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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still Christmas Madne$$

People are so crazy!!!

By now I should have learned my lesson that waiting until the last minute to complete my Christmas shopping is still not a good idea. There's just something about procrastination that keeps calling me like crack! LOL! Something inside me must like the hustle and bustle of the last minute rush.

So once again I find myself out in the last minute Christmas rush shopping like a mad woman! What's funny is every year I have to make the same announcement about getting bumped. Why do people bump into you and not say "excuse me" or even acknowledge that they've bumped you? Is this just a west coast thing? Are you all in the southern/eastern states safe from this rudeness? I guess this is one of the problems about being short and cute. ; ) I'm assuming my near Oompa Loompa status also makes me invisible!

 Again... People are crazy.

I'm sure I've explained this before, but every single year I have to make an announcement. It's a very simple but effective one. Very loudly you exclaim "IF I GET BUMPED ONE MORE (expletive if necessary depending on the crowd) TIME!" That's pretty much it. I guess the impending threat of what is not said is enough because people usually steer clear!

I guess then they are looking at me like I'M Crazy *shrugs* All I'm trying to do is buy some dang gifts! Give me some @#&@%;$ space!


Reggie said...

Well I got groped in a Target today. Not bumped, not pushed, not even shoved.....just groped. It happened so quickly that I had to do a doubletake before I realized that a plump teenager actually did it. I hope she enjoyed it. It felt like she punched me in my testicles.

I wasn't even Christmas shopping. I was just buying graham crackers.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...


I can't fool with these crowds. I walked in the mall. Was in there for 10 mins and got frustrated. I ended up leaving without walking in one store

Nexgrl said...

I'm late this year with my Christmas shopping also. I knocked all but one gift out last night. I went to two Targets, Michaels, Marshalls,Old Navy, & Game Stop. I have one more gift to get. I'm going the lazy route and purchasing a gift certificate at a nail salon. I avoid the malls until after Christmas.

P.S. I love this... said...

I didn't have any bumpers this year.. I only shopped for one day.. got to the mall when it first opened.. when the stores are clean and neat and you can actually find stuff. I raced around and was in and out of stores. Although, I handled my list in one fell swoop.. it was exhausting..tryin to fight the urge to buy everything for MEEEEEEE!

hahaha my veri word is lothe..

Anonymous said...

It annoys me that people forget their manners when they are shopping. Being polite is not hard.