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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughtfully...Thought-Out....Thursday...Thoughts #51

1. I finally realized being negative about this job is not helping my outlook about it. I tend to think in black and white and viewed this like it’s a permanent station in my life when I KNOW it’s temporary so why all the grief? Note to self: just ride it out chick!

2. Finally the good news I hinted about 2 or 3 T T back. I'm getting back in grad school!!!!! I found a program that is truly what I want to study in education and the people over it are willing to accept some of my already earned credits from the other program. I start in January! *dougies really hard for 5 secs*

3. I was completely surprised about the riots in London. You hardly ever hear about stuff like that happening over there. Y’all people have to act up everywhere though. LOL! Why are so many of the pictures of the looters black? The video with dude carrying the boxed flat screen??? SMH!

4. Missoni for Target is 1 month and 2 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I’m still EXCITED!!!!!!! I see myself riding my bike around my next neighborhood with the cul de sac in the gated community! LOL!

5. Fall is quickly approaching. It is one of my favorite times of year fashion wise. Cant’ wait to see all the fashions. Especially excited about my yearly September magazine haul!!

6. If y’all aren’t into True Blood I just don’t know what to say. I know it’s at times scary, freaky, weird, gruesome and gory but, IT IS FREAKIN AWESOME this season!!!!

7. I like to spell ya’ll like this but spell check insists that it’s y’all like this. First off I didn’t even think it was a real word but in the dictionary it’s a breakdown of you and all originating in the south which I knew that duh but...Anyway...yeah...y’all

8. I’ve neglected my Tumblr. If y’all didn’t know there is a Tumblr link on the left side of the page. I want to update it with some Bay Area pics soon.

9. As my hair grows out from the relaxer it gets harder to smooth out. I want to relax immediately but on this HHJ (healthy hair journey) that is ill advised. I’m currently in a mini stretch and it’s getting harder to look polished at work. I’m hesitant in this supposedly non-profit but actually corporate atmosphere to breakout a twist out or braid out on them after having mostly straight hairstyles. Conundrum!

10. I tweeted recently that I wish an abundance of gift cards would fall from the sky. I REALLY NEED FOR THIS TO HAPPEN TODAY!

11. All this foolishness about Bert and Ernie needing to get married on Sesame Street annoys me. First off why do they HAVE to be gay?? People also want them to introduce a transgender Muppet on the show. How would they do that? Isn’t this show for children??? My memories of SS are innocent. My favorite character is still Snuffleupagus.  What's yours?


K. Rock said...

1. Yeah. I like that. Let's pretend I said it first. Just ride it out chick!
2. Alright! Sounds great! Congrats!
5. For the third year in a row I am going to try to build a fall wardrobe. I fail miserably every year. I just keep buying all the summer stuff that's on clearance. I love summer.
6. No premium cable...sooooo....
7. The ' always takes the place of the missing letters in a contraction. Since it's short for "you all", the correct spelling is y'all. The spell checker wont lead you astray!
9. If it's that important, why cant you just get it straightened. That should be ok right?
11. Girl dont get me started. They are really trying to make it so we can't even turn on the tv for the kids. Who you choose to sleep with has no place on a childrens tv show.

Anonymous said...

1. Tem-po-ra-reeee, Baby! Look at the bumps on your road, deal with 'em and move on. (I've done it. It's worth the ride!)
2. Congrats!!
3. The blue waters of the Atlantic do not change the black stereotypes -- that we often perpetuate :-(
7. Y'all it is.
11. Just finished a post about that madness

Jameil said...

1) Indeed.
2) Yay! But... I'm scared of what *dougies really hard for 5 secs* looks like!!!
4) I can't pretend I'm excited when I know I likely won't take advantage.
5) Love fall fashion but sept. mags scare me!!!
6) blech. not a fan.
7) ma'am. were you missing on contraction day???
10) share the wealth!!
11) i don't get it. to echo k rock, why do we need to know who children's show characters are sleeping with? and can't two guys who are together a lot ACTUALLY be friends? sounds like fake controversy tho.

Nexgrl said...

1. A happy medium is all you need
to get by. You probably need
to remind yourself daily/weekly
of your resolve to ride it out.
2. I hope this is a better fit for
3. Since I rarely watch the news,
I found out about the riots a
little late.
4. I just got a glimpse of the
advertisement for this
collection. I hope that it
isn't a disappointment.
5. I don't look forward to the
Fall/Indian Summer. I usually
wish for an air conditioner
during that short time span.
8. I noticed the absence of current posts.
9. Have you tried putting Chi
Straight Styling Cream on
you blow dry. Have you tried
roller sets. These are things
I did in between touch-ups in
the past.
10. I always have trouble remembering to use my gift cards. I've had one in my purse for two weeks now.
11. I have no explaination for this mess.

Anonymous said...

6. I'm definitely going to start watching True Blood. Hubs and I have it queued up on Netflix.

7. I'm still using YA'LL! *LOL* I was an English major in college, so I should know better, but I like YA'LL!!

11. Ugh! Total agreement with you, K and J. Leave them characters alone!!!

P.S. I love this... said...

1. You grow girl!

2. Congrats!! Is this program in your area or are you moving?

4. Can't wait.. hope it's not a disappointment but from what I saw.. I think it's gonna be a great collabo.. like Jay Z and Kanye.

