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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #62

Happy Thursday Y'all!!

1. I CAN’T EVEN DEAL This was a very tiring week for me. My mother was hospitalized last week and the going back and forth from home, work,  and hospital was so draining, but so necessary. Healthcare in California is so hit or miss. I have to go off on somebody about my mama every single time! She’s home now so all is well. Thanks for all the prayers!

2. I tweeted about a dream I had where the supervisor over the department I am contracting in offered me the position for real...And guess what? It really came true!! A few weeks back she asked me to apply for the position because she is impressed with my work ethic, professionalism and positive personality O_O_O!... so I did and  they hired me last week!! It was really an offer I couldn't refuse. I actually like the department and the people and the money. School is still in the works. I'll just need to cut back on courses and be a working student. That starving student crap was for the birds anyway....

3. There is a dude. I call him Mr. Telephone Man (MTM) for short. I call him that because he climbs the pole telephone pole that is. lol I’m only mentioning him because me thinks I’m falling for him. *swoon* But I don’t want to be in love with him until I know he’s in love with me tho! Shoot! Either way I need to be booed up for winterso there’s that.

4. Life is good right now. I really can’t complain about much. My mom’s hospital stay was like the only bad in a long line of good. Blessed!

5. Well my favorite season is fast approaching and for the first time I’m still stuck on Summer. I went maxidress crazy this year. I have a few more pairs of flat sandals to purchase then I can focus on Fall.

6. I tweeted about my just out of the blue, spur of the moment, nipple piercing. I’ve thought about doing it for years then on Sunday night I just decided I was doing it that Monday during lunch and I did BOOM! I think my breasts are fabulous and the piercing just enhances that. :D Yeah I said it! I have the 5mm size.

7. I found a new fashion blogger to follow. Her style is AMAZE and her blog is a word I use all the time SWOON! lol http://www.swoonblog.com/   BE ABOUT IT!
8. Umm.... the advertisement for that new scary flick The Possession is so scary!!!!!!!! WILL NOT WATCH!

9. I’m going to see Sparkle this weekend with the fam. We are doing dinner and a movie  Aww! I hope it’s good. My only complaint...yes I have a complaint is the singing of Giving Him Something He Can Feel sounds so off key in the trailer. Is it just me or did y'all notice that too?

10.  I cannot believe Hair Crack has gone up to $14.39 from 10.99. I repeat Silk Elements Megasilk Moisture Conditioner is now that price. I've raved about how wonderful it leaves your hair feeling after use on my much neglected hair blog. I will surely stock up when it goes on sale again and put it in the fridge. I just paid 6.99 for it 2 months ago! I'm so glad I bought 2. The nerve of Sally!

11. I finally purchased a juicer so I can start juicing. After watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead how can you not want to juice? I ended up buying this one because it was cheap, but just know I’m getting this one just as soon as I stop buying summer shoes very soon. The idea of throwing a whole apple in and it being pulverized is thrilling to me. I plan to do it for the last week in August and the first week in September. I can't wait to mix some veggies and pears together. By the way summer really starts in the Bay from September on.

12. I was lucky enough to go see New Edition in June and the show was AMAZING! I sang all the songs I knew to the TOP of my lungs and the  best part was the ticket was freeeeeeee!! Guess what??? I want to go see Mary J. Blige, D'Angelo and Melanie Fiona. Another freeeeeee ticket was offered and I accepted Yeeeee!! :) Saturday, Sept 8, 8:00 pm it goes down! I'll probably live tweet. I know how y'all enjoy that. Hahaha!

13. I really want to learn how to make good re-fried beans and Mexican rice from scratch. What I've made in the past sucked. I told K-Rock about this yummy fish recipe that I have yet to post on my food blog...I suck too. lol

14. Whatchall watching on TV?? I got sucked into the ratchetness that is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Chile... SMH! You know about True Blood and Rizzoli and Isle's was okay this season. I like cop shows. I mostly just feel like I watch random stuff.

15. This winter I’m going to Las Vegas and hopefully Hawaii. My job shuts down for 2 weeks for winter curtailment and I’m outta here. Vegas Baby!!! VEGAS!!! I plan on tearing that city DOWN!!!
Well that's all I have. It felt good to do a real Thursday Thoughts. Read and Enjoy!


