Gorgeous Ponderings...

Thursday, January 6, 2011


1. Every year I have a dilemma when it comes to choosing a calendar. I don’t like paying for calendars at all. And I really don't know why. Maybe it's because someone always gave me a calendar at the beginning of the year. But now the free or cheap calendars SUCK! And the really good calendars cost more than I want to pay. So what’s a girl to do??

2. I cracked my big toenail! It hurt so much, but I refuse to let it go. I would have to walk around with a bald toe. Too vain for that! Thank God it’s boot season! My first solution  to secure it in place was a band-aid but that didn’t work. Then I tried regular tape but each time I showered it would get looser and looser and jeopardized me losing the nail, but then I found this great youtube video on a blog and dude this works! My toenail is secure to grow out without coming off. Check it out! It works for nails too!

3.The Peoples Choice Awards were hosted by Que.en La.tifah. Question?? Why does Que.en Lati.fah keep singing????? She can’t sing to me. I hate her voice and I want her to STOP! However, I like her acting and can’t hate on her rise to fame. Also, she looked a mess in the pink dress she wore last night.A MESS!

4. The Kar.dash.ians. I’ve already admitted to secretly watching the show. They are my guilty pleasure. But Umm do they have to have so many shows?? Kourtney and Khloe in Miami. Kourtney and Kim in New York and now Khloe and Lamar are doing their own show! It’s too much but I’m still going to watch. LOL!

5. I boycott movies until they come on HBO. Then I watch them. Am I a hypocrite??

6. The weirdest things bring me joy! I was watching an old episode of CSI Miami and when Horatio Cane rolled up his sleeves to kick a child molester’s azz at the end of the show. It gave me LIFE!!!

7. My favorite kid cereals do not taste the same! In an effort to make all things sugary more healthy they (da man) are killing my cereals. Honeycomb just doesn’t taste the same Booooo! And what happened to Alphabets????

8. I can’t believe it took me this long to get on Twit.ter. I like Tweeting! LOL! I do need to figure out some stuff to tweet about though. I already see what people are talking about. I’m only following a few people and I’m ready to unfollow them.

9. I think a real problem has developed with my spelling. I’m starting to replace words that sound the same more often. I don’t like this! It makes me feel look dumb. O_o

10. Here they go with those dang devil movies again!! Really?? Again?? It's called The Rite and the previews are scaring me! BOOOOOO!

11. I decided to do a 21 day fast from Co.ke, guess what I got in the mail?? A coupon for a free 12 pack of Co.ke! LOLOLOLOL! O_o

12. I haven’t Seen or Heard anything really funny okay I have but it would  be too mean to put here well except Jameil writing I should stop guzzling C.oke like the secret of life is at the bottom of the bottle. That was funny to me!


Jameil said...

1) Lol. I hate paying for calendars, too. I now get a planner and a plain giant wall/desk calendar.
2) Ew.
3) I have no opinion on this matter.
4) Mess.
5) LOLOL. I do the same.
6) You are such a nut!
7) I wasn't allowed to eat that stuff unless my dad was buying w/o my mom around which was far too infrequent for my taste so I have no idea what you're talking about.
8) Yeah you're wack for that. I'm coming up on my 3 year twitterversary. Some people are soooo annoying!! Mainly holy ghost pumpkins.
9) I blame the internet. It's done it to me, too but not as bad as your issue... *snicker*
10) No clue what you're talking about.
11) LOLOL! Just send it to me. You know you don't need that!
12) Get it together!!!

Reggie said...

I'm cheap, I'll take whatever calendar someone gives me.

I haven't had an entire Coke in a few years.....now you've got it on my mind.

While I avoid the Kardashians, I acknowledge that Kim has a really nice centaur-esque ass.

Trish said...

