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Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Ni**a Part 7

Umm Why??????????????????????????????????????

So He comes by unannounced. You trying to catch me doing something?

No phone call WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????

I looked a mess. Umph! scarf, sweats, baggy t-shirt, no make-up

We have not been talking. Much

He is so crazy!! Or is it me? I think its me!

Then he calls me a liar because he didn't believe who I told him fixed my car. A liar Really! But I asked you to do it first!

Today I hate him!


Don said...

Why did you open the door? LOL. He must have a key?

He is insecure. Trust me, I have been there myself. What are you doing to him that makes him act this way? LOL!

Just saying.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I opened the door because I ALWAYS open the door. LOL! I really don't think I'm doing anything. Okay I might be messing with him but I don't want too. He let's his imagination take him places. I love him though so I don't know?!

Thanks for the insight!

Soft Spoken said...

Ohhhh gurllll do I ever know this feeling.

I don't like it either! lol


I feel you fo sho..coming by unannounced..he trippin afterwards when I asked him first..puttin a restraining order out on him but fuck him the next day (sighs) yeah GorgeousPuddin I definantly feel you :)

Don said...

@ gorgeouspuddin: you're welcome. Too funny @ your reply. LOL!