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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #52

Wow 52 weeks? That's a whole year of thoughts LOL!
1.When I get an email from a reputable company and anything is misspelled in the title I'm appalled! Surely it must be spam.

2.I’m a pretty good proof reader of everything BUT my own writing. I've discovered errors in published books and magazines numerous times.
3.Once I realized my relaxer had this much new growth at six weeks I had no choice but to blow dry on low heat to stretch that mess out. It is now laying smooth, not quite silky but smooth. :)

4.Adele had a concert that was cancelled in June at one venue and postponed until August 14 with a venue change. Umm guess who didn't remember. *sad face*so I didn't have tickets? Ah! but guess who knows a road at her alma mater where you can listen to the concert?  I only stayed a few songs but SHE IS GREAT LIVE! That girl can really SANG! I wish I'd been inside. Pretty much every seat in the Greek is good except the extreme top.  It’s shaped like a big salad bowl that gets wider at the top.

5.I need help!! The news had a story about the current famine in Somalia. The story featured a small female child in a long dress. My first thought was “Wow that is some beautiful fabric” then I Googled Somalia fabric. Umm desensitized much? There really is a famine so if you want to help make a move. :)
6.Under normal circumstances I can NOT stand following behind or being on the side of cabs. The drivers are just too reckless, but on the freeway…they are AWESOME. Those nuts know how to maneuver through traffic with amazing skill. LOVE IT!
7.There’s a woman in jail for stabbing a lizard. She acted up when the police came to arrest her so her bail is  high, but she’s in jail for stabbing a lizard with a knife…a lizard?!?
8.By now you should all know I love a good commercial, because I talk about them. I noticed recently that Flex Alexander was in a current ad for Verizon. I had  mean thought….but then I thought that's not nice. Make your money man.
9.For some reason I feel like my email must realize when I get my paycheck because there were so many free shipping and coupons in my inbox this week it was ridiculous! Trying to tempt me when I’m saving for my bike! Hmph!
10.Speaking of the bike…the Missoni bike is haunting my dreams. I've seen the entire collection and I swear the bike just makes me feel all giggly and happy inside when I look at. Will I keep talking about this bike?? Yes! Will I stop once I get it?? Maybe… LOL! Clearly I have nothing wonderful going on in my life if I'm fixated on a bike! Yikes!! LOL!

11Seen and heard...and for those of us in LOVE with the exclamation point!! *don’t look K Rock...okay you can* :) The universe has provided us with a treat!! Isn’t it awesome??


Nexgrl said...

4. I've never been to that theater. I've always wanted to go, but I never remember to check the schedule of artists.
5. Don't feel bad about googling that fabric. I want to got to Africa for the fabric alone. I would even take an empty suitcase, just for the possiblities.

Jameil said...

2) It's hard to proofread your own stuff b/c you know what you were trying to say. Sometimes for me just knowing someone else will proof for me makes me pay more attention when i pre-proof what they'll read.
4) lol. i stood outside and listened to common on campus at UF. he was pretty awesome, too! but i already knew that. i've seen him live. i would've gone again but it was raining and outside. uhhh... no.
5) If it helps, you'll be in the fashionista section of hell! Welcome!
6) lol i don't have enough cab experience to have a true comment for this one.
9) It's back to school so EVERYBODY is trying to get you for your paper.
10) I didn't know they'd make one. That makes me want to get a bike & personalize it.
11) YAY!!

P.S. I love this... said...

4. I've always liked Adele, I wanna get her new cd.

6. NY cab drivers are the worst and the best. I hate being slammed around in the back of the cab but I marvel at how they zip through traffic at break neck speeds.

7. Why would someone stab a lizard?? I don't like when people hurt harmless animals..

10. Be happy and giggly.. it's a really cute gift to yourself. I can't wait to ride Chompers around in the basket. =)

Do you think you're gonna ride it ALOT?

K. Rock said...

2. Me too! If I catcha typo in my own post I will go back and fix it but I know that folks know what I am trying to to say.
4. Ha! That's cool. Very economical way to see...er...hear a concert.
6. The time I went to NY, the cab drivers drove like they were crazy! I had to hold on for dear life.
8. Yeah I seen that commercial. You gotta get that paper however it comes I guess.
10. Are you seriously going to get that bike? Where will you ride it? Please post pics of you on that bike when you get it. Did you like the lookbook? I like stripes but boy did they overkill it.
11.I love nature photos! This one is nice.

Anonymous said...

2. Catching an error in a book I'm reading is sooooo super distracting for me. And I've even been noticing it in the books on tape that I've been listening to. Like, I'll have to rewind and play it again. "Wait did she just call her daughter Ruth? That girl's name is Brianna!" Just annoying!

4. I hear Adele! I'd love to see her in concert. High five to you for getting a free listen!

7. Damn! Maybe the lizard was acting a fool and dirtying his cage too much or something. That's just silly!

12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reggie said...

Adele has a deep soulful voice.

GorgeousPuddin said...

4. I tend to forget myself. It’s actually a nice outside venue and not cold down in the bowl. LOL!
5. Sounds like an excellent plan. Africa has the most exceptional textiles.

2. I try to pre-proof and I still end up with missed words. My brain sees the word even when I didn’t write it.
4. Yeah Common is pretty awesome! That was a score! I will make a note to see Adele in person.
5. “If it helps, you'll be in the fashionista section of hell! Welcome!” *DEAD* LOLOLOL!
6. Actually meant following behind them driving whipping through traffic as they do is AWESOME.
9. True! And it’s working!
10.The bike was a surprise to all.
11. !!! :)

@P.S. I love this
4.Me too! I’m sure the whole CD is enjoyable.
6. I don’t like riding in cabs but I’m sure I’d make use of them in NY. Lucky!
7. That’s a good question...maybe it bite her. But jail for it?
10. I’m SO glad you share my joy of the AWESOMENESS of the bike. Chompers is going to love that. I remember you hoped it would have a basket. I want to put some flowers in mine and I don’t know why? I plan to ride it but I’m not sure about a lot… I have to get a bike rack and stuff.

@K. Rock
2. I try to fix them...but then like you said ya’ll know what I meant.
4. It was!
6. Yeah inside a cab is treacherous!
8. True...this is why I kept my comment. It’s hard out here...
10.Yes I am!! So serious! Can’t wait! It’s so pretty I hope I don't have to fight anybody in the store over one! LOL! I'm going to ride it in my future cul-de-sac gated community neighborhood, but we have lots of paths and trails around here. The Look Book was overwhelming! I like the more abstract items in black and white with the exception of the bike and the towels. I just may oblige you with a pic LOL!
11. I agree it is a nice photo.

2. Wait...the people reading the books on tape are making mistakes too? That’s hilarious!
4. Me too! Thank you! She’s AMAZE!
7. See Why??? LOL! You are a nut!
12. Me too!

She really does!

Tarsha R said...

1. I am teh same way. Spell check is your friend

3. Wait...you going natural?

4. Guuurrrrrlll if Adele makes her happy British behind to Houston, I will be all up and through! LOVE her.

7. Blink

8. Guess that sitcom money ran out

11. Bwhahahahahahahahaah!!!!!

Don said...

Scary. A woman arrested for stabbing a lizard, and all this crime goes unnoticed and eyes turned away from.

Adele has a beautiful singing voice. I agree. I just learned this a couple weeks ago. She's awesome.