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Saturday, June 12, 2010


We finally are getting some nice weather in the Bay Area. Today it hit 80 degrees in my town! Felt like 90.
That's hot for the Bay Area especially near the bay. Much hotter inland really in the 90's.

Me personally I do not like to be hot at all. I love the idea of nice weather. But actually being outside when it's hot No thank you!

I would like to be here in a cool controlled environment.  I don't now where this beautiful place is but its fab.

I have to do a summer essentials post. Coming Soon

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Jameil said...

I like my weather controlled as well. But I would lOVE to get some 80 degree weather here! It's been feeling like 100+ for a few days now. Highs near or above 90 for like a month. :/ First Florida now Georgia. SAAAAAVE MEEEEE!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

OMG!!!!!!! Now that's hot. Stay near an air conditioner and drink lots of ice water/tea. :)
I would literally melt. My fam is from Mississippi so I know the heat you're talking about. So sorry!

AR Gal said...

Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping through. Come back anytime.

I read this post and got a little giddy. I just got back from the Bay this week and was absolutely ENVIOUS of the weather out there. If I could have packed it in with my luggage I would have. Wearing jackets and having cold weather at night is unheard of, in June no less, in AR.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR Gal
You're welcome! You are toooo funny I will be stopping by again. Yeah the weather in Cali compared to down south is no comparison. My fam is from Miss. so I know that heat too. I almost DIE every visit.