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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday UPDATE!!

My Birthday was absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PISCES IN THE HOUSE!

I had a GREAT TIME!!  I  usually go out of town for my birthday. I had to postpone my trip to Vegas until the summer. Can't wait to go here VEGAS BABY!!!

So instead a group of  my friends and family took me out to dinner both Friday (my actual B-day) and Saturday.

On Friday we went to the movies to see "Repo Men", It's a movie set in the future about organ repossssion. Sort of like if you miss a car payment and they come take your car. Well if you miss an organ payement they come take your organ! Very gory and Definitely NOT a chick flick.  It was pretty good. I'd give it a B-
I didn't like the ending. The popcorn was scrumptious!

then we went here P.F. Chang's Bistro it was local and easily accessible because you all know I really wanted to go here MY FAV place to eat, but it's to far on a Friday night and the traffic to the city is CRazy. Especially if you are trying to do other stuff like the movies.

We shared the following:



Quickly-cooked spiced chicken served with cool lettuce cups


Crunchy wonton filled with rock crab meat and served with a side of spicy plum sauce

Handmade every day in our kitchen steamed or pan-fried

Main Course:


Egg noodles tossed with garlic and chili peppers


Lightly battered and served in a sweet, flavorful sauce over a bed of crispy rice sticks


Served Cantonese-style, tossed with steamed broccoli


Our signature dish, quickly-cooked with scallions and garlic


Stir-fried with Sichuan preserves, fiery chili sauce and garlic



Six warm, crispy bites with coconut-pineapple ice cream and drizzled with caramel and vanilla sauces



Six layers of rich chocolate cake frosted wtih semi-sweet chocolate chips served with raspberry sauce

To be honest the food was just okay.When someone is treating you out to eat its best to be gracious : )

and I am. The stand out dish was the mongolian beef. It was tasty, and the banana spring rolls umm YUMMY!

Saturday early evening  we went to Everett and Jones BBQ joint. The food was good. I love BBQ. This is where my mom wanted to go. Over dinner I received cards filled with money! My FAV gift. LOL!! They sang Happy Bithday to me over the hugest slice of caramel cake ever. Large enough to split with five people.

I had ribs, beef brisket, chicken and links with a side of potato salad. An drank lemonade/punch out of a jelly jar. You get a lot of meat. I will definitely be eating light and veggie tarian for a few days after this indulgence.  I rate the meal a B they need to trim the fat on the meat. Here are some pics of what they offer.

Since this post is long enough. I will do a separate gift post including theCaptains gift.



OMG..why you got my mouth over here salivating!!!!..I have got to manke my way to PF Changs!!!

Im happy you had aa great time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

P.S. I love this... said...

Happy Birthday! OMGoodness, that BBQ looks totally delish! I can't stop looking at it. Now, I'm gonna have to make BBQ for dinner tonight, that means an extra couple of laps around the track but I'm sure it will be so worth it!

Oh a gift from the Captain. Do tell!

Do you buy yourself something special for your b-day? Something that you really, really want and be totally indulgent?

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Glad I'm not the only one that is extremely annoyed by "farming" on Facebook. I'm really late, but happy belated b-day. Your b-day celebration would totally be something I would choose. PF Changs is my favorite! And I'm a BIG movie girl! :) I might have to steal (borrow) that Obama pic. I love it! :)

GorgeousPuddin said...

@mommy+me Thanks for the well wishes and for stopping by here as well. no prob I borrow pics all the time lol!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ everybody thanks for the well wishes sorry for the late response i thought i responded i hope i answered questions in my other post