1. I got a free calendar from my coworker and noticed that the 25th is "National Envelope Stuffing Day."

2. I cracked my toenail too but since it's still warm, I got acrylic on the toe, it is not a good feeling.

3.I don't think she can sing either

4. I watch the Kardashian's too but I hate how they do their mom.

5. I hate that HBO is the only channel I have and all the good movies are always playing on other channels.

6. Wow..that is kind of weird! Lol!

7. I still eat both Fruity Pebbles and Trix

8. I don't need twitter, I'm bad enough trying to come up with interesting blog posts.

10. I hate when I type a word and it looks wrong but it is the simplest word.

11. I'm trying to leave the pop alone too, I haven't had any all year! Like six days in is a huge triumph! You can defeat the coke!

12. Lol @ Jameil's comment!

K. Rock said...

1. I always seem to get one free. But even if I didn't, I would never buy one.
2.One time a bench fell on my big toe. They had to drill a hole in the middle to relieve the pressure and eventually the whole thing came off. I had a WHOLE bi toenail and I kept it for a long time. It was polished and everything
5. Nope. I dont watch anything until it comes on Netflix.
8. I haven't gotten into it yet.
11. Ha!! DOnt fall for it!
12. She's crazy.

Ladynay said...

I've never paid for a calender. If what I get sucks...oh well! LOL

Kim and them keep making shows cuz people keep watching. Simple.

Ouch@big toe!

ROFL@getting a coupon right at the time of Cola fasting!

AR Gal said...

1. But, but....it's just a calendar. LOL

2. That's a neat trick. I'm totally hating on that chicks nails in the tutorial. So pretty and healthy!

3. When did the award show come on? LOL

8. "I do need to figure out some stuff to tweet about though." Bwahahahahahahahahaha

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. I wait until they are half price. Would never pay full price. You can sometimes get a free one from Vista print. You have to pay shipping though. I did that last year, you can use photos or what they have and you can personalize it like put b-days/dates on it.

2. I may have to try that I have a split nail on my finger that will not grow right anymore! Have you tried Shellac though? Love it! It is polish that stays on for at least 2 weeks, will NOT chip!

3. I watch the Kardashians everynow & then. I am curious about Khloe & Lamar's show.

7. I wasn't allowed to have sugary cereals as a kid so I do like them every now & then. They are trying to make them all healthier now though. It would surprise you actually if compare the sugar on some those with like granolas or Kashi cereals.

8. Still not on Twitter. I'm not sure I want to go there. I don't have a smartphone though either. I'm already online too much!

11. I had a bad day today eating wise, and I broke down & had some Coke which is a total NO NO on the diet I'm doing. I was good though I had only part of one of those mini cans.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I've always had a job that let's us order calendars. I always order one for my desk and a day planner. Usually the day planner just sits in my desk or on my dresser at home. I hardly ever use it. That's why I would never waste my money on buying calendars. If I need to know a date or write something down, I just use my phone. Plus I can set a reminder on my phone's calendar.

I watch the Kardashians too. They are my guilty pleasure.

Twitter is the bomb.com Yes some people are annoying all of the time. I don't follow those people. And the rest of the people are just annoying some of the time. Someone is bound to annoyed you. It's twitter with over a million people signed up so it's not surprising someone will work your nerves from time to time. Are you tweeting from the web (twitter.com)? If so, the web version sucks! Download tweetdeck to your computer. It's so much better than the web. I also tweet from my phone. You can download an app to your phone too.

Monique said...

you know, there are coke addict support groups. LOL

I love the Kardashians, for whatever reason but i can do without all the freaking shows.

What's your name on Twitter? It's kind of a hit or miss thing. It all comes down to who you follow. And you are by no means obligated to say something everyday. Sometimes I just sit back and read.

P.S. I love this... said...

