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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thoughtfully Thought-Out Thursday Thoughts #66

1. I try to play the lottery when it’s a large amount. I would love to win 250 million dollars. Wouldn’t you? The most I’ve won lately is $12. I WANT TO WIN!!!

2. It’s so funny; this year has been about lessons. I've learned if you don’t keep taking care of your hair after it grows long it will thin out. I also learned stress will cause your hair to fall out too! Now I’m trying to thicken it back up and keep stress down by deep breathing and not internalizing what's bothering me.

3. American Horror Story - Freak show is not as good as AHS Murder House.  That was the best one to me, so far.

4. I had the bright idea that since I’ve worked close to most of my jobs that EYE wanted to work in San Francisco, but here’s what I didn’t factor in... THE COMMUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG! The commute is horrible. Like the worst thing ever kinda horrible!

a.There and back horrible! 

b.1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes mostly sitting in traffic horrible! 

c.Rude drivers horrible! I mean literally get out your car in rush hour traffic and CUT A B*TCH horrible.

d.I asked this white woman nicely (both of our windows were down) if I could get over and that bitch very rudely told me no and then said, “fuck you!” My head almost exploded, but I was trapped. I couldn’t get to her. I drove forward 2 cars and got over. but my morning was ruined. I stayed mad about that "fuck you" most of the day. To be honest I was more mad because I let everybody in when I'm on the bridge. You can get stuck in lanes when trying to maneuver through the traffic so I get it! But for her to be so rude? UGH! If I ever see that bitch in the black Bronco truck IT’S ON! I mention her race for total shock value. I WAS SHOCKED!  And remain so to this day. White people are crazy and she was totally bold because she was in rush hour traffic on a bridge at 6 am.

Whew! I had to get that out!

5. I’m all about learning the natural lifestyle. I’ve done a lot of internet research and I just want to be at optimum health. – Juicing, cleansing, vitamins, clean eating, natural products. I’ll see how this goes.

6. I really want some white angel wings like Chrisette Michelle had on RnB DivaLA. Like really walk around in real life with them on, not just Halloween.

7. Speaking of Halloween…I hate/love to be scared. I love watching scary movies and TV shows, but HATE being scared. We are going to a haunted house and I guess as long as no one touches me  while trying to scare me it’s good.  Still my fave.

Side note: When did Halloween become all about black face for white people? *sigh* UGH! The frustration is just overwhelming.

8. I’m working on being a nicer, kinder, gentler me. I was told that I’m mean lately. I think I’m still angry about some things and I have to work through it.

9. The SF GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES last night and I was in a bar watching! It was soooooooooooo fun!!  Since I work in SF I got the F outta there because I already knew…win or lose SF was going to be TURNT UP!!!!!!!!! And traffic home would be even worse than the mornings.

10. I’m really into ethnic food lately. My food of choice is Cuban. GET YOU SOME!

11. Anybody going to see Dear White People? If you go let me know so we can discuss it, K?

Second Thursday Thoughts of 2014! Woo Hoo!


Queen of My Castle said...

OMG!!! Are you me living inside another body?! Good lord I swear 2014 has been about nothing but lessons, trying to control my emotions while simultaneously trying out a healthier way of living. This post just gave me life. Woo-sah...

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@Queen of My Castle

Welcome! Girl, this year has been rough and my emotions have been ALL over the place! So I know I need to do something. I don't want to go to jail for snatching somebody up. So I too am trying to Woo-sah it all away lol

Yeah, I started following Hey Fran Hey on Twitter and got to thinking maybe life would be better if I get healthier and follow a more natural, holistic lifestyle.

Thanks for commenting! Glad you can relate :)

Alieux (Daij) said...

Love this list, and I love your honesty.

Miss your blog. I promise to be a better reader of blogs. I've had a very busy blessed year.