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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

True Blood Tuesday....

Season 5 Episode 8
 Hey Trubbies,

I'm a tad bit busy so this week is a brief highlight recap.

1. Lawd...ALCIDE!!!!!!!!!!!! *fans self*

2. That V ain't no joke! Did you see how fast Laffy's lips healed?

3. I knew Hoyt was gonna let Jessica go. But the  black dude in the hate group tho???? I CAN'T!

4. What in the Heck!! Why did Luna turn into Sam?

5. Eric is very wise this season.

6. Bill is.....?

7. The séance

8. This!

Lafayette was not here for them at all.... Pay me or pay me no mind! LOL!

9. Sookie is ridiculous. I get it but still *sigh* So who is the masked Vampire who killed her parents? I thought it was The Kang but it looks like a new character is being introduced.

10. This war that's coming...but why tho?

11. I will keep my thoughts about Tara and Pam and the racist. If you follow me on Twitter you saw my rant! #rant

That's all I got. Have at it .... Chime in and I will answer comments as detailed as possible. Thanks!


P.S. I love this... said...

1. Ummm yeah.. Alcide. That bawdy!!
3. I was hoping for a Hoyt and Jessica reunion.. I really liked those two together.. But Jessica wants to be a slore!
Black "redneck" dude.. Have several SEATS, put your head down and take a damn nap!
4. Luna irritates me.. as herself and as Sam. But Sam is a great actor.. love when he plays someone else...playing him.
5. I wonder what Eric is going to do to try and stop the maddess.. or if he will do something.
6. Ugh, Bill.. "he's evolving".. BOO!!
8. I LOVE Lafayette in that scene.. hahahaha
9. I concur regarding Sookie. Why did her fairy godmother know that vampire? Inquiring minds wanna know.
10. Exactly, why a war? Can't the vamps be happy feeding on humans on the low-low like they been doing? So greedy!
11. I feel Pam is warming up to her "Maker" duties. Tara looked better in this episode but whomever her makeup artist is, needs firing!!

This was a great episode.

Monique said...

My Auntie Lala was not playing with you all on Sunday night, you here me? I LOVE to hear him say "hooka". LOL

Tara and Pam, Pam and Tara. I can't with these two. She really shouldn't have come back this season.

Bill has gone dark, people. Can't say that I'm mad about it but its definitely a flip from it being Eric. Although I do miss bad Eric sometimes.

Alcide! Whew! Yea, about that....

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.Girrrrl! Alcide's bawdy is just!
3. I actually like Hoyt and Jess together too. Too bad she a hoe lol
Hahahhahaha! Right! black dude can have all the seats.
4. If you could see me I have both thumbs down for Luna. I hollered when Sam switched off tho.
5. Eric has to do something. He won't disappoint Godric and even he knows those vamps are all out of control.
6. Bill is too easily led. HATE it!
8. Girl that was the best scene ever!!!!
9. Good question! I hope they answer it. Maybe she's been protecting Sookie's family from him for years or maybe he is just after fairies.
10. Hahaha! right!
11. Thank you for saying that. Tara is never quite right and she is beautiful. She should look beautiful.

I agree!

Girl, Lafayette is the most hilarious character! I love him!!

I like Tara just not as a vamp and not this season. Ugh!

I don't like him dark. Not my noble, wonderful, chivalrous Bill LOL! He gotta get it together so he can help Eric!! Ain't nobody got time for him being on the darkside! LOL!