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Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Ni**a part 5

So I called the CAPTAIN this morning we like to do this good morning thing that we kinda got away from because of the Mayassacre. I miss my good morning boo ish. Anyway we start having this discussion about Barack YES WE CAN Obama. Yea!!!!!! and his wife Michelle's relationship. I was so juiced when I saw her give him dapp before his speech on Tuesday.
Anyways we were talking about the love and how HE admires their relationship and what not and I was impressed that somebody else was vibing off the "Black Love" and then he says some ish that just shook me. So after all this time I'm starting to think we are on different paths. I have explained in earlier posts how I LOVE LOVE LOVE this man,( or maybe I haven't but I mean too!) and I am trying to show him but I guess I really shook him with the no talking thing. So he has really taken some steps back from me. I so feel it in his conversation with the things he says to me. I've been shook all day.

P.S still enjoy the example of "BLACK LOVE" at 0:53

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