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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A True Blood Tuesday...

Season 5 Episode11

Hey Trubbies,

Happy Tuesday!

Umm...sooo...True Blood was just.... *sigh*

1. I am over Lilith and this whole religious storyline. She killed Godric again? She can kick rocks!

2. I'm mad at Bill...but happy Pam explained the whole nesting craziness!

3.  Candyman got took OUT! Yay!

4. IS RUSSELL WARLO??? Is he? Tell ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Poor Fairy I thought she was bout to get with Russell...she didn't. :( RIP!

6. I still can't stand Russell and Rev. Steve as a couple. It's GROSS! By gross I mean NO chemistry at ALL!

7. Sam and Luna? oh and Emma.

8. Eric is smart! I knew he was killing the General to escape. I wonder where they are going? Will he come back to save Pam? To fight?

9. Alcide's body is just AMAZING!

10. Woooooo for a minute I thought Jessica has really turned Jason!!! And umm... Jason is DOPE this season! I love that he is not such a dumb, country, hick! He's coming into his own and it's SO attractive.

11. Although only in one scene..... Lafayette! that.is.all!

Comments, Thoughts, Reactions?

Season Finale next week. ANYTHING can happen!!!!!


Unknown said...

Russell will always be KANG! "Heaven, thy name is fairy!" LOVE him :)
Yeah I'm so happy with the way that Jason's character is developing.
Yay for Eric, I wish Bill would wake up!
Not sure how they're gonna rap everything up next week but one more Russell one liner and I'll be straight ;-)

P.S. I love this... said...

1. This Lilith thing is weird.. Is she real? An apparition? And can she put some panties on.. sheesh!

2/3. Bill is so gone.. he is power hungry and it's so not attractive. I was so surprised that his quest to be the chosen one would lead him to kill another vamp. Poor Candyman lookalike. He was all emotional, thinking Lilith had chosen him. Bill was like WRONG!

4. I wanna know too!

5. UGH how disappointing.. I thought she was gonna bring the thunder!

8. Glad Eric escaped but wish he would have left his "sister".

9. Yes.. YASSSSS! I'm glad his father came to his rescue.

10. Jason is on the ball this season. Love that!

You didn't mention the sheriff and his fairy baby mama.. I wonder what will happen to him if he doesn't fall in line and honor his fairy covenant. And what will Holly have to say about it? She is all smitten with her boo.

Trish said...

I just wanted to say hi! I tried watching only a few minutes of your show but I couldn't get into it. I will try it again next time I see that it is on.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I don't know who you are but we call him the KANG!! too! LOL!

I agree Jason's character has developed so nicely.

I'm always disappointed in the finales, but this one has so much to close I just might like it.

1.Hahahahahahaahahahaha! OMGEEEEE!! Could she please, Really!
2. Yes Bill. I need him to get it together!
3. Poor Candyman...Hahahahahaha! I just can't stop laughing! He was extra two-toned this episode. Bill was a beast.
4. Agree!
5. I was CRUSHED!
8. I was happy Eric got away too.
9. Bout his dad did something he was trife.
10. JASON!!! That is ALL! :D

I forgot about the sheriff. How is she pregnant so quick doe? Poor him. This fairy bout to mess up his good thang(new relationship)

Hey Lady!! Yeah you can't just jump in on TB you must watch from the beginning or at least season 2