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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #58

First Thursday Thoughts of the New Year!! I thought I had run out of thoughts....guess not. LOL! Let's get to it! Please note: All links highlighted.

1. I’m really shook about Don Cornelius killing himself. Why would he do that? I’m disturbed that Vesta allegedly overdosed in a motel room all alone. Why would she do that? What’s going on? The previously famous seem to have it hard.  *soul train two steps* for Don * pours out for the homie*  for Vesta

2. I must admit…more than once I have stopped on the TV show Face Off thinking it’s the movie Face Off while pursuing past SyFy on cable. Speaking of SyFy they have a new show about  fairies and a succubus titled Lost Girl. It's a good show. I was surprised. It grabbed me from the first episode!

3. There are certain movies that can come on TV and I’m going to watch just because they’re on. Romeo Must Die is one of those movies! Judge me! LOL!

4. Can we discuss why the makers of nasty candy make nasty candy? And the eaters of nasty candy why do you eat nasty candy? What is the nastiest candy you've ever tasted? Black licorice is at the top of the list.

5. I enjoy watching award shows with the folks on Twitter so much! It is a hilarious experience Since I'm in the west I rarely get to see the same shows at the same time so it's thrilling! :)

6. Dogs in clothes are funny to me, but dogs in hats send me to another place of hilarity.

7. There are so many amazingly funny people to see on the B.A.R.T (bay are rapid transit) but I can’t take pictures without getting caught. I would probably get in a real fight! People are crazy out here!

8. J.G. Wentworth sent me an email. He must have realized I do need cash now. I wish he would send it for this tuition. Speaking of cash, you know what would be nice? It would be nice to open a cereal box and it say YOU’RE THE WINNER vs. Sorry this box is not the winner.

9. My Month In Pictures post today is WORDS. If you didn't know that I think I'm AWESOME now you know! Hahahaha! How did I forget Barney said this!! AWESOME!

via Pinterest

10. Seen and Heard - Whatever Facebook was when it first came out. It is definitely this now! These two dittys had me ROTFL!!! I'm sure you regular FB'ers have seen this.
FACEBOOK , slutbook , meet just to f*ckbook , tryin to be sneaky but den get caught upbook , shamebook, lamebook, usin’ a fake namebook, corny in da streets but on here you got gamebook, jokebook, pokebook, everybody’s quotebook, in pictures u got money but in person u brokebook, sexbook, flexbook, flirting wit ya exbook, someone leaves a comment den u get a urgent textbook, fightbook, trifebook, everybody’s rightbook, someone needs to come out wit a get a f*ckin lifebook. ~Author unknown - sounds like a girl

Facebook, whatbook? Slutbook? They need to call this F*ckbook. Picture looking good, but in person…Yuckbook. Hellbook, Tellbook, b*tches can’t Spellbook. Hate behind your back, but in person wish you Wellbook. Glitchbook, Snitchbook, Fake Family Listbook. Posting on her page, stealing your B*tchbook. Rudebook, Feudbook, tell your every Movebook. Don’t ever need TV. sh*t is here – Newsbook! ~ Author unknown - sounds like a guy


K. Rock said...

2.Face Off is actually a great show. One of the more interesting competition shows on now. Lost Girls sounds interesting. I will check it out.
8. Who doesn't need cash now? They could send an email to everybody!
9. Ha! Love that!
10. Hadn't seen those. I like the first one the best.

sunshinestar110 said...

#1 I think it is just hard that generation to adjust to how life and music has changed since then. It has to be hard going from being on top to be people not even knowing or caring who you are now.

#3 I will say that I have watched alot of movies just because they have come on tv. That is how I fell in love with the Twilight series because lawd knows i would not see it in the movie theater.

#9 Love the words...ps...I love pinterest!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

5. Award shows on the Twitter are the best!! Some people are so much more funnier than the show itself.

6. Dogs in clothes are so cutie patootie! I just want to stuff all the little ones in my purse.

9. Pinterest is EVER-REE-THANG! I love scouring pics to repin.

Nexgrl said...

I bet there are some BART classic incidents on Youtube, because there are some from MUNI.

There are some movies that I watch whenever I catch them on pay channels. I hate commercials, so I don't watch them on regular channels. Some of my favorites are Love Jones, Baby Boy, and Poetic Justice. I do own these DVDs, but this doesn't stop me from watching them when they air.

Krissy said...

You never know what someone is going through in their personal life. Something must have recently happened with Vesta because I just watched her unsung and she seemed like she was ready for a new start.

If a dog is small enough to wear clothes I don't want anything to do with it

I watch some movies everytime they are on too, like RollBounce lol

I don't do pintrest or facebook and I never plan to lol

Anonymous said...

#3 I am the same way. I was just watching Romeo Must Die the other day.

