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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

True Blood Tuesday!

Season 5 Episode 9
Yes, I know I be trippin' lol. It's hard to do posts sometimes. Last year, I gave up, skipped posts and  didn't even finish the season, but this year I'm determined to have a place where you can stop by and say whatever the heck you want about True Blood! even contradicting me :)

As you know this season has been FULL of twists, turns and too many plots, subplots, sideline stories, new characters and just overall weirdness. I love it and hate it at the same... (you finish it.) Ha!

Anyway let's get to it! I'm going to be all over the place.

1. Let's start with BILL! How could he????? That Salome p*ssy be yankin lol He better have a plan up his sleeve or I swear... Hmph! When I watched again his face looked sad so... I would be remiss not to mention Lillith's butt in that scene! Daaaang! *begins more lunges and squats* immediately !!!

2. The black dude REALLY being a part of the klan tho??? Really?? The Obama disrespect was a little too much for me. I love my president and those fools need to fall back.

3.Sheriff Dearborn being with the grand dragon of the klan tho? I was shocked at him. The whole thing about Sookie and Hoyt about to be fed to the pigs was very Criminal Minds.

4. Them just eating random people like a smorgasbord is just... Poor man his little johnson was just.. well...little. It musta been cold in that room. 

5. I finally became interested in Arlene and Terry's storyline this episode right when it is ending Yay! Why did the Ifrit look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man from GhostBusters?

6. Sam is a BOSS!! When he caught Sookie and transformed from pig to man!!! That was everything! sidebar: Luna was alright too. lol

7. This was totally Lafayette's show. He had me rollin' at the beginning. I agree with Twitter... it's time for some awards. This.man.is.EVERYTHANG! Tara's text to Lafayette.... hahaha!

8. Luna is gonna have a straight up FIT!!! about Emma!

Emma and her granny Martha just kidding lol
 9. Those wolves be feenin' for that V! I love Alcide...I mean I love that Alcide stands for something! LOL! I wanted him to win! This episode made me hate The Kang all over again.

10. Just because Rev. Steve and The Kang are gay does not mean they have chemistry. Blech!! And did y'all see Russell's hair?? It was super pompadourish!!

11. The vampire Holy War???

12. Tara and Pam *siiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhh* Dude kicked the mess outta Pam!

Okay Trubbies chime in. Tell me what you thought. There are only 3 episodes left until the season finale!


Monique said...

My auntie Lala had me dying the entire episode. LMAO! I honestly I watch the show for him and Alcide's body. LOL

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I LOVE LAFAYETTE!!! I wonder if he has a fan club! LOL! I watch for the very same reasons!

Jeeda said...

You know what Puddin I can't even go here with you on True Blood but my sister Angel LOVES it, I mean to def..lol!! Thanks for stoppin' by my dear, I'll definitely be back to check out more of your ponderings;)

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to get into this post with you but you said Salome's pussy be yankin and I died.

*funeral arrangements to be announced, please send flowers

Reggie said...

Aren't ya'll tired of watching folks bite and chew on each other?!?

However, that Lafayette short of there is hilarious!!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Welcome! your style is FIYAH!! Yeah most people really love it or can't! LOL!

Hahhahahahaha! You're a nut! LOL!

Umm Sir! This is a fan page! LOL!