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Monday, May 6, 2013

I Don't Want A Harsh Face!

she looks like this but...
probably looked like this as a baby. What happened?

This post was prompted by Reggie. over at Reggie's Rantings.  He tends to do posts that speak the truth, say things many people are afraid to say and he always has hilarious pictures to emphasize his point. This is for you Reggie! LOL!

I don’t want a harsh face.

For awhile now I've really been looking at people and their faces.  You know how it is when you run into an old friend you haven't seen in awhile. That encounter can go either way. You can be pleasantly surprised that they look good and are aging well OR you can be shocked and wonder what the heck happened to them. There are a lot of harsh faces out there.

I don’t want a harsh face.

I do a lot of things to keep my face smooth and pretty.  Most of it is good genes (my mother has gorgeous skin) and the rest is healthy practices like lots of sleep, eating clean, and of course water. I don’t smoke and for the most part I don’t drink often except socially. Those practices can be aging.  Especially smoking. I’ve seen many people in my age group or younger and you can tell who lives a harder life or what their lifestyle choices are based on their skin...

Texture: Premature lines and wrinkles

Shade: Gray cast or burnt lips

Tone: Sagging skin

My cousin is a couple of years and a few months younger than I am but she looks many years older because she is a heavy smoker and has been since her teens.

I don’t want a harsh face.

Every time I see someone with a harsh face I react like its me. I don't want whatever happened to them to happen to me so I drink more water, use more products especially moisturizer and hope for the best because...

 I don't want a harsh face.

Kelly Rowland no makeup.

Continuing to look great with no makeup is a real goal in these streets! LOL!

What are you doing to prevent a harsh face?


South Loop Social Light said...

Kelly Rowland looks vibrant and fresh faced... and she should! She's absolutely fab and lives a great life lol... let me get a healthy dose of work and play... and frolicking on beaches around the world :)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I agree! Exactly why I bought this lottery ticket today and I'm hoping for the best tomorrow. I want to frolick!

Queen of My Castle said...

I LOVE this post. I feel the exact same way. I think I am almost obsessive when it comes to my skin. I drink water and green tea as if my life depended on them. LOL. I am now a fan of Argan oil for my face as well. I also quickly apply raw cocoa butter to any blemish I notice on my body and am sure to exfoliate my face an lips religiously.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you! I need to start drinking green tea again and get some Argan oil. I'm borderline obsessive too! You have to be if you don't want a harsh face! LOL! Thanks for commenting. :)

Reggie said...

I don't want a harsh face either....but I don't do anything to try and stop it either.

We all have our own ugly going on in our own way. We are all also beautiful. If that makes sense?!?

My father used to always say that if a man looks at any woman long enough he'll see something he likes. I don't know if that's true, but he usually said that when he was drinking.....which was often.

I drink a lot of water and I do exercise a lot. I've never smoked. That does seem to be a factor in the aging process, especially where people of color are concerned because traditionally good black don't crack.

Thanks for the shout out.

Krissy said...

I'm tell you the truth as I know it, My family as GREAT genes so I am blessed to look a lot younger and fresh faced that most woman my age. I think thats a damn blessing most of the time. The only time is not is when i get carded and don't have time to go digging for an id!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You're welcome!
This is not really about ugly or beauty but more so about how not caring for your skin can make you look harsh. I've seen plenty of pretty people with harsh faces and just shake my head.

I'm certain not smoking has benefited you and drinking that water helps along with exercise so you really ARE doing something :)

Having great genes is definitely a plus! :)

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Nexgrl said...

Man GP, do I see people with harsh faces. Having returned to working in the hood where I grew up, I see people who obviously peaked in high school, or 8th grade. Women and men who had the latest everything and were always dressed to the nines. Some of them are still trying to dress, but it just doesn't look right on them now. Suscreen is everyone's best friend and I truly wish people of color would embrace it.

I try to get monthly facials. I exfoliate once a week, drink plenty of water and have made green smoothies my friend. My daily water intake is always on the rise. It's as if you can never have enough to wash the toxins out of your skin and body.