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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So to recap... I confronted and gave Talky an example of how she spoke to me and she told me that she didn't say it nasty and loud like that. I told her she did! Then she fake apologized.  She was frazzled. She definitely didn't expect me to pop back through that door that fast. I said Uh uh (no) and walked out.

While I was out she went to the Manager over the department...

and TOLD on me!
So after all that loud talking and posturing this heffa TOLD! 
When I got back I saw she had left the chairs all askew and my desk papers all disheveled. Itchin for a beat down! That’s when I went to the supervisor. I could see we were about to have a REAL problem! Her name officially changed from Talky to GHETTO BIRD! The supervisor is the one who told me what the Ghetto Bird had done. The supervisor wanted me to go to the Manager and tell her my side so I did. 

The bird’s story must have been EPIC because the Manager was looking at me like I was crazy!! She said my recap of the event was completely different than what the GB said, and asked the supervisor did she witness it. This made me angrier because the Manager seemed to be on the GB side.

The Manager suggested we all meet so she could hear both sides. I readily agreed because after what happened I wanted a chance to hear what that Ghetto Bird had said about me and I told the Manager that I do not want to work my final days in a hostile work environment over something so petty.

So I waited all day for the meeting and it Never Happened! The rest of the day was uncomfortable. You could feel the tension and they all kept flocking together.  Ugh!
I seriously considered ending my contract at the end of the day. And now I consider the manager a liar too.

Fast Forward...

So today the Ghetto Bird didn’t even come to work. It would be great if she stayed gone until I'm done.

I asked Twitter, "does that make me look like the bad person or her look guilty?" What do y’all think?  

I prayed really hard this morning just for the strength to go in. It was so hard to go, but I did. I was so NOT feeling it. This incident turned what was an easy breezy contract into something silly and uncomfortable. I Thank God for the peace of today!!

You wouldn't believe how quiet it was! Full Force was there GB bird buddy, but she left and I never saw her I only heard her briefly.

I don't want this bird to mess up my money. I have to wait and see how tomorrow is because I'm really not here for the drama! I just have a few days left and I would like for them to be calm.


MissKroberts said...

Ok, so your story had me on the edge of my seat! I've so been there in your spot also as mediator being an HR manager. One thing I must say though, it's not always "us" that don't know how to act. We may get a bit more loud..but trust others are just as unprofessional as some of us can be. Good luck with your situation!

Anonymous said...

She definitely looks guilty staying out. The manager seems to have sided with her seemingly only because you are newer (right?)
Anyway, it will work out and I hope you get to finish out your work there without any problems.

Nexgrl said...

I believe that it has been decided that GB must stay clear of you until your contract is up. That seems to be the easier route for them. They have to deal with her in the long run. This probably isn't this first incident with GB. This is the probably the reason there was a vacancy in the first place.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Welcome! I definitely know it's not just "us" I've witnessed some things in the work place. It's just my experience with certain type of blacks that pose a problem for me. I have HR experience as well and Talky's overall behavior totally warranted a write up, but they seem to tolerate her behavior I personally just don't like to be talked to crazy or yelled at by anyone. Thanks for commenting. :)

She was out today also so so far things are going well for me. You're right it will work out I just hate having my professional rep possibly tarnished over foolishness. I want to be remembered for my professionalism not clowning a bird! LOL!

Maybe so but I hope not. I hope she just called in sick. The supervisor is feigning like she doesn't know why GB is out and stated GB does this ALL the time. I'm just glad for the peace. It would be great if she stays gone until I leave. Lettuce pray! LOL!

P.S. I love this... said...

WOW.. just WOW!! Unfortunately it seems that working in an environment amongst my "sisters".. this ghetto behavior is all too common. I can't take it.. even a lit bit. I worked at this one place for one day because the whole office was GBs.. ugh..

I work mostly with men in I.T. and while they can be big ass babies.. at least they are professional. (mostly)

Hopefully, you can complete the contract in peace.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thanks for sharing that! I've really been troubled about the incident like I always am after a flip. I can't seem to work with GB's no matter how hard I try. My trouble with them started in the 7th grade with straight hate for no reason no matter how nice I am and has cont'd into adult hood which is frustrating. I'm glad to know it's not just ME! Thanks! I cracked up @worked one day! I hear that!