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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A True Blood Tuesday....

Season 5 Episode3
  Hey Trubbies!

Okay y'all let's get to it. This episode was just a'ight.

So  Rev. Steve was made a vampire by The Authority Guardian Stabler AND he is the new Ann Flannegan?? I just CAN'T!!

Poor Jason!! All these folks taking advantage of his body! Geez! and these teachers! Ugh!

Looks like Jessica discovered a new creature Hmmm!

Debbie's mother looked like Sam and Tommy's mother to me.

I know Alcide was NOT trippin' on Debbie's death like that. Really? No sir!

Did that Authority lady really screw all 3 of them back to back?? Oh...okay.

I hate that vampire kid and his voice. I want him staked. lol

Eric and Bill go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back! Seeing Lorena even for that brief scene and I still hate her!

So Pam is in love love with Eric!! I had no idea she had been with him.  No wonder she trips off of Sookie's super snatch. Jealous! Can't blame her tho. Can you just imagine?????  I would climb Eric like a tree and just.....oh. *blushes*

I knew the maker had a responsibility to the made. Eric broke it down for us and Pam was wrong for leaving poor confused Tara like that. Pam made Eric make her! Manipulation fang bang.

Tara is still irking me. It's like her acting has gotten bad too. She is totally not used to those teeth in her mouth.

Wait so now Lafayette has Jesus' powers?? Really? Did you see him pour that bleach in the gumbo?? RIP to the gumbo.  lol

This episode had a lot of new people too many.

That's all I have. Whatchall got?


Tarsha! said...

I just can't get into the vampire shows but the Twitter commentary is ALWAYS entertaining!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Indeed the Twitter commentary is the absolute BEST

Bajan Beauty said...

Steve Newland is getting on my nerves! He is still acting like a human and not really like a vampire to me. Na was more no nonsense.

Jason loves it but I can't get down with him sexing his teacher, my goodness!

Alcide did love her so you can expect him to be angry, he didn't want to be with her, I am sure he didn't wish her dead. Even though Sookie should have killed her a$$ when she had the chance before.

Lorena is so gorgeous! *That is all*

LMAO @ climb like a tree, gurl he is something sexy and seeing him in the 20s all refined ooooooooo...

I don't know where TrueBlood is going I am use to them having one main tragedy and branching off from there. All these stories lines are making me dizzy!!!