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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Hey Y'all,

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year I have a much better out look on this holiday. This year I'm making plans to get out there and see what I can see.  This year I'm dating and giving men a real chance. It took me this long to fully get theCaptain out of my system. And that's okay!

Speaking of theCaptain,(click his name and you can get an idea of how crazy our entanglement was.) his solicitations for sex have been hilarious. For the first time ever I've ignored him and I'm proud of me for no go backs. *pats self on back* I know I'm ready for love again!

My other little rebound dalliances have been just that.. dalliances and I'm okay with that too. I know what I want.

I'm ready to open up my heart again.
Wish me luck! :)

Better yet pray that God sends me a man that will love me, care for me and be able to receive all this love I have for him, and we take this love thang to marriage!
Wishing you all the happiest Valentine's Day ever. I hope all your dreams come true too. :)

Sidebar: Nordstrom's idea of a HEART STOPPING Valentine's day? Yes please! to anything on the page.


P.S. I love this... said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! So happy you're ready for love again and know what you want and deserve. WOOT!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

"Better yet pray that God sends me a man that will love me, care for me and be able to receive all this love I have for him, and we take this love thang to marriage!"

I love it! Happy Valentine's girly! I hope you enjoy the day.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Happy V-day! Glad you are getting out there and dating again. The right one will come around when the time is right! :)

The Nordstrom page- I'll take the Burberry Belted bag, Yes please! ;)

Nexgrl said...

Happy Valentines Day. I pray that you and the right man find each other.

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Good luck girl! Its a scary world out there.. i'm staying indoors!

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Confessions Of A City Girl

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you! I kinda excited about what's to come! lol I hope you day was FAB!

I pray the same for you too! Thank you! I hope you day was great as well!

@ Mommy+Me
Thank you! Me to! I believe it is so! lol
That bag is everything!

@Thank you!Yes the RIGHT man! See... 2 people are in agreement in prayer so it's on! Praise him! :)

True dat! but we added God into it so I'm not worried. :)

Freckles said...

i know I am hella late but I am gonna be late on most posts. I like to read at my own pace and time. reading and catching up on your posts now.

anyway, i love that love pic - awesome.

btw, you dont need luck honee. you have already made a first step to being open. You will be awesome as long as you keep yourself open.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Thank you! It took awhile to get to this place, but yes I am open and agree that things can happen now. :)

Reggie said...

I absolutely detest Valentine's Day!!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

We KNOW!!! lol