#8 Those JG Wentworth commercials crack me up. The actors are serious about that singing.

keyalus said...

#1 - He was very ill and also had some domestica abuse issues going on. Dude seemed to be on a downward spiral. Depression is real.

#3 - I've seen that movie once. Don't care to see it again. But if The Color Purple or Malcolm X is on, I'm watching...for the 1000th time.

#4 - Agreed. Licorice is truly disgusting! Red Twizzlers are gross enough but black is just ewww...

#9 - I like the sentiment on the picture but the grammar bothers me. Shouldn't it be "I stop being sad and start being AWESOME"?

MrsTDJ said...

1. I was saddened by his death as well. As others have said, you truly don't know what people are going through.

3. Shawshank Redemption, Trading Places and Sex in the City are those movies for me. I could name more, but those came to mind first.

7. Girl! The Metro here is DC is crazy too! There has got to be a slick way to take a picture without a click or a flash! *lol*

10. I've never seen either one of those! Hilarious and oh so true!

BTW, blogger HATES me and I've been unable to comment for about a week.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

@K. Rock
2. I’ll check it out then. I saw a few promos and it looks interesting.
8. Right! I wish they would stop playing and just send me the cash!
9.“How I Met Your Mother” is a popular show. Now they’re framing Barney’s quotes. LOL! I think I will DIY me a quote too.
10. I hadn’t either. The kids are so clever!

Welcome! :)
1. I was thinking the same thing. They need some type of support group so they can know they still matter. I wish that could really happen because it’s very sad to hear about suicide so regularly.
3. LOL! Twilight was actually good on TV. I went to the movies to see one and almost died of boredom, but I have watched the same movie 3 times on TV and it was good! I’m all into the series too. I guess I just needed to see it from home.
9. Thank you! Pinterest is GRRRREAT! *in Tony the tiger voice*

@Starrla Monae
5. Exactly! The Twitter folks enhance the experience so much. I can’t wait for the next show. I love award season!

6.I just have to laugh at that. I’m falling in love with the little tiny dogs. I may end up with one soon.

9. Pinterest is EVER-REE-THANG! <<<<<<<<<< THIS!!

@ Nexgrl
I have to check those vids out. I saw a few good ones from MUNI. I will never forget that one fight with the black lady and Asian lady.
I own many of the movies I watch on TV too. It’s like I just get sucked in and can’t turn away. I like commercials.

That so true you never know what people are going through, however it’s just so sad that death is the way out though!

Aww! A small dog is all I would consider. Large dogs are out! I remember big ole dogs as a kid. They scared me then and now! LOL!

I can watch Roll Bounce too. It was too cute!

Oh c’mon and join us on Pinterest!

@ Anonymous
3. Romeo Must Die on VH1 Yup!

8. The JG Wentworth commercials are too funny and you’re right they’re SO serious singing! That part cracks me up too!

1. That’s so sad to hear! I know all too well that depression is real. So sad tho.
3. But it was Aaliyah?? The soundtrack was hot too! I can’t watch either of those films on TV but I really enjoyed Malcolm X. I only like certain parts of The Color Purple both were loooooong.
4. Red Twizzlers are not so bad. I learned to eat them as I got older.
9.Well...Barney said it on the show “How I Met Your Mother” so it’s written how he said it. I write how I speak a lot and grammar be danged! < < see how I did that? LOL!

1. True! You really can’t know. A lot of stars are committing suicide and it’s just so sad.
3. Definitely Shawshank Redemption and Sex in the City I could have named a lot more, but Romeo Must Die was on when I had this thought! :)
7. I need to figure it out cuz I sure want to show y’all the foolishness I see!
10. Right?!?

:( I sent Blogger a message after Krissy told me about the problem. Hopefully the problem is resolved. I sure was missing y'all around here! :)

Bajan Beauty said...

1. It really is sad. So many people deal with depression and mental illness in silence. I am not saying that is what it is but from what is being reported he sounded very unhappy.

4. I don't understand how people eat licorice ugh! It's freaking disgusting. I use to hate when I was little and I would accidentally eat a black jelly bean. Oh and Jelly Belly's popcorn jelly bean is on the list too, ewwww.

5. Sometimes I don't even have to watch I just check my timeline. That's how I found out Bey was preggers.

6. Check out this dapper dog, he is too cute. http://loganslook.wordpress.com/

7. From the stories I have seen on the new BART, I would weary of that too, lol.

10. Sad but true!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. I agree with you... you just never know so very sad!
4. Wait...I had a popcorn jelly belly and was like WTH Eww! lol
5. Yeah, Twitter is very informative in that way!
6. Oh lawd!! you like clothed dogs too! I have to admit he's a cutey tho! :D
7. It can be entertaining tho.
10. Right?!