Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thoughtfully Thought-Out Thursday Thoughts 66#

1. I try to play the lottery when it’s a large amount. I would love to win 250 million dollars. Wouldn’t you? The most I’ve won lately is $12. I WANT TO WIN!!!

2. It’s so funny; this year has been about lessons. I've learned if you don’t keep taking care of your hair after it grows long it will thin out. I also learned stress will cause your hair to fall out too! Now I’m trying to thicken it back up and keep stress down by deep breathing and not internalizing what's bothering me.

3. American Horror Story - Freak show is not as good as AHS Murder House.  That was the best one to me, so far.

4. I had the bright idea that since I’ve worked close to most of my jobs that EYE wanted to work in San Francisco, but here’s what I didn’t factor in... THE COMMUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG! The commute is horrible. Like the worst thing ever kinda horrible!

a.There and back horrible! 

b.1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes mostly sitting in traffic horrible! 

c.Rude drivers horrible! I mean literally get out your car in rush hour traffic and CUT A B*TCH horrible.

d.I asked this white woman nicely (both of our windows were down) if I could get over and that bitch very rudely told me no and then said, “fuck you!” My head almost exploded, but I was trapped. I couldn’t get to her. I drove forward 2 cars and got over. but my morning was ruined. I stayed mad about that "fuck you" most of the day. To be honest I was more mad because I let everybody in when I'm on the bridge. You can get stuck in lanes when trying to maneuver through the traffic so I get it! But for her to be so rude? UGH! If I ever see that bitch in the black Bronco truck IT’S ON! I mention her race for total shock value. I WAS SHOCKED!  And remain so to this day. White people are crazy and she was totally bold because she was in rush hour traffic on a bridge at 6 am.

Whew! I had to get that out!

5. I’m all about learning the natural lifestyle. I’ve done a lot of internet research and I just want to be at optimum health. – Juicing, cleansing, vitamins, clean eating, natural products. I’ll see how this goes.

6. I really want some white angel wings like Chrisette Michelle had on RnB DivaLA. Like really walk around in real life with them on, not just Halloween.

7. Speaking of Halloween…I hate/love to be scared. I love watching scary movies and TV shows, but HATE being scared. We are going to a haunted house and I guess as long as no one touches me  while trying to scare me it’s good. 

8. I’m working on being a nicer, kinder, gentler me. I was told that I’m mean lately. I think I’m still angry about some things and I have to work through it.

9. The SF GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES last night and I was in a bar watching! It was soooooooooooo fun!!  Since I work in SF I got the F outta there because I already knew…win or lose SF was going to be TURNT UP!!!!!!!!! And traffic home would be even worse than the mornings.

10. I’m really into ethnic food lately. My food of choice is Cuban. GET YOU SOME!

11. Anybody going to see Dear White People? If you go let me know so we can discuss it, K?

Second Thursday Thoughts of 2014! Woo Hoo!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead???????????

Season 5 Episode 3
This episode started off pretty scary! The close ups of the trapped walkers...

I figured Bob had been bitten in that food bank! I wondered why he walked off alone and was crying. I guess we have our answer about them making room for Morgan. Can't have too many black men on the show. :/

Tainted meat! Bob is tainted meat! And Terminus ate some of him! That's what they get! LOL! I hope they all turn.

Wait so Gareth released the trapped walkers and they went straight to the church? They must be the parishioners Gabriel was talking about.

They threw Bob back but he's bitten #RIPBOB

In the confrontation with Rick, Abraham said, "do not lay hands" that was symbolic huh? Him being named Abraham and all. lol

Fun fact: One of my coworkers looks like Sasha.

Tyreese is too big to be playing this wimp. I can't take it! Sasha left her knife with him and he better use it if necessary.

Aww man so they went for the school and Gareth came for the church!!! I'm so nervous!! They came into the church a little too easy. I hope Rick and the gang doubles back!!! Please!!!

I KNEW Judith was going to cry!!! ARGH!!!


Gareth! We don't want to hear your stories! You and your mother get to talking the yang about how you used to be!! DIE!! KILL HIM RICK!

Slaughter House church! Rick kept his promise! LOL!

Yes girl, get your sword back!! #Michonne

It sure took Bob a looong time to die. I'm glad Tyreese came in. He killed him all humane and silent.

Wait!!!! So the original gang is splitting up? Glen and Maggie! Noooooo! How's Maggie just gon' go off like that? I guess Beth is dead to her. lol

Well that's all I have. Another GREAT episode!

Chime in!



Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thoughtfully Thought-Out Thursday Thoughts 65#

 1. All of these reality shows are revealing sides of people you should never see. Mary Mary left me scarred! I didn't need to know that Tina was an evil bully! I can't even listen to Mary Mary songs anymore with the same reverence. Currently I'm kinda watching Hollywood Divas. I kinda knew Paula was a real hoodrat, but I didn't need for it to be confirmed. She looks and sounds soooo stupid to me. No one ever needed to know her living situation. I blame it on life choices more than anything else. I'm not even going to get started with Golden. If she mentions Sarah Lawrence one more time...

