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Friday, May 30, 2008

This Ni**a part 3

So now he not talking to me! I called him this morning and he said he was in a meeting and would be calling back. But he didn't. So today I felt like being some other chick so I called more than once. He did not answer so now I'm pissed. Let me give you the back story. So two weeks ago he pissed me off and I did not take his calls for 3 days. He was frantic leaving messages called the house, questioned his mother (were friends) etc. So I finally texted him then I called. I was tripping about two things and didn't really convey to him what Iwas pissed about. So our conversation ended with him thinking it was some work sh*t. But it wasn't. It was sooooo totally him. Fast forward a week. He pissed me off again so I stopped taking his calls he only called three times then he left a message saying he would not be calling me again. And he didn't. So I tried to be on some pimp sh*t and not call him either but I began to miss him too much so after a week I caved and called. I think doing the childish sh*t damaged my spot. He thought I was different and I really am but here I am doing the kiddie stuff I be telling my friends not to do. So now he is not talking to me and I really can't be mad at nobody but myself cause I started it. He bringing down my Carrie high!

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