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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Trubies Tuesday

To be honest True Blood got on my nerves this week. There was just too much happening and it was bit extra to me. I must be brief…and I can’t comment on everything. Somebody on Twitter said they wanted to fight TB with both fists. That's how I felt. LOL!

Season 4 Episode 8

Jason to the rescue!! LOL! I totally knew he would save Jessica the way he did! I forgot he had on his sheriff’s uniform and he was the one doing the shooting!
Sookie and Eric getting it in in the shower was about to be hot. Once it started snowing in the shower and they were outside again in a bed no less they lost me! Booo!
Jessica’s dream sequence of her break up with Hoyt was hilarious and sad at the same time. When he started crying OMG I cracked up! I know I have a sick sense of humor. But the writers went all the way there with it…he was dirty… he stunk… AND he was crying! All justifications (in her mind) for her to break up with him. But dang she didn’t have to kill him in her dream. That was harsh.
What I did enjoy was when Hoyt went off on her in the real break up scene and when he called her a virgin forever*I died*Then he rescinded her invitation! But what was MORE hilarious than that was when Jason did it!! Did you see the way she flew out of his house??? LOLOLOLOL!
Tommy!! Will he please die already? All that for $5700?? He is a menace to society trailer park style!
Sam, Luna and the crazy werewolf baby daddy? Why is her name Luna? Everybody gets points for calling that one.
Totally thrown off by devil baby’s ghost…that storyline is whack! The storyline being related to Rene would’ve been waaay better! They better tie it to that some kinda way soon. Oh Lawd now Lafayette can REALLY be extra with his girlyness while he is possessed LOL! That was unexpected as well.
Okay umm the battle in the graveyard was just…. Feel free to fill in the justness of it!

It was honorable of Bill to save Tara's all of a sudden expert witch butt!
Alcide to the rescue!!!! This was the rescue episode! Poor Debbie Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Clearly I hate her character.

Alright ya'll chime in!! Tell me what you loved or hated about this episode. Did anyone else feel how I feel or am I trippin?

I only watched once. I may watch again before the week is out.


Monique said...

This episode was all over the place and nowhere at the same time.

I'm glad Jess lived but she needs to get it together. Vamp blood has some serious ju-ju in it if she is feening for Jason. Hoyt doesn't need to be with her. She's still a newborn and hasn't learned to control her urges. I really wish she hadn't glamoured him from the beginning.

Sookie and Eric are getting on my nerves. I need the real Eric back. This docile one is nothing. I'm over him...for now.

I have to give it to Bill, he's really trying to make a difference but then again, we know Bill so...

Antonia got Eric! Oh this is going to be interesting. Eric is so much stronger than Bill so I'm sure she will use him for something else.

Alcide is always bailing Sookie out. I wish he and her would end up together. Can you imagine what that shower scene might be like? *fanning myself*

Debbie didn't need to come back. She's going to snitch on him and almost cause a war. Watch.

P.S. I love this... said...

*sigh* True Blood was working my nerves too.. alot of everything and alot of nothing.. left me really annoyed. I'm sure Alan Ball has something off the chain in store.. he better. You listening Alan??

Sookie and Eric were trippin' off some Ecstasy type high from drinking each others blood.. that's why I think it was snowing and stuff.

I got choked up when Hoyt was crying in the dream.. (didn't know it was a dream at first) but didn't think Jessica could be so callous and kill him.. so glad she didn't.

But the second time they broke up.. Hoyt turned the hurt around.. Transferance I think it was called in "Two Can Play That Game". lol

Tommy is such a lost soul.. he had been abused and killed his parents.. he doesn't have Sam to help him anymore and is grasping at straws to survive.. I kinda get it.. but I still don't like him.

So is the ghost trying to steal the devil baby because her baby daddy killed hers? Who was that married man? He didn't have to kill that baby.. ugh hating that story line. And what is she gonna use Lafayette for??

That graveyard battle was WACK!!!

Debbie is already unraveling and getting those crazy eyes again.. Alcide's actions are gonna make her backslide..

Marnie aka Martonia has taken Eric as her minion.. she prolly want some of that sexing in the forest. hahahaha

I need Andy to stop.. just stop. He wanted to drink burnt up, dead vampire blood. YUCK!! But I guess it keeps callin' him, like Pookie in "New Jack City".

Bajan Beauty said...

That whole snowing sexing thing was annoying, both of them higher than a kite, lol.

I didn't think had that in him, I am proud of him! He probably cried him self to sleep later that night, lol.

You know Tommy is not that brightest bulb. He would have saved himself a lot of trouble if he would have done the math prior, work smarter not harder.

How did he know Sam was a shifter, had he already been spying =/

I was thinking the same thing, I was racking my brain trying to figure out how she fit into all of this...not getting it HBO. I think it's too much of a stretch. They should have just made one Renee victims come back and haunt them.

The graveyard looked like a school yard fight! lol.

Bill knew he had to save her.

GorgeousPuddin said...

"This episode was all over the place and nowhere at the same time."<<AGREED! Thanks for validating that Im not crazy! LOL! It was just too much!

Vamp blood has some serious ju-ju” <<INDEED! Yeah, Jessica's storyline is taking an interesting turn. Her baby vampness and immaturity is causing some serious harm. I don’t want her and Jason together at all!

"Sookie and Eric are getting on my nerves.”I need the real Eric back. This docile one is nothing. I'm over him...for now. <<< THIS whole statement YES!

I still like Bill ulterior motives and all. LOL!

Girl I was terrified when I when I saw Antonia get Eric! With him being who he is this is DANGEROUS for all!

Mo! Don’t you take me there with any shower scenes about Alcide! That man's body is scrumptious! He is taking his order of protection of Sookie serious! It doesn’t help that he’s feeling her too.

Debbie snitching on Alcide!! Girl you are SO right! This is about to be bad for Alcide with that fool!

DEAD@You listening Alan?? I hope he is because this week left me...I still haven't watched again.

Ahh an E trip okay.. that explains it! I was like what the!

I kinda knew it was a dream just because it was so extra which is why I laughed. He shole did turn it around on her butt. SCORE Hoyt!

You right about Tommy and I get it BUT he even hurt the one person that had his back too? Dang!

That storyline was waaaaay back at the right after slavery times. It seemed like they were in a relationship and not just master/ slaveness. I guess she needed Lafayette to have a body to use to get the baby but now Laffy is a kidnapper!

That graveyard battle was WACK!!! <<YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT the the crazy eyes again..LOLOL!

Girl you are CRAZY! Cracked up @Marnie aka Martonia. Nah i think she over sex, but could you imagine what that would be like Eww Eww EWw!

OMGEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ANDY! That was SO NASTY! YUCK!! *DEAD*@But I guess it keeps callin' him, like Pookie in "New Jack City".”

Their sex scene was annoying! It totally flew over my head that they were high off of each other's blood though. It was just more ridiculousness to me.

Yeah Hoyt was straight gangster! DEAD@He probably cried himself to sleep later that night.

Too funny about Tommy! He just ain’t bright!

That’s an interesting question. Luna did say he watches them...so..

Yes! Ghost lady and devil baby storyline lost me!

The graveyard looked like a school yard fight!<< YEP!

Bill knew he had to save her << He better had he wants Sookie sooooo bad! LOL!

Reggie said...

I've been known to suck on the odd neck occasionally, but I've never drawn blood.