umm the "ivory queen of soul". My favorite song by her is Portuguese Love. This dude *blushes*.... well I'll leave that alone!

13. "Seen and Heard." Seen Please click HERE this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

2. I love dip as well!! Ya know I've got germaphobe issues, so I'll only eat what I prepare and that of a few other folks. And there is no shame in my game, "Um excuse, may I take a spoonful first please? I don't share well." Yep, have said it in mixed company.

3. Oh no, please don't join me on the dark side of insomnia. It's NOT pretty here.

5. I haven't seen Elf. It took Will Ferrell awhile to grow on me, so I should give it another try. Talladega Nights is one of my favorite silly movies.

9. I started using the memo pad on my blackberry. Helps ALOT!

11. Good luck with the fast! You can do it!!!

12. RIP Lady T. My favs are "Cassanova Brown" and "Yes Indeed".

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. I'm a germaphope too! I wrote about getting mine first. Yeah that's me standing there waiting when the plastic comes off! LOL!
3. It's sooooooo not pretty!!
The movie was good though.
5. If you like T nights you will like Elf.
9. That is a GREAT idea I always forget about my BB.
11.Thanks! It's a REAL sacrifice for me! maybe my addiction will end?
12.Hmmm. I have to give "Yes Indeed" a listen. She had such a great voice and songs I haven't heard.

Jameil said...

2) Double dipping's okay with the one you love! Me & Rah do it all the time when we're together! LOL
3) I can't sleep with the tv on. Way too distracting.
4) B/c they don't think you're really sick.
5) LOLOL. Oh Elf. I need to watch it!
6) Buying ugly stuff is hideous.
7) Aretha should be lots of help! She wrote about it a week or two ago.
8) I got nothin.
9) Stop losing those ideas!
10) Share.
12) I was completely unphased. *shrugs*
13) NO!

GorgeousPuddin said...

2. Yeah you two are in lurve!! Ewwwww! Eating and kissing are separate to me. I can't double dip with a dude. He better get a spoon!
3. I need/like the light.
4. But I was! And I sounded sick on the phone. I just ignored them. I don't get sick often but when I do LEAVE ME ALONE!!! lol
5. It's creepin up on being a holiday fav.
6. I completely agree!!
7. I gotta check out her post.
8. Me neither *sad face*
9. I know, right?
10. I guess I could but I kinda want to eat the whole pack and make a huge bubble!
12. O_O staring at YOU!
13. WHY? I saw something funny and I'm sharing!! Difficult!

Bajan Beauty said...

2. lol @ double dipping. I love mayo and ketchup mixed together for my fries!

5. I love ELF, but Bad Santa has to be my favorite Christmas movie, lol.

7. I have the Air Max 2009, feels like I am running on two pillows.

10. I was thinking about starting a 5 week natural cleanse when I come back from vacay.

12. Love Teena Marie, Square Biz and Lover Girl are my fave songs.

AR Gal said...

1. Niecey's lashes are going to be as long as her weave before long.

2. I'm a dipper....a double dipper in fact BUT I'm usually the only one eating the dip so ummmmm yeah.

3.I don't think I've ever watched Elf.

6. Right!!

7. NB are great for walking. I've been contemplating trying one of the new fangled tennis shoes designed for walking and toning your buns.

12. I stan for Square Biz. It showcases her talent so well.

13. Speaking of seen and heard, I ain't neva seen or heard of nan one of those foolywang groups. Ironically, I now have a strong desire to listen to their "work".

Po Broke & Lonely? wins for best group name. Really? L.M.A.O!!!!!

Nexgrl said...

1. It seems as if this year flew by.

2. I can't say that I love dip. On occassion, I'm known to have a little.

3. I don't wake up @4, but I'll wake up in between the hours of 12 midnight and 1:30a.m. I usually watch some late night show or something on the DVR.

4. Our staff meetings are always the 2nd Tuesday. As you know from reading my blog, folks always call in sick.

6. These women on my job LOVE those ugly expensive CLOGS. The rave: They're so good for your feet. Wooden soles always hurt my feet!

11. I hope that you're finally able to kick that brown soda habit.

GorgeousPuddin said...

5. Oh Gawd!! I love Bad Santa too!! It's too funny!
7. Those sound wonderful!! Two pillows?? Yass!
10.I like cleanses!! Good luck with it.
12. Yeah Square Biz! Like it too!

@AR Gal
1. Just a mess!
2. double dipping alone is just fine! I dip alone! LOL! It's the sharing. Ewwwwww!
3. It's funny! I think you'll like it!
7. I have NB now. Since I'm doing more of a run/walk I was looking for something more. I'm interested in the butt toner shoes too!
12. Yep!
13. I LOVE THAT YOU GET MY HUMOR!!! I like to died laughing at those covers. I want to hear the music!!! I just know it's REDIC!!! Hollered@ Po Broke & Lonely? wins for best group name. Really? L.M.A.O!!!!!
But wait the commentary about Le Gent??? The suits???? It was just too much! Bwhahahahahahahahaha!!!

It really did!
2. You don't love dip?????? Whaat! LOL!
3.I wake up at that time sometimes, and I just don't like it!
4. But I don't get sick, and I don't do this. SO THEY NEED TO BACK UP OFF ME!
6. Wooden soles cannot be good for your feet! They playin! LOL!!
11. I don't want to kick. I love it! but a break is cool! As soon as the 21 is up it's on!

Reggie said...

Sometimes I like to double dip....does that make me nasty?!?

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Reggie Bwhahahahahahahha! Ummm yeah!

keyalus said...

1. So I'm not the only person watching Brandy & Ray J? :)

2. Not a big dip person. I like hummus - does that count?

7. I'm an Asics fan but only because I got fitted for them at the running store. The newfangled thing is the minimalist shoe like Vibrams - they are supposed to be like going barefoot but they make your feet stronger. I have some Nike Frees which are minimal but not as extreme. I like them. Who knows if my feet are stronger?

11. When I was pregnant I had to have regular Coke - not diet. It was so delicious! I'm back to diet now.

13. That is a repost from some time ago. I read it a long time ago and *died*. Her blog is funny.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Nope, I like that show too!
2. Well I guess hummus can count. People do dip veggies in it.
7. Hmmm I will google all of your suggestions. Thanks! giggles@ strong feet.
11. I can't drink diet coke at all. I will just drink water.
13.It wasn't noted as a repost but it was hilarious too me! I think they picked their top ten favs from that old post. *shrugs*

Anonymous said...

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