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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Keeping it REAL in the Nine Quad

Remember when people used to say that or was that just a Cali thing? Anywhoo, I thought it was so stupid because the radio station used to say it and this dude I know used to say it too. Anyway, today I'm keeping it real in 2012 because I feel like sharing.

I flipped out today. 

I'm mad at myself about it too. *sigh*

First, I need to update y'all on my goings on. I like money. period. point. blank. and  I'm ready to do some BIG things with it. So an opportunity presented itself for me to make some quick money on a brief contract in a school district and I took it.

Anyway, the district they have me in has quite a few African Americans. Don't get me wrong, I love my people but some of us in the workplace have yet to learn professionalism. I pride myself on being a consummate professional in my work environments. From day one I made a few observations about my co-workers and concluded that some for lack of a better word are GHETTO! If you follow me on Twitter then you know I've mentioned Talky and this chick with a V-cut Jeri-curl (she hasn't received real a nickname yet but I have called her Full Force.)

Me and really ghetto chicks really ghetto chicks and I didn't sound right DO NOT MIX!  My appearance, height and cutesy voice misconstrue my perception.

They get it twisted! AND eventually test my gangsta!

Talky told me her whole life story within my first 7 hours of working with her, then a few days later she told me she broke up with her boyfriend and proceeded to give me the unsolicited details of that drama so that's why I named her Talky. I decided the best way to deal with her was to be cordial and listen.

That was a mistake.

People like Talky sometimes mistake kindness for weakness (which is why I usually ignore "ghetto birds") and tend to take advantage. Last week I returned from lunch and Talky proceeds to "go off" on me because of something that happened while I was at lunch.

A. It was her fault and

B. It was HER fault.

It had nothing to do with me, but she needed somebody to be mad at so I had barely walked in the door before Talky started her spiel. I looked at her and said, "I don't care." she said, "Well while your here blah blah blah "

I looked at her with the blankest face ever and was silent.

because if I had said what I wanted to say to her I would have had to leave that day. Anyway, since that exchange she has been short with me which is cool cuz now I don't have to listen to her talk.

This leads me to today. Today I was not in the mood. Since I've been in the dept. she somehow got it in her head that I'm some underling

I'm not.

So today instead of politely asking me to do something she came up to me and in the ghetto-est tone Ever! she basically ordered me to do it. This made me so angry, I got up and walked out. As I was walking, I had the biggest anger knot in my stomach and I had almost made it to my car when I stopped mid-step


went back into the office and..


I asked her what her problem was, told her I didn't like her tone or how she came/comes at me and I had had enough! She was caught off guard...



K. Rock said...

Ha! You had to give it to her huh? I wanna know how she took it!

MrsTDJ said...

Bwahahaha! I'm happy that you get in her azz! Folks push until they realize that you'll push back. Part 2 please!!!

Nexgrl said...

With advance notice, I could have been there witnessing this. Why, because the ghetto library in that district where I worked still has me on the payroll.

I want part 2. I missed all of this glory on twitter.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Sometimes you have to meet loud and crazy with loud and crazy.

Rita said...


Until Next Time.....

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for the rest! (on the edge of my seat) lol

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@K Rock
Yes in that moment I did. I had this huge knot in my stomach and I asked myself why was I putting up with this mess all in a matter of seconds.

@Mrs. TDJ
Exactly! I just really got tired of her very fast!

Just review my TL when you get a chance. I've talked about this job since I started! Yeah their whole system is in the Dark Ages. BOO!

@Southern gal
Girl Okay! LOL!

Didn't mean to shock ya! :)

@RBOA Sweet Life
Your wish is granted! :)