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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A True Blood Tuesday....

Season 5 Episode 2
Hey Trubbies!

Let's get to it!

Tara is a wild tazmanian devil vamp. All that zooming back and forth was making me dizzy. Tara went in on Sookie and she was about to eat Lafayette, but I guess what the maker says goes.
Pam also told her to stay in the house so how was Tara able to leave the house? Maybe it was because Pam didn’t say “As your maker” like she did the first time similar to “Simon says.” (remember that?) I wonder what Eric is going to think when he finds out about Tara? It seems like Tara came to herself before she cut. Uh! Oh!

Umm...so... you . have . to. eat . the . old . pack master? Oh… okay. -_-

Poor Pam!! She is a tortured soul without Eric. The fact that she was a hoe...tho!

The Authority is serious with their torture methods, UV lights and internal shock treatments. Dang! And really??? Vamp dude was in jail because he kept eating the newborn babies? This show! SMH! Chris Meloni is still Stabler to me. I guess I need to see more.

Was I trippin'... or did I see Candyman sitting at the table as a part of the Authority?

Anybody else notice how the wolves and the were-panthers are the backwoods, hillbilly, trailer park, dirty looking, country folk? Hahahaha!

Look at the sheriff staying drug free! But who the heck was Jason dressed as in that scene?? I hollered at the leather jacket and shades. Real 70’s Starsky and Hutch.

Speaking of Jason... The REVEREND WANTED TO BUY HIM FROM JESSICA!! BUY HIM!!! I can’t!!!!!! Rev. Steve's dancing was EVERYTHING! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha!


The Terry/Arlene storyline has me bored and curious at the same d*mn time! lol

I knew that little funny looking Emma (oops did I say that?) would change before the show was over. Cute wolf cub tho. Oh and her mom was tripping on Sam! After all he did to save her and her kid? Ch!

Could they make the Kang look anymore gross? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

That's all I have...chime in folks!


Bajan Beauty said...

Tara should have eaten their a$$es they deserved it, and they were being selfish. Tara is gonna tear up Bon Temps!

Pam was a lady and a hoe, hmmmmm. I would have never guessed that, she is so refined and what not. She was still dressing to kill back then. Oh and Eric in that top hat *swoon*

Loved Chris all dressed up. Was I the only one disturbed by the kiddie vamp. Oh and I thought I was the only one that noticed Candy Man. What's behind those doors????

Luna needs to chill!

I loved the R*yBans on Jason, but I love anything on Jason, lol.

The Rev *giggling* I just saved that gif to my desktop for when I need a pick me up. Did you see that look on Jessica's face when he said Bill wasn't king anymore. How did he know that???

ichoosethesun said...

Yes, I'm trying to figure out how the Rev knew about Bill too!
Y'all are funny re: Candyman, two different actors: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0865302/ and http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0579795/
Russell is coming......yes!!!!

Bajan Beauty said...

That wasn't Candyman? Peter Mensah is handsome! Hmmm I remember him from 300!

Monique said...

Tara was all over the place. I'm not sure I'm feeling her as a vamp. She better off either human or gone. But we'll see how things play out this season.

Eating the pack master. *smh* I guess I shouldn't expect anything different but Marcus' mom is creepy though.

Arlene and Terry have something going on. Remember, she was seeing Renee and he has PTSD. I need them to get it together and soon.

The rev was a hot mess LOL I needed that laugh. I can't believe he wants Jason's booty. LOL Something tells me the Rev and Russell Edgington might be close.

P.S. I love this... said...

Tara zooming all over the place was dizzying. I read that she was feral because although now a vamp, she still had a brain injury and needed to heal before the "real" Tara would surface, as she did at the end of the episode.

Yeah, what is that eating your pack master about besides grossness?

Pam was a fly madam. I loved her lil hat! And Eric.. woooo chile.. so handsome.. he wears his clothes well.

The Rev. has a serious jones in his bones for Jason. At least he has great taste. Jason's body is EVERYTHANG!!

Ummmm, yeah, poor lil ugly Emma.. she's way cuter as a wolf puppy.

The Kang.. at first I didn't know who the heck he was but towards the end.. I was like YAY!! He is gonna be a trip.

Don said...

Still have to yet to catch a single episode of True Blood.

I know, I know. Lol.

No Sunday's inspirational post?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You crack me up!! She did seem like she was going to rip them apart! I don't know... my opinion is still out on how they chose to save her...I mean the option was there and she is still "alive"

Yeah Pam as a whore did not ever cross my mind. Eric is all kinds of everything fahn! LOL!

Yes! Stabler looked all distinguished and well...authoritative. lol I hate that kid. Purpose? Girl Candyman! It looks just like him!

Luna was on one!

Jason's body is...whew! *fans self*

Rev. Steve's dancing made me holler laugh!!!

Steve knowing can't be good AT ALL!!

I swear I thought that was Candyman. They look like two not so attractive twins lol

I don't know how I feel about her as a vamp just yet either.

That whole eating scene was just GROSS!! I agree about Marcus mom. I think she is going to wreck havoc this season.

Whatever is going on with Arlene and Terry they need to get to it. There are too many story lines going...

Yep Rev. Steve knows something! Him wanting Jason like that is too much for me!!

I didn't think about her brain injury not being healed affecting her! That is good to know. I'm trying not to read anything this season. lol

The wolves are a scary gross bunch.

Pam!! Eric!!!!!!!!

Rev. Steve! Yeah I guess he does have good taste. Indeed Jason's body is ALL DAT! :)

Of everyone I knew you would agree with me about poor little unfortunate looking Emma. Hahahahahahaha!

The KANG!!! Girl when he is finally strong it is ON!!

I still can't believe you haven't drank the Kool-Aid that is True Blood!!

You know what? I'm really sorry about slacking on Sunday's post I will get right back on that. Thanks for the encouragement! :)