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Monday, November 3, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead?????

Episode 504
This episode was hard to post about. It’s too something and I’m not sure what, so I’ll go with strange. Honestly, I don't think every episode can be super exciting. We need the lull breaks.

1. Well we finally know where Beth is, but I’m still confused about what happened to her, how she got there etc. Seems like I was the only one concerned anyway lol

2. It doesn't make sense for them to tell Beth that she was found on the side of the road unconscious surrounded by walkers and she's not a zombie. Wouldn't the walkers have eaten her? Those people are totally lying. We saw her kidnapped! The question now is WHO did it? I think Rapey was trolling for victims.

3. “You owe us for everything, we saved you.” Um?

4. This hospital set up is weird, but super clean. I need Rick and the crew to come through and kill everybody and take over! Okay, maybe not everybody. If EverybodyHatesChris/Noah was not there they could kill everybody.Just seems like a group of crazies who need to die. *shrugs*

5. What’s up with this lady cop Dawn tho? So she’s just beating folks and making slaves for the greater good? Oh.

6. Rapey cop. That’s a good name for this guy! Glad the one he’s been raping ate his azz! Did you see her smile while she was biting him? Are the walkers starting to remember their lives?

7. Survival of the fittest for real with that murdering doctor. Got Beth out here assassinating people.

8. I’m actually concerned about Beth again. Go figure. I want Noah/Chris to live too!

9. Carol IS HERE!!! This story just switched. It’s about to be ON!

10. They totally left us hanging about the scene from last week with Daryl coming out of the trees. I hope Carol is not really hurt.

That’s all I got.

Chime in!




K. Rock said...

Hey GP! Im back to reading blogs again! And hopefully soon i'll be back to writing again too. And more importantly, I watch the Walking Dead now! I definitely feel the hospital is weird. I dont understand their motivation even after the doctor supposedly explained it. We want to help people so we force people to stay here and help us do good and motivate the officers to do good by letting them rape the women. Really? Its weird. I think Carol got caught on purpose so she could infiltrate. Or I hope so anyway.Glad Everybody hates Chris got away. Hopefully he'll show up again (and not as a zombie). Anyway thats all I got for now.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


Hey girl!

OMG! Glad you are watching! Welcome to the discussion.

I too, hope Carol is infiltrating. Kick ass Carol is the best and will make for an exciting next episode.

The last scene with EHChris I wasn't sure if he was inside or outside the gate. I usually watch again in case I missed something but this episode I didn't wanna. lol

Thanks for commenting! :)

Anonymous said...

I really don't care for Beth's character so imagine my dismay that the ENTIRE episode was about her! Ugh!

That hospital seems to be the bomb if you can get past the "being held intil debt paid" and the rapes! Clean and safe! And being in Atlanta, I laughed when they said it was Grady!

They snatched Beth from the house when they were being attacked so finding her by the side of the road is a lie and not sure why Beth didn't question that!

Crazy how the dr. Is killing Drs. Very interesting.

I think Morgan caught up to Daryl/carol and that's who was with Daryl. I bet they snatched Carol in some kind of battle confusion like how they got Beth.

Can't wait for Sunday!

Disco diva

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


I knew you hated the Beth episode lol

Yeah I forgot that Beth was screaming for help when "they" kidnapped her. Her not questioning how she got to the hospital is more suspicious.

OMG!! If Morgan walks out of those bushes...!!!

Thanks for commenting! :)