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Monday, October 27, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead???????????

Season 5 Episode 3
This episode started off pretty scary! The close ups of the trapped walkers...

I figured Bob had been bitten in that food bank! I wondered why he walked off alone and was crying. I guess we have our answer about them making room for Morgan. Can't have too many black men on the show. :/

Tainted meat! Bob is tainted meat! And Terminus ate some of him! That's what they get! LOL! I hope they all turn.

Wait so Gareth released the trapped walkers and they went straight to the church? They must be the parishioners Gabriel was talking about.

They threw Bob back but he's bitten #RIPBOB

In the confrontation with Rick, Abraham said, "do not lay hands" that was symbolic huh? Him being named Abraham and all. lol

Fun fact: One of my coworkers looks like Sasha.

Tyreese is too big to be playing this wimp. I can't take it! Sasha left her knife with him and he better use it if necessary.

Aww man so they went for the school and Gareth came for the church!!! I'm so nervous!! They came into the church a little too easy. I hope Rick and the gang doubles back!!! Please!!!

I KNEW Judith was going to cry!!! ARGH!!!


Gareth! We don't want to hear your stories! You and your mother get to talking the yang about how you used to be!! DIE!! KILL HIM RICK!

Slaughter House church! Rick kept his promise! LOL!

Yes girl, get your sword back!! #Michonne

It sure took Bob a looong time to die. I'm glad Tyreese came in. He killed him all humane and silent.

Wait!!!! So the original gang is splitting up? Glen and Maggie! Noooooo! How's Maggie just gon' go off like that? I guess Beth is dead to her. lol

Well that's all I have. Another GREAT episode!

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Monique said...

I'm so confused about Glen and Maggie. Did they somehow strike a deal with Abraham to go with them? Why are they leaving Rick? Man, Rick is THAT dude. I knew they were going to come back. Rick ain't no punk!

Refresh my memory about Morgan and how he disappeared?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Well I think Glen kinda struck a deal last season. He wanted to go with them because he believes in the cure. They detoured to help him find Maggie and saved his life in the process… So I believe Glen is keeping a promise.

Rick IS that dude!! I love this RICK!

Remember in Season 1 after Rick woke up in the hospital and came outside to a full on zombie apocalypse? In his wandering around Morgan was the first human Rick met. Morgan(and his little son) took Rick in, fed him and let him heal. Then Rick set out on the rode to find his own family. He and Morgan made a pact to find one another. That's when Rick started marking trees and buildings for Morgan. In season 3 or early 4 they met up again by coincidence, but Morgan had gone crazy because he lost his son to the zombies. Rick had to leave him again, but he kept up marking things for Morgan to find them in case he got it together.

Thanks for commenting! :)