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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Movie Club Meet-Up "The Fighter"

Hey Movie clubbers:

It's that time. Let's review March's movie "The Fighter"

What did you think???????

Please make suggestions for our next film up for review in April. Thanks!


GorgeousPuddin said...

The Fighter

I was really impressed with Christian Bale’s acting. He deserved his Academy Award for his real life interpretation of Dickie Eklund. He really was this man! And he really looked like he was on crack!

I was saddened that Dickie and the mother were such selfish, trifling users! Did the mother (Melissa Leo) win an Oscar too? I think she did. Yeah she did! It was deserved she did a good job in that role.

When the police hit Mickey Ward’s hand on purpose I went off yelling at the screen. See...that’s exactly why Pub.lic Ene.my made F the police...Trying to ruin his career. It was crazy how all the odds were against Mickey.

Woo child!! all those sisters...I was cracking up the entire movie at them and their attire. Where did they find these chicks??? They were perfect! They only thing missing from this movie was the trailer park! LOL! It was sad they were such enablers for Dickie.

Z from P.S. I Love This... and I discussed the fight scene. I felt it was too many of them sisters for the one sister to get her butt whooped like that. P.S. said her aunt said "if somebody is ballsy enough to come to your house, you better whup them good!" LOLOL! I agreed! And ole girl (Amy Adams) got with them! It was interesting to see Amy in this gritty role.

I must see the Crack in America documentary! MUST!!!! Side bar: crack heads irk me!

I was amazed that Dickie didn’t know they were making a documentary about the pitfalls of crack usage.

It was also interesting to see the ravages of crack usage from another race's perspective.

I’m glad the brother was able to have a boxing career. I have never heard of him or his brother before this film.

The real Sugar Ray Leonard made cameo...okay.

People’s lives can be sooooooooo interesting.

Oh yeah, Mark Wahlberg's body is the truth. That's a sexy yt boy to me.

Overall this was a pretty good film. I try to see all the films nominated for awards, so I would have gotten around to seeing this.
I was compelled to watch it when they showed the fight scene in the previews. I personally love a good fight scene. But that’s just me!

Jameil said...

I thought Melissa Leo was GREAT! Rashan said Christian's crackhead wasn't nearly as convincing as Samuel L's. LOLOL! The sisters stole the show! But yeah, there was no reason for that girl to get beat up like that with all of them around! All talk! Amy went in! She had her trife moments, too but I mostly liked her character. What serious crackhead do you know who isn't that delusional? Who's lucid enough to NOT think it's a film about his comeback even after they told him the truth?? Crack is wack man. Crack is wack.

Reggie said...

I actually saw The Fighter last night. I was thoroughly impressed with Christian Bale and Mark Walbergs portrayals and Melissa Leo's work as well. Christian Bale's crackhead was impressive. He did more than just pretend to be a crackhead. He had to see some real life crackheads to pull that one off.

It was interesting for me because I clearly remember Irish Mickey Ward. He was a gutsy fighter and he fought with the intent of giving a beating and taking one as well.

It was excellent.

GorgeousPuddin said...

After reading Melissa Leo's bio I realized she WAS great!

Rashan's a nut! LOL! But truth is Sam's protrayal of a crackhead will NEVER be matched!!

Girl the sister's!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! How you gon talk all THAT mess and get handed your hat???? I DIED!!!

Yeah Amy was good. Her character had some selfish moments but none compared to the family.

I guess I don't know any serious crackheads LOLOLOL! Agreed Crack is Wack!

Yes all of their portrayals were well acted. I didn't know who Melissa Leo was until I read her body of work and was further impressed by her! I love when good acting get recognized with well deserved reward. They earned theirs!

The crack scenes were very convincing. I agree he did his research.

I'm interested in seeing some real life footage of both fighters in their prime...Not quite excellent to me, but very very good!

K. Rock said...

I too was thoroughly impressed with Bale. He is such a great actor and I thought his portrayal of a crackhead was good (even though I dont know any crackheads for comparison purposes).

I was kind of disappointed that Marky Mark went back to Dickey after he got out of jail but i guess it was a good thing he did. I could only imagine what it is like to have a destructive family and want to get away from them but at the same time still have love for them.