2. Earlier this week I tweeted about my new coworker and her lashes. She looks like a muppet with the way she places her lashes. I'm not sure why horrible lashes offend me so. I think it's because I believe makeup is supposed to enhance your natural look. When I see crazy weaves, ridiculous brows or super unnatural lashes it offends me.

3. I am actually upset that Xfinity changed the channels to all west coast times. I enjoyed being able to watch some shows on east coast time. Booo! It was fun "tweeting through it" with y'all. lol

4. I've been planning a move to L.A. since before the summer. Now that I'm closer to the move I'm starting to chicken out. I really do want to see what SoCal has to offer I just need for everything to be right.

5. My recent job change has me in commute traffic for the first time in years. Commuting to SF has been a pure nightmare! What was I thinking? I absolutely hate driving across the bridge and being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. My only relief is the thought that I'm moving soon so I won't have that particular commute. Los Angeles has pretty awful traffic to tho. *sigh*

6. I really don't miss blogging until I actually start blogging then I miss that I don't blog anymore.

7. There are so many new shows and returning shows to watch there aren't enough hours in the week to watch all this TV, but I'm trying. I'm having marathon weekend catch ups. What shows are you guys watching?

8. I think Black-ish is hilarious! I hope they continue on like Modern Family to syndication. I may have mentioned that I thought the title meant Black sh*t lol

 9. Vamp lips!! I love a good vamp lip. NYX was on sale a while back at Ulta and I bought a great purple and a great wine color. I'm also all about the matte lip Lime Crime has this red I MUST have.

10. I recently went to see Erykah Badu. She gave a really good intimate show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. I love that venue. It's like being in the bottom of a giant bowl. The acoustics a  fantastic and unless you are at the very top most seats are really good.  Many shows are general admission so you can see your fave for 50 bucks! Win win!

11. This concludes the first Thursday Thoughts in about 2 years. Wow!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead? Premiere and more...

Season 5 Episode 1
The Walking Dead came back with a vengeance last Sunday night. Back in March I could watch this fantastic series on east coast time on the XfinityHD channels and tweet with my tweeps, but I guess it was a mistake because now all the HD channels are on regular west coast time. *sigh* I love the Bay, but being able to tweet with east coast Twitter is fun. :)

Anyway, the mid-season premiere of the show was probably the best premiere in a long time! It was exciting from beginning to end! At season break Rick said, "They picked the WRONG people to mess with and he was RIGHT! Those Terminus people DESERVED to die in the most horrible ways possible...and they did!

At first I thought it was curtains for a main character. I thought they were about to take out Glen! I was so worried and they truly got very close! Whew! But he made it!! Yay!

I have to say the standout of this episode was Carol! That bish kicked azz, took names and kicked more azz! IT WAS GREAT!!

Terminus was a freak show! Real cannibals! I'm so glad the crew made it out. I can't resist...

Terminus got Terminated! lol

Fun fact: When Terminus dude got the jump on Tyreese in the cabin and had Judith in a choke hold, they actually had her own father hold her head in the scene so she would be safe.

I was so mad at Tyreese for turning his back on dude and for them not tying up dudes feet, but Tyreese redeemed himself!

The reuniting of the whole crew (well almost... Beth is still missing) was heart warming! Carol and Daryl almost made me tear up. lol She made sure to get his crossbow too!
People keep yelling for a Michonne/Daryl hookup, but I think there's something with him and Carol.

Y'all see Morgan? I yelled MORGAN just like everybody else. lol Glad to see him alive, well and apparently in his right mind.  Was hat marking on the trees from Rick? I know Rick used to leave signs for him, but I'm not sure if he left those. I do want him to finally get with the gang.

There was also mention of a sighting of a character named Negan I figured he must be from the comics, but I'm not familiar. Do y'all know?

So that wraps up my "The Walking Dead" premiere post. Since I'm late I'm combining it with this weeks episode.

I think the rest of this season is going to be Ahmazing!

Chime in y'all and Welcome Back! :D
Season 5 Episode 2
The conversation between Carol and Tyreese at the water... why doesn't he know that nobody cared about Carol killing those sick people at the prison but him and Rick?

Nobody Cares!

I don't trust that red head dude Abraham. Did y'all catch what he said when Michonne killed the walker?

It's good to see Carl still wants to help when he hears someone in trouble even after what they've just been through, or is it?

So Gabriel just in the woods trapped by walkers on a boulder? What was he doing? Just out for a walk alone during the zombie apocalypse?

Looks to me like Glenn can have two women if he wanted to. That Tara girl is all smitten and heartbroken watching him and Maggie. It's that hero thang. Glen saved her...

So was Carol about to go? Weird that car that took Beth rolled through at the same time the car was charged and ready to go.

