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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday Wishes and Gifts!!!!

Hey Ya'll

So here is the Birthday Gift Run down.

My sister got me a card, paid for my food at P.F Changs, the movies and my movie snacks. She also got me a piece of princess cake (triple sec soaked sponge cake, whipped cream, vanilla custard, raspberry filling, green marzipan icing) Princess cake for the princess! LOL!

me no likey, don't tell her. LOL!

princess cake

My Mother bought me dinner at Everett and Jones BBQ and gave me some flowers

and a card with 100.00 in it.

My Favorite Aunt and Uncle gave me 50.00 in a card. My cousin gave 50.00 in  a card. And other aunt gave me 5.00 in a card and joined me for EVJ dinner

My Bestie got me a card and cupcakes from my favorite bakery here and a gift card to MAC.
Here I come Liqueur lipglass


My other friends joined me for the P.F Chang meal and movies and gave me 25.00 Macy's Gift cards for a total of 125.00

And last but not least theCaptain got me...

Yep a blue box...


So beautiful and delicate at the same time. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Over all had a great Birthday this year. I loved the outpouring of love I received from my fam and friends. All of my cards were really special and heart felt.

With my money I'm thinking of buying a bike. So many people ride their bikes on the path where I workout so now I want one. I'm thinking about buying this one. It's a beach cruiser by Raleigh.

image Raleigh


Don said...

Sounds nice. The money and the BBQ would have been enough for myself. LOL! Money and food are always good.

The locket chain looks to be one of those special gifts that you will end up keeping forever.

Glad that you enjoyed.

And this is definitely bike season.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ Don Yeah I was surprised. Last year I went out of town and barely got anything. I felt so special this year. I will treasure my locket forever!

P.S. I love this... said...

Love IS found in a little blue box! That's so sweet! =)

Jameil said...

SCORE! I LOVE great birthdays!! That bike is tight! Makes me wanna ride one... almost. I was thinking when you were describing the cake, "Ew." LOLOL!! The marzipan is what killed it. The rest sounded pretty yummy.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ P.S Thanks! Love is LOL! He went all out since he's been acting like a nut. We went in Tiffany's during Christmas time. I was surprised he remembered what I looked at. He got mad points for that.

@ Jameil I love the bike. I went to a bike store and they said I could test ride. I'm going back when it stops raining. It's available in mint green too. The cool colors is a draw as well. My sister raved so much about this cake. The icing is what made it so nasty. bleh!