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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

True Blood Tuesday!

Season 5 Episode 10
 Hey Trubbies,

This weeks episode did not disappoint!! This is another quickie. lol Y'all like....never mind. I know I lot happened but this is what I remember without watching again.

1. We ALL knew the KANG was going to start wildin out!! NOBODY can control Russell Edgington! I don't know what Yanky... I mean Salome was thinking! Time for him to get killed again for real. He and Rev. Steve are SO GROSS together!

2. The most gut wrenching scene ever in life was Hoyt, Jessica and Jason! *TEARS*

3. I don't know about y'all but when Lilith peeled Godric's neck off !!! Man listen!! WTH!! I could not post that picture! Ewwwww! look at their faces! That's exactly how I looked too.

4. Okay....so the coroner bustin' up in there on Sookie was just...  Lots of old cast getting killed off.

5. FINALLY!!!! Tara was bad azzzzzzzz!

6. When Emma turned back into a little girl she looks better as a wolf pup.... How is Rev. Steve okay with keeping a little girl from her mother??  Wait and calling her a punk? REALLY? I hate him. Russell brings out the worst in everybody!

7. Russell's Transylvania voice. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

8. So Sookie's grandfather sold her to a vampire?? I need to know more.

9. Bill really seems to have gotten into this "religion" I hope he's faking and has a plan. Eric is a nut!

 10. I watched again... Russell's hair!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaahha!!!

Okay Trubbies chime in with your thoughts, opinions, ideas, questions and answers about this season and/or episode!  TWO EPISODES LEFT! Thanks for stopping by!


Nae said...

How about Tara's "I don't know nothing about birthing no vampires!" ?

Monique said...

Russell had me all thrown off. I was like, wait did his accent just change up on us?!

Tara sounding like Prissy from Gone with The Wind had me too through.

I've been done with Bill since he became the King. I can't with him anymore.

This whole Sookie being sold stuff is getting deep. The bigger question is why and who is the vamp she was sold to?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

LOL! Tara was actually funny and interesting this week. To bad it took all season!

Yeah that was like the 2nd time he went Transylvania on us I figured it was leading up to him being on Dracula status lol.

Girl Tara and Pam in this episode period was a riot! There makeup??

Bill has me shook but I'm waiting for him. Something has to happen!

Yeah... I need ALL the info on this Sookie situation!