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Monday, November 10, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead??

Episode 505

Again another episode... not focusing on my people...

1. This band of characters is really of no interest to me besides Glen and Maggie. Still curious about why Maggie left without knowing what's going on with Beth. Maybe she thinks she's dead. This episode I would have preferred to see what was going on with Rick and crew or Carol's arrival at the hospital then they could have shown this episode.

2. OMG! I cannot believe that fool (Eugene) put crushed glass in the bus tank??? He could have kept flattening the tires! I'm certain there was not an abundance of bus tires in that town.  When the fuel tank blew I jumped! He could have killed everyone. He should have just told them he was a fake BEFORE they left Rick. Rick might not have let Abraham kill him.

3. I know the zombie infection is airborne now, but isn't the infection in the blood too? Every zombie movie I've seen it is, so Abraham's open wound coming in contact with infected blood, I foresee a turnin' a comin'. lol

4. Eugene! Ol' mullet wearin', no fightin',  super creepy Rob Lowe  creep! 0_0 Watching people have sex? C'mon man! Actually they could've left that scene out all together. lol

5. When Abraham drove the firetruck forward and the focus was on the door for a minute I wasn't surprised to see those walkers come out the building. It was clear the firetruck had been a barrier for something. When that lone tire came rolling out I briefly thought it might be humans. #optimistic lol

6. The firetruck hose scene was disgusting. For some reason I started thinking of the 60s (maybe it was the preview of Selma!) It made me cringe thinking about the civil rights movement and the pain people experienced being hosed. :( Weird connection I know, but that's where my mind went.

7. I KNEW THAT SCIENTIST WAS A FRAUD! Then I thought okay... maybe Eugene does know the cure. He sure talked a good game.  Now I'm mad he didn't know. I was kinda hoping there would be a happy ending to the apocalypse... but I guess not.

Side note: I'm glad I don't read the comics since Eugene being a fake was in the there.

8. If Abraham did kill Eugene he deserves to die. Especially for having Glen and Maggie leave the safety of their group for the promise of a fake cure. Ugh!

Abe clocked that dude so hard, he was knocked out standing up!


Then Eugene hit that asphalt so hard face first! He might not be as "smart" if he comes to.

9. I can't believe there are only 3 episodes left. Why do they keep doing this to us? Just when you get in deep...snatch!

That's all I have. Chime in!





Disco Diva said...

Dang...I missed this post last week!

It's like the writers forgot Maggie and Beth are sisters! Even if she thought she was dead, Maggie should have a moment to mourn her last family member! Instead its all about Glen! That doesn't make sense to me.

Eugene is a fool. I knew that by his hair. Crushed gas in the tank, they should have shot him when they found out. You can't play with transportation! When he said he was a fake, I groaned. All those dead people for his mission. Ugh.

I didn't think it was airborn but was in the blood. Remember when Shane died, and came right back as a Zombie.

This season started off so well...but breaking the group up again and having a full hour dedicated to a group...makes it move very slowly. Its too much.

I want to read the comics but everyone says they are so different, it wouldn't help figure anything out on the TV show.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


Yeah as close a family as Maggie and Beth had for Beth to just leave is so weird.

I hope Eugene is dead. Abraham's punch was major so hopefully...

But, (I thought) that's why Shane came right back as a zombie. His death was the realization that if you die you come back as a zombie because the disease was now airborne. Shane wasn't bitten just killed, so there wasn't a reason for him to turn.

Yeah, the season started off amazing! For me it's just the non important characters that make it slow. Too many slow shows back to back...