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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thoughtfully-Thought out -Thursday Thoughts #61

Hey Y'all,
It's been a looooooooong time since I did a TT.  This is more of a pictorial of ratchedness and dope stuff I've seen on the net'. Enjoy!

I don't know why it's posting all janky.
1. First up we have Snoop Lion. I'll just leave that there.

2. The first time I saw this flyer I just...I...why????????????

3. This is the ugliest house...look at those shrubs! Hahaha!

4. This  is dope-ly disturbing dopeness!

5. I hollered at this tweet. I do this ALL the time! Can't get caught slippin' LOL!

6. Lays discontinued these chips and man I'm ready to flip tables! Grrr!

7.  Write what you see in your comment.
Mine are Happy, Elegant, Lovely, Drama... Ha!

 8. I like this type of art.


K. Rock said...

Whaaaaa? An actual post from GP that's not about True Blood? Yeah!

1.I hipped hubs to Snoop Lion and he just slowly shook his head. I just dont know what that dude is thinking. Dont nobody wann hear thay fakey Jamakey!

2. For a kid? The most...

3. That looks like ahouse from a Dr. Seuss movie or something.

7. I love black art too.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. Ugh. Boy GOODBYE!
2. Poor baby *cues Ratchet Girl Anthem*
3. Is that real? It can't be!!
4. Interesting...
6. You're so funny!
I see passionate, charismatic, dramatic and thoughtful. Yup, all me. =)
7. I used to be into that type of art.. the artist WAK was everything! Now, I'm into more abstract work.

Tarsha! said...

1. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha

2.Just. No.


5. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha *breathe* bwhahahahahahahahahahaha

6. Those sound like they might have been full of awesome!

7. Sweet, kind, patient (that's all I saw)
Do you know the artist for the braided up fist? I would LOVE to buy this for B's art wall!

Anonymous said...

I saw happy, lovely and outspoken - all me. I also saw PREY and right now I'm being bullied at work, and I have to be adult about it when I really just want to meet a heaux in the parking lot. Big girl panties suck.

Don said...

Hahahaha @ hollered at the tweet. Too funny.

Number 4 is cool in a somewhat disturbingly manner, I agree. The overtures are definitely violent in nature, if you ask me.

Trish said...

Happy Thursday, I can't wait until tomorrow!!

1. Mess! I made sure to not read the stories I've seen about this online.

2. Shame!

3. This should have been in the movie Edward Scissorhands.

5. YES! We've all done it!

6. I saw BLT chips in the vending machine the other day. I love BLT's but the thought of a chip tasting like one frightens me.

7.Happy, patient, elegant and I got distracted after that!

Reggie said...

I'm feeling number seven. Interestingly enough, I like that kind of art too.

Nexgrl said...

1. Snoop is obviously on a journey
to FIND himself, or another
monetary venture.
2. Why are you asking why? Now you
know that's how some folks get
3. One day, I'll take a picture of
the craziness that is on the
corner down the street from
my house.
I saw:

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@ K. Rock
You can call a person out so smooth its hilarious K. Rock

1. Right! Save the Reggae for the real Jamaicans. I do not much understand the enlightenment part either. Jamaicans smoke weed right??
2. Yeah they were doing waaaay too much got him on that flyer looking like a pimp! LOL!
3. It does! Hahahaha! It definitely looks like a real life cartoon house.
7. Yes, just too look at tho. I don’t want it in my house. *shrugs*

@ P.S. I love this...
1. Yup BYE!
2. I swear I wanted to add that song to this post so badly LOL!
3. I hope it’s not but….
4. Agreed
5. Thank you! Glad you did it. :)
7. Is this WAK?? This particular art looks more cartoonist than the black art he does. I don’t like most of his art.


1.Yes, he’s crazy! And it IS funny!

2.His parents need to be kicked. LOL!

4. Yup!

5. But it is soooooooooooooo true!!

6. Indeed they were. I had NO idea it was coming to an end. I mad at whomever didn’t like them and got them discontinued.

7. Sweet, kind, patient <--- Aww thanks for looking and you sound nice :)

8. Do you know the artist for the braided up fist? I would LOVE to buy this for B's art wall! <-- I’m looking into it but, Z said it’s a dude named WAK.

@ miasrightnow
Ahh…this is why I like you. From time to time you need to know somebody that will “meet a heaux in the parking lot” or at least want too! LOL! I hope that situation works out for you. :(

5. You’d be surprised. Women are just like that. I had to turn a dude away because I couldn’t get it together that fast this week. I had just washed my hair. lol

4. It is disturbing, violent and cool all at the same time.

Thank you! I was pretty excited for Friday myself! lol

1. I just wanted know where he was coming from and yes MESS!
2. Yup!
3. LOL! Yes it would have fit perfectly!
5. YES! We've all done it! < This!
6. The BLT’s are what replaced the Balsamic's and I am DEVASTATED!!
7. Happy, patient, elegant and I got distracted after that!<Those are good adjectives!

I'm feeling number seven. Interestingly enough, I like that kind of art too. <- That is interesting

1. I can see it being all about the money!
2. I just don’t want it to be so.SMH!
3. One day, I'll take a picture of the craziness that is on the corner down the street from my house. <- You have me scared to see it! LOL!
7. I saw: Passionate, Insecure, Outspoken, Witty. <- Does that describe you to you?

Thanks for commenting everybody!

Jeeda said...

Ok, Baby Cain don't stand a chance! Lovin' the camera execution...the tweet...lmao

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I'm just mad at his whole family for that flyer!! All of them LOL!

Anonymous said...


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