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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead???

Episode 506
The Daryl and Carol Episode

Protect yourself at all times... I don't know why I wanted to say this. Lol! If you saw Lottery Ticket you'll remember that Ice Cube's character 'Mr. Washington' said that phrase.

This episode was a little slow, but I was glad to see the focus back on main characters of the show that I love.

1. The opening confirmed that you don't need to be alone during the zombie apocalypse! Carol seemed so lonely, isolated. Glad to see that she was going back to the prison after her banishment, which I thought Rick was wrong for anyway.

2. All this time I thought the  + on the back of the kidnap cars was some type of sinister religious cult marking, instead it's for the hospital?

3. How do the walkers know that live people are in the cars? Can they smell through the glass? Is it the warmth of the car? They just come up and start beating on the windows. Ugh!

4. The shelter Daryl and Carol were in seemed pretty clean... I still don't get why nobody looks for water to shower/wash up. I want to see some showering! Not like that lol (my germ-a-phobe clean freak self would not make it)

5. Okay... I was confused at first about who Daryl had wrapped and carried to be burned. I missed the child the first go round. Did the woman and child remind Carol of herself and Sophia? Did she want them put out of their misery? What is the fire all about? I thought once you stabbed the brain that was it? Then the flash back to the burial of "Miss Look At The Flowers" Lizzie and sis. They were wrapped too. How is it connected?

Side note: I guess they looked kinda clean when they left the shelter so maybe they did wash up. That place did have a water jug for drinking in that office so it's likely there was water elsewhere too.

6. Kinda freaked about the walker camp out. How did that happen? It was kinda funny. Especially the ones trapped in the zipped tents.

7. Carol in that office with Daryl looking at that painting basically telling him "you don't know my life," and him more or less replying "oh but I do."

8. Umm... EverybodyHatesChris/Noah - taking Daryl's crossbow?? Boy you made a Big MISTAKE! If Daryl had left him to be eaten it would've served him right.

9. The careen off the bridge in the van was sooo WTF? to me. They could've died!!! And Carol got hurt! It was very Thelma and Louise we gon' die together! Wait, and the walkers falling from the sky onto the van like in "The Happening" lol

10. Carol is looking really worn down. All those flashbacks this episode seemed like they are leading up to something... BUT WHAT? You know when they get to flashing back you're about to exit.

11. Noah and Daryl to the rescue for Beth?

12. So the question is answered about if Carol was really hurt or was just pretending to come save Beth. :(

13. Carol being hit by the car was a bit startling.(Man down!) In a way I'm glad she's in the hospital to at the very least rest, get treatment and heal, as long as Dawn doesn't start slapping with her ol' slapping azz.

2 episodes left... :(

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Disco Diva said...

I started out being ok with the focus being on Carol and Daryl...and then I got bored. :(

1. Rick was wrong for making Carol go away. That should have been a group decision...and maybe some would have gone with her! To put her on her own was just wrong!

2. I think its a hospital cult. They are taking people to the hospital...but they aren't exactly letting them leave.

3. I can't believe its smell because when they are quiet, the Walkers don't pay them any attention.

4. I feel they should talk about hygiene more! Those clothes look so gross. Why don't we ever see them in a mall grabbing new clothes?

5. i think burning them is more honorable than leaving them. They always burn their dead.

6. The walker camp was kinda funny. I imagine people died and then killed the people they were in the tents with?

8. I was mad at Noah taking the crossbow. That's cruel to leave someone defenseless AND...I know that boy doesn't know how to use it properly.

9. That van bridge thing was done. They landed on concrete. It would have been way more believable to land in water....or even on grass!The van should have blown up and they should be dead.

10. Carol has always looked very worn down. Always. I think its the hair. I think her time is up.

11. Noah has to redeem himself cuz I am pretty mad.

12/13. I sorta laughed when Carol got hit by that car. Always look both ways, Carol! Grady is the bomb. I would totally hang out there for a few years. Clean, food...why try to leave? I could try to dodge Dawn's slaps!