K. Rock said...

1. Glad she is ok now.
2. Yippee! Congratulations!
3. Now this is the juicy stuff we need to be hearing about. Share with us! We (I) want more info on MTM. Especially is love may be in the air.
5. This is the first year that I am looking forward to fall. I am going to continue building a wardrobe bc the only reason I didnt like fall was b/c I dont have any clothes.
6. Wha? You daredevil you.I would probably consider it too if my boobs were big enough.
9. I just heard that on the radio yesterday. And yes, I curled my face up at it. Something just wasnt right.
11. That's exactly why I wont watch that movie. I dont wanna make a purchase like that cuz a movie scared me into it. But I do want to eventually get into juicing.
13. Just go do it now!
14. You cant help but getting sucked into Love & Hip Hop. Its the best thing on TV right now. I love it and all its ratchety flair.
15. That would be a great opportunity for PICTURES! I hope to see some from you soon.

Nexgrl said...

1. I tweeted you about my understanding of dealing with a sick parent. At one point, both of my parents were taking turns being hospitalized. I know this scenario all too well.

2. Congratulations on the new job. Won't you be working with Too Legit Too Quit though?

Juicing- I purchased a juicer moons ago--Have I used it, yes--How long do I last? Not very long. Why you ask? I hate cleaning the juicer. Why don't I just purchase a Vitamix? Because, I already have a Cuisinart Blender and a Smoothie Blender.

I just purchased fruits and vegtables for juicing this past Monday. Have I done it yet? No.

Jeeda said...

1.Well first off glad your mom is ok, my mother battled breast cancer for years and you're right it is so tiring mentally and physically.
2. Congrats on the new gig chica!!
3. This can be a tricky one....
4. Doesn't if feel good to say that "life is good"
5. I do like fall because of the infinite layering options but then here come winter's a**....
6. Love the spontaneous piercings..I haven't done it but hey...
7. THANKS, THANKS and THANKS again for featuring lil' ole me on GPP, I appreciate the love!!!!
8. What was the girl's tonsils doing in the preview?!? Yep a bit spooky!
9. Tell me how it is....
10. Geesh!! Glad that monkey has been off my back for about 5 yrs now.
11. I thought about buying a juicer, but I know I'd use it for all of a week...love the Bay area my fam lives in San Jose I normally get that way twice a year my goal is to move that way...one day...we'll see...who knows...
12. That's gonna be a good show...hopefully D'Angelo do his thing.
13. Sounds good...
14. Girl my sister got me watching those idiots..it's like a train wreck...you really shouldn't watch but you just can't turn away..
15. Love Vegas...I go every September, you're going to have a blast!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@K Rock
1. Thank you :)
2. Thanks!!!! :D
3. It's so weird I don't talk about it much because I'm scared to jinx it. If it really develops then I will talk...promise. LOL!
5. Yes, Fall can be fabulous if you have the right clothes. I'm happy you're building a wardrobe which is so much fun too! ;)
6. Haha!
9. Thank you! I knew I wasn't crazy LOL!
11. Oh girl gon head and watch it...it's not so much scary just informative about getting more fruits and veggies in your diet. More preventative if your not fat or sick.
13. I have to buy more fish and cook it again. I didn't take pictures the first time. Sowwy :(
14. HA! You really can't. After the first episode it was like a crossroad...never watch again or keep watching.
15. You already know how I feel about the nets...maybe.

1. I know you understand! Sorry we are linked in such a way.. *sigh*
2. Yes, I will, but you know what... I'll just go on break every time she gets started. lol
11. You crack me up with your realness. Yeah I already know a Vitamix is in my future for sure... all that chopping is not the business.

Hey lady!! Welcome!
1. Thank you. Sorry to hear about your mom.
2. Thanks again!! I'm so excited!!
3. Don't I know it *sigh*
4. It really does! I went through a looong period of bad so good is GOOD!
5. Ha! Right! The great thing about Cali is fall is summer and winter is fall...well sometimes lol
6. It is a little empowering.
7. Your VERY welcome! A lot of people didn't comment but many read. :D
8. Right??? That mess scared me!
9. I sure will.
10. This conditioner is good for natural hair too.
11.Oh cool!! so you know about the Bay. I used to live out towards San Jose loved it too.
12.Girl! I can't wait to see D'Angelo!!
13. I have a recipe now from Nexgrl so hopefully it all works out.
14. Exactly! I can't... turn... away... LOL!
15. It's cool you have a regular trip there. I haven't been in years. I'm too excited about this trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job! :)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you! :)

Reggie said...

Congratulations on the new gig!!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you Sir! Whaa?? No slick remarks about my piercing? #shocked lol

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Hi there- just stoppin by to say Hey! I've been on quite the blog hiatus lately. Congrats on the new job!! I have a new one too, it came out of the blue, a total blessing, it has been good, but hectic.

I want to hear more about Mr. Telephone Man! :)