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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughtfully Thought-Out Thursday Thoughts #67


1. November is here! It's Thanksgiving month and I’m so ready  to cook and eat dinner! I think I'm going traditional with a twist. Not sure about the twist yet.  Have you started planning your meal?

 2. There was an incident at a pizza place. The register rung up the wrong amount and did not honor the total discount on the coupon I was trying to use. When I brought the issue to the cashier's attention she was extremely ghetto about it and kinda waved her hand toward me like she was brushing me off or shooing me away and walked off. In my mind I was like "here we go!" First of all, I had a legitimate issue and "ghetto booboo" almost sent me to my angry place and got snatched up. (okay she did send me to my angry place, but I didn’t reach across the counter like I wanted to)  Long story short, I didn’t snatch her. The manager got involved and I was able to tell GBB that SHE shouldn’t be in customer service with her attitude and behavior and I took my business elsewhere. She will remember me! But why did it have to come to that? What happened to good customer service?

3. I went to two Haunted Houses on Halloween and I ran and screamed so loud going through them! LOL! One of the houses was so dark we had to use a flashlight to see our way through. I AM AFRAID OF THE DARK! That was almost a huge mistake for the people in the house. The characters couldn’t touch you, but they got so close I almost hit one with the flashlight. It was completely hilarious! I also bruised my shoulder because I ran into a door trying to get out of the dark house. These places were set up like real abandoned homes with monsters and killers! Why did I go to that? lol

4. Been hearing a lot about curried goat for awhile. I finally want to try it. My meat categories are pretty basic. I like fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, clams, scallops, beef, poultry and pig. Das it! Goat, lamb and other gamey meat are not on the list. Although I recently ate a lamb soup at the jobs cafeteria that was tasty.

5. I was absolutely mortified this past Sunday when I logged on Twitter. That was my 2nd time reporting someone to Twitter for shutdown. I hope that disgusting pervert who posted p.orn  of a baby is arrested and jailed. That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen and I cried. The memory is still in my head. Update: I read he was questioned and had a lot of explaining to do. Stupid kid thought that ish was a joke. What is wrong with people??

 6. Also, on Twitter… there's a picture of a white couple “jumping the broom” at their wedding. I just… WHY? Do they even fathom the meaning of the custom?  We really can’t have nothing. 

 7. This week was election week and basically nobody voted so now the G.OP controls both houses. Poor Pre.sident O.bama. He needs ALL the prayers for strength for his last 2 years! The criticism of p.residency is largely due to battles with congress. In a perfect world we would have had a democratic p.resident with a d.emocratic c.ongress and s.enate. He would have gotten SO MUCH done. The whole country could be dancing, but nah.

8. I follow a lot of fashion/beauty people on "white" Twitter. Y'all would be so surprised at how much appropriation I read everyday. I want to retweet the stuff I read, but I mostly just *eyeroll*

I guess that's all I got. Until next time... Thursday Thoughts out. lol

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