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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thoughtfully Thought-Out Thursday Thoughts #65

 1. All of these reality shows are revealing sides of people you should never see. Mary Mary left me scarred! I didn't need to know that Tina was an evil bully! I can't even listen to Mary Mary songs anymore with the same reverence. Currently I'm kinda watching Hollywood Divas. I kinda knew Paula was a real hoodrat, but I didn't need for it to be confirmed. She looks and sounds soooo stupid to me. No one ever needed to know her living situation. I blame it on life choices more than anything else. I'm not even going to get started with Golden. If she mentions Sarah Lawrence one more time...

2. Earlier this week I tweeted about my new coworker and her lashes. She looks like a muppet with the way she places her lashes. I'm not sure why horrible lashes offend me so. I think it's because I believe makeup is supposed to enhance your natural look. When I see crazy weaves, ridiculous brows or super unnatural lashes it offends me.

3. I am actually upset that Xfinity changed the channels to all west coast times. I enjoyed being able to watch some shows on east coast time. Booo! It was fun "tweeting through it" with y'all. lol

4. I've been planning a move to L.A. since before the summer. Now that I'm closer to the move I'm starting to chicken out. I really do want to see what SoCal has to offer I just need for everything to be right.

5. My recent job change has me in commute traffic for the first time in years. Commuting to SF has been a pure nightmare! What was I thinking? I absolutely hate driving across the bridge and being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. My only relief is the thought that I'm moving soon so I won't have that particular commute. Los Angeles has pretty awful traffic to tho. *sigh*

6. I really don't miss blogging until I actually start blogging then I miss that I don't blog anymore.

7. There are so many new shows and returning shows to watch there aren't enough hours in the week to watch all this TV, but I'm trying. I'm having marathon weekend catch ups. What shows are you guys watching?

8. I think Black-ish is hilarious! I hope they continue on like Modern Family to syndication. I may have mentioned that I thought the title meant Black sh*t lol

 9. Vamp lips!! I love a good vamp lip. NYX was on sale a while back at Ulta and I bought a great purple and a great wine color. I'm also all about the matte lip Lime Crime has this red I MUST have.

10. I recently went to see Erykah Badu. She gave a really good intimate show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. I love that venue. It's like being in the bottom of a giant bowl. The acoustics are  fantastic and unless you are at the very top most seats are really good.  Many shows are general admission so you can see your fave for 50 bucks! Win win!

11. This concludes the first Thursday Thoughts in about 2 years. Wow!


MrsTDJ said...

Hey!! I miss reading blogs as consistently as I used to, so I love that you posted something and I stumbled over here!

Reality TV is definitely doing the most. Things that I really, really didn't need to know. Too much information!! I am looking forward to Shaniece and Flex though.

Commutes suck!! I can't believe that I had such a long one for 8 years. Now it's about 15 minutes and I get mad when there's traffic. LOL! It's all perspective right?

Miss ya chica!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...


I am so excited that YOU commented! I miss you too!

Girl Reality TV... I think Shanice and Flex will be cute. I also liked Kelis' cooking show, but I can't find it. I watch that other trash when I'm bored tho.

I keep talking about my commute lol I have to change it.