Overall I thought the movie was good but I had to close my eyes at some of the boxing scenes (I am a bit squemish).

It was good to get a peek at the real guys at the end of the movie.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
Seeing the real guys at the end is what really confirmed for me that Christian Bale got it! He was that man. It was amaze!

At first I was mad Mickey(LOL@ Markie Mark) went back to having his brother as his trainer but as co-dependency goes I guess he needed him in a way.

I can't lie I always cover my eyes at most things violent...then peek. lol

It was good the girlfriend was there to look out for him and not let him be so taken advantage of by his family.

You preaching to the choir about the destructive family. I know how that mess is!

P.S. I love this... said...

I'm so glad this movie was suggested because honestly it wasn't on my radar.

Christian Bale was excellent in his role as Dickey. I was saddened by his delusional "comeback" and the grandeur of knocking Sugar Ray down. The whole first half of the movie I was like would he shut up about his comeback. However, many people get caught up in what they did and living that victory over and over instead of creating new victories. I guess for him as a crackhead that was his escape to a shining moment in his life.

For a crackhead I was quite impressed at how he DROPPED those cops when they were giving chase. He is still good with his hands.

I too was yelling at the screen when those cops broke Mikey's hand.. MuhF*ckers!!

Anywhoo.. I loved Mark Wahlberg's character.. I was so touched in the scene when Dickey and Mikey were sparring... Dickey went down.. and their mother was yelling at Mikey and he said to her, "I thought you were my mother too!". BAWLING!! She had a lightbulb moment.

I loved Amy's character for the sheer reason that she was the catalyst for Mikey doing him and not letting his family take advantage of him and stunt his growth.

Everyone needs an "Amy" in their life.

Overall, great movie.. earned it's well deserved Oscar wins.

My suggestion for April's film.... what for it.... what for it....

CLAUDINE!!!! *Dies from laughter*

GorgeousPuddin said...


He did focus a lot on his comeback and that was very sad. I wonder what Sugar Ray thought about it. It was interesting to see the two sides to every story concept.

Yeah Dickie got with those cops! It makes me think in terms of race...what he got away with a brotha woulda got shot over. Ooo when they hit Mickey's hand I almost lost it!!!! LOL!

I was trippin over how much the mother was so into Dickie even when he was no longer the focus it was still all about him! Such a tragic enabling relationship. They all contributed to his delusions...it was very sad

Amy was down for her man! I liked that. Mickey's family was just so wrong. You are correct! He needed his Amy. Adding to the concept behind a good man is a good woman.

Great movie!

psilovethis said...

Girl BYE!!! Yes, they would have shredded a black man with bullets. smh

Don said...

I've never heard of this film, but after reading your review I will definitely check it out down the line.

Good stuff, GP.

Reggie said...

Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti fought three brutal fights about a decade ago. If you could find them online and watch them; anyone of them would sum up his career.

He was tough.......and he was definitely a bleeder. Whenever he fought it always looked like someone through red paint on the floor of the ring. He and I are actually around the same age, but he looks ten years older than me. He's lived a hard life.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Gorgeous- You pretty much summed up my thoughts. But I will say....
I too was really impressed with Christian Bale. I really like him and Mark Wahlberg a lot! I think they're both great actors!
I really liked Amy Adams in that movie, I thought she did a great job. I think she is a really versitle actress! I love how she stood up to his family in the movie, especially all those sisters!

I think if it hadn't been for the particular actors cast in this movie, it normally wouldn't have been an appealing movie to me. It defintely is interesting to see famous or even not so famous people's life story unfold and to also see the family dynamic and things you wouldn't ordinarily know about someone.
Overall, I think it was a really good movie. My fiance liked it a lot as well. Great first choice for out movie club!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I know, I know but I still had to say it.

Hey dude!!! Yeah check it out. It was good. Join us for this month!

Thanks! I"ll look for the fights...but they sound a little too brutal for me. I'll just watch a couple min. to get an idea. Yeah you can tell they're life was HARD!!

I think you have to write your review from your perspective before you read what anyone else writes. Every thought is a contribution. That's how I comment on blogs. I just read the post and comment then read what others say lol

The sisters fight scene was too funny! They talked so much mess I hollered when Amy got with them. It truly was superb acting by all in this film.