5. I have the September Glamour and the looks are great classics.. no more of that 80's crap. Thank goodness!

6. AGREED!! That is all..

9. Try the Dominican salons for a doubie. That hair will be "swangin'"!

10. That would be great. *cues Fat Joe's "Make It Rain*"

11. Is this serious?? I hadn't heard about it and refuse to Google it. I mean I know they make fun of them on Family Guy but that's as far as it should go. K.Rock said it best!

Monique said...

1. Speak positive things and positive things will happen.
2. Congrats on schol! Awesome news
3. the london riots are mindblowing and sad. Just like the Oslo situation was a huge shocker.
5. I love fall too. *sigh*
6. TB is the cat's tuxedo LOL
9. Stay away from the heat. You can do it. I think bantu knots would be good. It's basically a curly 'do anyway.
11. See, this goes back to something I was talking about the other day. Society is forcing children to have to grow up too fast. If Bert and Ernie are really gay, we never knew. Stop stealing the innocence of children with foolishness.

Jameil said...

9. I forgot to say do whatever you want with your hair. As long as it's done, I really think you should be okay. I'm sure someone considers that reckless but I'm firmly in the camp of my hair is not your problem esp. if I'm doing my job correctly. But I am decidedly not a corporate Am. person.

Ladynay said...

Good luck on riding the job out and on grad school. I am alllll about progression!

I love fall, but not for the fashion :)

Never seen "ya'll" before. May start using it just because, LOL!

*trying to remember what else you stated without rereading*

Oh my favorite SS muppet is Elmo and the scientist and his buddy.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K. Rock
1.Okay you said it first LOL! To be honest ever since I said this it's gotten easier.
5. The summer sales get me too!! Building a fall wardrobe this season is easy. The classics are back! Just look and find out which colors you like best and buy you a few key pieces in those colors. Ex. Blouse, sweater, blazer and if you like slacks. Definitely accessories and/or shoes. I saw a pair of wine boots that are a MUST have for fall.
6.I understand that. Netflix it.
7. And I know this I just like the way ya'll looks! It's more country sounding Yaaaa’ll
9. Well a part of the HHJ is limited heat or no heat. I don't really blow dry much either. That’s direct heat and indirect heat is recommended.
11 “Who you choose to sleep with has no place on a children’s TV show.” EXACTLY!!!!!!!

1“Tem-po-ra-reeee, Baby! Look at the bumps on your road, deal with 'em and move on.”<<<I like that!! Thanks!!
2. Thank you!
3. True! True!
7. LOL!
11. I'll stop by and read…

1. LOL!
2. It's an intense exaggeration of all the moves done really fast! :)
4. Just be happy for me and my BIKE!!!!!!!!!! *grins*
5.Whaa? I'm shocked I figured you would LOVE the mags.
6. Really blech?? Okay. *cackles*
7. Nope I like the more country sounding Yaaaa’ll
10. Sharing is caring!
11. It may be fake controversy but you know how the media can get a hold to a story and make it big.

1.So true! I will continue to say it until January gets here!
2. Well at the very least it’s something I’m interested in studying.
3. I watch the morning news because the freeway I commute on is a DISASTER! Oh yeah and Twitter keeps me informed for sure!
4. All I really care about is the BIKE!!!!!!!! LOL!!
5. I love the Fall/Indian Summer. It’s the BEST time of year!!
8. Thanks for checking it out! I’ll have some current updates soon!
9. I have not tried roller sets. But it’s something I’m looking into. I rarely blow dry.
10. Girl!! You better get those thangs out and get to using them!! I LOVE gift cards!
11.It’s just ridiculous!

6. I hope you enjoy True Blood. I would enjoy your comments about it I'm sure LOL!
7.I'm still using YA'LL! *LOL* I was an English major in college, so I should know better, but I like YA'LL!!” <<<<<<<THIS! That’s ALL I’m saying! LOLOL! Me too!
11. Exactly! An unnecessary issue!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. I love this...
1. Looking back I’m just like really?? That much distress?? *shakes head at self* This economy has me tripping!
2. Thanks!! No it’s here in Cali. I will probably move if I don’t get into Stanford or CAL for my PhD.
4. “I think it's gonna be a great collabo..like Jay Z and Kanye.” <<<EXACTLY but like I’ve mentioned earlier all I want is my bike!!
5. Yes! I read Lucky this weekend and the classics are back. LOVE IT!
6. LOL!
9.A doubie?? If that's heat umm can't* goes to Google*
10. *cues Fat Joe's "Make It Rain*"<< THIS! LOLOLOLOL!
11.Yeah unfortunately they are talking about it on the radio and news. SMH!

1. So true!
2. Thank you!
3. It is shocking! All this police brutality and civil unrest is just….
5. YAS!! Fall is the BEST!
6. Wait! the cat's tuxedo Bwhahahahaha! But I agree!
9. Girl I'm trying so hard to stay away from the heat!
11. But how could a pair of Muppets be gay?? Something so innocent..I mean dudes have been roomates for years and NOT been gay.It’s just so dumb! But I agree with you children are exposed to too much too soon.

9. Yeah in the big scheme of things it shouldn’t matter… but it does. In this unstable work climate I don’t want to rock the boat. Good news is I won’t be in this environment forever though. Yay!

I remember you mentioning why you like fall LOL!

Ya’ll is where it’s at!

*trying to remember what else you stated without rereading* <<I do this all the time.! I'm always forced to go back and read! LOL!

Elmo is adorable! I wanted a Tickle me Elmo until I actually saw it in action and umm no thank you LOL!