Gorgeous Ponderings...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


1. Can you believe it’s June already. I have not achieved any of my goals for this year. One was to renew my relationship with God, and go to church more. I’ve been to church once. Once in six months! I’m so ashamed. What's crazy is I used to go to church and bible study every week.* hangs head in shame*

2. I need to workout more. Summer is here. I would like to tone-up more. I’ve been doing squats and lunges to get my booty tighter. LOL! I’m going to Vegas for summer Vacay this year. Gotta look hot in the swimsuit.

3. I love a great pair of earrings. I went into Aldo to look at the shoes and OMG they have such great earrings. Aldo is currently having a huge sale. I have 5 pairs of shoes in my shopping cart. I want to buy them all so bad, but my registration is due this month for my car. Booooo DMV!

4. What do you do when your friends let you down. I have this one friend who I’ve done quite a bit for in the past and really a LOT for in the last six months. I asked her to do one thing for me and she did not come through. She actually texted me one hour before I needed her to say she couldn’t do it REALLY!! I’m mad.

5. Did you know Aquafina the water has a skin care line? I drink Aquafina water a lot especially during the summer. It’s my go to bottled water. Interesting. Check it out here.

6. I am sooo ready for my summer scent. I’m thinking of getting Stella McCartney Sheer. I have to smell this summers version but the past versions have been great. Sephora here I come. I love that they make samples of  any scent you want to try.

7. I really like long movies. The longer the better. I’m totally engrossed from start to finish. It's my way of escape.

8. Last year I made myself start to eat crushed ice as a snack. theCaptains mom eats ice and my mom eats ice. I started eating ice as a snack to curtail me eating bad snacks. Now I’m addicted to ice. I guess it could be worse.

9. Why does Trey Songz make that sound. YeAHHP?????

10. I found a mole in my head. In my head? Ewwww. My family is really molely.

11. I hate washing my hair. The whole process is so tedious to me. Washing, conditioning, blow drying etc. I used to go to the salon every week. It’s too costly to do that now (with this economy) and I’m on a hair journey so I don’t go. I do go for my relaxer at 8-9 weeks. If I were rich I would get my hair washed and styled every three days. My stylist would come to my house.

12. Ications was the word verification on a blog I was commenting on. It made me think. I cation Hmmm??? Vacations, staycations and I cations. No more mental health days or personal days I’m taking a freaking I-cation


K. Rock said...

You gotta start working out earlier for summer girl!!!

I sometimes fear that I am not as good a friend to my firends as they are to me. I am definitely trying to fix that though.

I can't stand long movies. They make me have to pee...frequently.

Funny that the ice actually fills you up. I guess its like drinking a lot of water.

Jameil said...

None of the goals? Yikes! But at least there's still half a year! Plenty of time! I'm excited about the workouts I've been doing lately! I'm obsessive about jewelery! I can't do Aldo's shoes. They make my feet hurt. Friends... you either let them have their express purposes or let them go. Is she there for you in other ways? Like if you really needed her for x she's all over it? If not, maybe it's time to reevaluate whether she's truly a friend. An hour before tho? You need to talk to her about that. I can't stand really long movies!! Lol. My family is soooo moley! Ack!! Hair is such a nuisance.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K. Rock. Oh I worked out before LOL! I just feel like I need to be more toned so I'm gonna lift weights.

Funny about the movies

Yeah I take a tray of ice and crush it and eat I do this all day.
Or get large cups of ice if I'm yeah it kinda is like drinking a lot of water.

I know I'm such a slacker.
Jewelery is the best!
Yeah friends. We're supposed to be getting together to talk it out soon. I'm a grudge holder so...
We are moley its gross.LOL!

Trish said...

2.I have been wanting to go to Vegas for years, seems like whenever someone puts a trip together, it's at a bad time for me.

4. When my real friends disappoint me, it hurts my feelings. I tell them about it and we move on the best way that we can.

5. I just bought a new summer scent, Teddy loves it.

7. I like long movies that are good like Titanic, Castaway on the other hand was like nails to a chalkboard.

8. I love crushed ice, my dentist told me to stop but I haven't listened yet.

9. Try Songz annoys me.

11. I wish I could do my own hair but whenever I try, it always looks a mess.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Trish Hey welcome!
I love vegas. This year we're staying at the Bellagio. I can NOT wait.

I'm still so hurt by my friend

I should have said good long movies.

My dentist hasn't said stop yet,but everybody else has. I can't love it too much.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hey Gorgeous!

1. I haven't achieved any goals this year either.. been SUCH a slacker. Ugh I'm disgusted with myself.

2. I've been working out, doing Insanity and Fluidity and walkin 5 miles every other day. It's supposed to be running.. but it's more walk than run. lol

I love Vegas but thought I would evaporate if I went out during the day.

3. You do that too?!?! I have stuff in carts all over the internet. Don't let me come into some money, I'm gonna shut the 'Net down! =)

4. I just keep it movin if a friend lets me down.. water off a ducks back, unfortunately.

7. I like long, GOOD movies.

9 Trey Songz.. I do like Neighbors Know My Name..very sexy song. An R. Kelly mini me.

10. I actually love cleansing my hair.. I do everything in the shower.. and pull it back in a ponytail and let it do it's thing.

11. I think I have taken too many I-cations, see number 1. lol

GorgeousPuddin said...


Well at least we have time before the year is over.

Get yo workout on girl! That sounds great. I recently started doing Jillian Michaels On demand workouts. I walk 3 miles 4 days a week but I'm kicking it up to 6 days until July 4th.

I have so many things saved around the net we would both shut it down! Ha! From Saks to Sears, I do not discriminate when it comes to shopping.