Oh no Bob!!! They just gon take a brother leg like that BARBEQUE HIM and eat it in front of him??? Daaaaaang!!! #TheHunters #Gareth

See! Rick was right!!!! They should've made sure they killed ALL of them Terminus fools! Now they are being hunted!

Tyreese is a liar! Why didn't he kill that dude??? Ugh!! Did y'all see dude from the cabin standing by the fire???? OMG!! So when he was screaming I won't, I won't he meant I won't kill him?


Already this season is C R A Z Y!!!

Chime in!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead? THE FINALE!

Season 4 episode 16 
Well we are here and it has happened!
The Walking Dead 

Season Finale 

OMG!! Was it what you expected?

There was sooo much speculation from last weeks episode about what Terminus is. I was semi prepared for anything but DANG!

These fools are really CANNIBALS! Did you see that yard full of skulls and ribs and such??

I was like "Uh Oh!"

It was great to see them all reunited in the end. I didn't see Tyreese or Carol and I didn't hear Judith is she asleep?

The band of evil bandits that we wanted Daryl to get away from were really the deviants of society! Rapists, murderers, thieves... etc. They probably escaped from the original prison when it all went *zombie*

I mean seriously? That disgusting dude was about to rape Carl?!? Really??? That would have been the most horrible scene EVER!! Glad they (TWD writers) didn't go there!

That dude definitely deserved to die the way he did. Rick killed that fool like...Woah dere!!!


Rick was a throat ripping, (with his teeth no less) stabbing, slashing, killing machine!

Claps for emphasis... AND. I. WAS. HERE. FOR. IT. ALL!

They left us with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers tho. So many unanswered questions!

1. How are they going to get out of the train car?

2. Where is Beth?

3. Where are Carol and Tyreese?

4. Who do all the body parts belong to? Is it any of our people?

5. What is #Terminus about? Is this  place really an elaborate lure to eat people? They made signs... and they even have somebody on the mic. WTH!

I really wish Rick could've said "They f*cking with the wrong ones." at the end. Turns out that the f-bomb WAS the line in the comic book. Glad the old ass kicking Rick is back. The one *I* love

Well this wraps up another season. :(

We have 7 looong months to wait. Good thing 'Game of Thrones' is coming back. Yay!

So what did you think?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Can we discuss...The Walking Dead? part II

Season 4 Episode 14 and 15
Update: I figured I could just add to this post since I don't have much to say.

THEY ALL MET UP!!!!! (well...most)

Glen was pretty ridiculous going into that DEEP DARK tunnel. Maggie surely could've waited the day that it would have taken him to go AROUND! Totally hollered at all the people tweeting bye Tara/ RIP Tara when her foot got caught in the Tunnel

Next weeks episode is the finale and it is going to be EXCITING! (I hope) They have a lot to cover. Like..

1. Where is Beth? Who took her?
2. Daryl needs to be rescued from this band of deviant killers who implied they are looking for Rick.
3. Carol and Tyreese have yet to emerge from the woods.
4. Rick, Carl and Michonne either. Oops I forgot Judith (I hate her name)
5. #Terminus appears to be creepy weird place. Mary could possibly be cooking and eating people I hope not Beth. #cannibal

We are one episode from the season finale of  'The Walking Dead', and what a season it has been!

The mid-season breaks on TV shows are always hard for me because my attention span is short, but I always return to this show with such excitement every time!!

I still can't believe I watch this show. In RL I'm so creeped out by blood and gore. If I wasn't I could've possibly been a doctor maybe... shut up I might could... no? Okay. lol

There are so many things to discuss about this season!! So many shocking things have happened! New characters etc. I was going to do a list but this post is going to be long enough. lol
Right now we find our favorite cast members separated, trying to stay alive and find each other after a crazy BLITZ attack from the Gov'na.

I'm so glad that rat bastard is DEAD!! He died, but not before taking out our beloved Herschel! I couldn't believe it.

I actually screamed


The Gov'na deserved to die and I hope he burns in hell LOL!

The group is currently in one way or another following railroad tracks to a sanctuary called Terminus. I asked Twitter, "Why is it   called that?"

Terminus is too close to Terminate so I'm very afraid to see what awaits them.

This show always has some shocking gory twist. Or maybe it will turn out to be a safe haven? Doubtful, but who knows... I hope at the very least they all reunite.

Last weeks episode 'The Grove' ended with Carol (woo hoo Carol is back) having to kill one of the little killers I mean little girls she had taken under her wing at the prison, Lizzie(Lizzie Borden)Samuels

Me: "There is no time for a psycho killer in the zombie apocalypse! Seriously, who has time to be watching to see if they might be murdered by a child and kill zombies? 

"Look at the flowers Lizzie"

"You dang right keep looking at those flowers
while I shoot yo azz!"

Anywhoo, We are here. Episode 15 tomorrow before the finale next Sunday. I think that's right Are you ready?