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Monday, October 20, 2014

Can We Discuss The Walking Dead? Premiere and more...

Season 5 Episode 1
The Walking Dead came back with a vengeance last Sunday night. Back in March I could watch this fantastic series on east coast time on the XfinityHD channels and tweet with my tweeps, but I guess it was a mistake because now all the HD channels are on regular west coast time. *sigh* I love the Bay, but being able to tweet with east coast Twitter is fun. :)

Anyway, the mid-season premiere of the show was probably the best premiere in a long time! It was exciting from beginning to end! At season break Rick said, "They picked the WRONG people to mess with and he was RIGHT! Those Terminus people DESERVED to die in the most horrible ways possible...and they did!

At first I thought it was curtains for a main character. I thought they were about to take out Glen! I was so worried and they truly got very close! Whew! But he made it!! Yay!

I have to say the standout of this episode was Carol! That bish kicked azz, took names and kicked more azz! IT WAS GREAT!!

Terminus was a freak show! Real cannibals! I'm so glad the crew made it out. I can't resist...

Terminus got Terminated! lol

Fun fact: When Terminus dude got the jump on Tyreese in the cabin and had Judith in a choke hold, they actually had her own father hold her head in the scene so she would be safe.

I was so mad at Tyreese for turning his back on dude and for them not tying up dudes feet, but Tyreese redeemed himself!

The reuniting of the whole crew (well almost... Beth is still missing) was heart warming! Carol and Daryl almost made me tear up. lol She made sure to get his crossbow too!
People keep yelling for a Michonne/Daryl hookup, but I think there's something with him and Carol.

Y'all see Morgan? I yelled MORGAN just like everybody else. lol Glad to see him alive, well and apparently in his right mind.  Was hat marking on the trees from Rick? I know Rick used to leave signs for him, but I'm not sure if he left those. I do want him to finally get with the gang.

There was also mention of a sighting of a character named Negan I figured he must be from the comics, but I'm not familiar. Do y'all know?

So that wraps up my "The Walking Dead" premiere post. Since I'm late I'm combining it with this weeks episode.

I think the rest of this season is going to be Ahmazing!

Chime in y'all and Welcome Back! :D
Season 5 Episode 2
The conversation between Carol and Tyreese at the water... why doesn't he know that nobody cared about Carol killing those sick people at the prison but him and Rick?

Nobody Cares!

I don't trust that red head dude Abraham. Did y'all catch what he said when Michonne killed the walker?

It's good to see Carl still wants to help when he hears someone in trouble even after what they've just been through, or is it?

So Gabriel just in the woods trapped by walkers on a boulder? What was he doing? Just out for a walk alone during the zombie apocalypse?

Looks to me like Glenn can have two women if he wanted to. That Tara girl is all smitten and heartbroken watching him and Maggie. It's that hero thang. Glen saved her...

So was Carol about to go? Weird that car that took Beth rolled through at the same time the car was charged and ready to go.

Oh no Bob!!! They just gon take a brother leg like that BARBEQUE HIM and eat it in front of him??? Daaaaaang!!! #TheHunters #Gareth

See! Rick was right!!!! They should've made sure they killed ALL of them Terminus fools! Now they are being hunted!

Tyreese is a liar! Why didn't he kill that dude??? Ugh!! Did y'all see dude from the cabin standing by the fire???? OMG!! So when he was screaming I won't, I won't he meant I won't kill him?


Already this season is C R A Z Y!!!

Chime in!


disco diva said...

You need to move to East coast during walking dead season!

The premier was AMAZEB-ALLS! Last season was just so slow that I was excited they had all the drama and suspense in that hour! They had to make up for it.

I laughed when they were all ready to fight...and they were gassed so they couldn't fight! If that isn't a metaphor for life...

I knew Glen couldn't die...not after finally finding Maggie...but I was like...how are they going to get out of this? Is it odd that I was impressed by how efficient they killed people?

Carol is the GOAT and Tyrese is the Mammy. How far we have come!

I won't cry when Judith dies. I don't see how she has lived this long.

I really don't care about Beth...she was annoying before she got snatched! Don't be annoying if you want me to root for you!

With the arrival of Morgan...what black man dies? :)

I have high hopes too for a good season...they owe it to us!

I really want to read the comics but everyone says it's totally different.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Ha! Maybe I will. #eastcoast

Yes best ever!

I guess the Terminus people were prepared for them to come out swinging. They looked so together ready to fight I loved it too.

Yes,that is odd. lol They are the enemy no props to them! They did have killing down tho!

Judith has to live! She is the metaphor for new life. Especially if they make it to DC with the cure.

The Beth twist is weird I just want them to get to it already.

LOL! Right! There will be too many black men! RIP T-Dogg

Yeah the comics... I have to wait because I'll be critiquing everything that's different.

Thanks for commenting! :)

disco diva said...

I actually have the the comics...I got a huge book from Amazon...but it's huge and I am so Kindle/Nook now, I hate huge physical books :)

But I am so curious about the differences! I am so nosey.

And I polled people...they were impressed by the efficiency of killing too! They had it down pat!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I still love a good hard copy. I have a Kindle too, but nothing beats a book to me.

Cracking up that you polled people about the efficiency of the murders! LOL