1. I just use the one on my phone. But I do like calendars with pics of puppies.

2. Ouch! You could have Krazy Glued it.. that's what they do at the nail salon.

3. I don't watch award shows, such a snooze fest. If I keep hearing buzz about a particular performance, I YouTube it.

4. I just watch with on mute.. I like to see what they are wearing.

5. Speaking of HBO, when does True Blood come back on?

6. Molesters should always get their asses kicked.

7. My fav kids' cereeal is Captain Crunch! Still tastes the same.. actually I used to think I was gonna lose a tooth when I was younger eating it. lol

8. Still not on Twitter, I don't think I would have that much to say. FB..ugh, I just can't.

10. I wanna see The Rite. It does look scary though.

11. Murphy's Law. Boo! Is that coupon good for Coke Zero? I LOVE that stuff!! =)

12. That was funny!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. I have a big white one too I use it to keep track of fitness. But for my room I like a nice calendar w/ pics.
2. Stop it!
3. Okay
4. Not!
5. We're both hypocrites LOL!
6. I know! LOL!
7. OMG!! You missed the sugary deliciousness??
8. I accept my wackness LOL! I like it now.
9. Hmmm Yes I'll blame the internet. Wait my issue?? So it's worse than others??? Whatchootryintosay?
10. The previews for the devil genre of horror films BOOOOOO!
11. Girl the countdown is on until the day I can use it 10,9...
12. I am! I am!

I can't! Looking at an ugly calendar everyday for a year hurts my eyes! LOL!

Mmmmm COKE so good yummy!

Bwhahahahahaha! @centaur-esque ass
Stop It!!

1. What the heck type of calendar was that? See the wacky calendars I can't!
2. I heard the acrylic hinders growth and makes it grow back janky.
3.Thank you!
4. OMG! Yes a different type of family for sure. I would get slapped 10 different ways!
5.I completely agree!
7. Hate Trix love the Cocoa Pebbles. I thinks me no likey the fruity.
8. I felt the same way, but I'm hooked now!
9.It's SO annoying!
11. You can do it!
12. She's a NUT!!

1. Never??
2.That sounded horrible!!! You made my big toe throb! Poor you!!
5. Yay! team Netflix!!
8. You should get into it. I know your tweets would be a riot!!
11. I know right?? Crazy set up.
12. SMH!

1. Whaaat?? completely unacceptable I can't look at something I hate that long.
2. Yep OUCH!
11. Some kind of ole crazy set up!

@AR Gal
1. I know why so serious? But it is! LOL!
2. It really is. I can't hate. Mine look good too I used her tricks! LOL!
8. I'm on a roll now! LOL!

to be cont'd

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. That sounds like a good idea. Thanks!
2.Ouch! does it hurt?? I've never heard of Shellac but I'm on it! Thanks!
3.Khloe and Lamar's show will be entertaining because SHE is crazy!!!
7. I know the healthy ones have a lot of sugar! If you weren't allowed then you can eat it as dessert like we're supposed to as adults. *smile*
8. I hate I'm all late to the party! LOL!
11. Dust yourself off and get back with it!! You can do it. Only half a mini can??? Girl you're doing GOOD!!I plan to get those mini cans after my free coupon if I can drink that on the weekend I'll be doing good.
1. I use to do that at work but I really like a pretty calendar for my wall in my room. It feels weird not to be able jump up and look at the calendar or write private stuff on it! LOL! I don't keep my crackberry around me enough.
4.Yep a guilty pleasure! I agree!
8.Girl you jumped all high tech on me I'm just easing in so yep the computer version. I saw that app. I'm downloading soon. But the rest is baby steps!

11.Really?? Bwhahahahahahaha! Can you picture us... My name is GP I'm addicted to Coke classic.
4.Yaay Team Kardashian!
8.@Gorgeous_Puddin Yeah reading is fun!

1. pics of puppies?? LOL! Awww!
2. It was broken to low. The glue would've been in my skin
3. I was bored but I like too see what people are wearing.
4. They are funny to me, and I like to see the clothes too!!!! twin
5. Sometime in the summer. June I think.
6. EXACTLY!!!!!!
7. I like Peanut Butter crunch isn't the hardest ceral ever???? LOL!
8. I think you would.
10. I'm to scary.
11. Oh noo I don't do zero or diet. That's why it's such a problem.
12. It was and I wish the secret was in the bottle. LOL!

kisz4tj said...

I loathe cheap calendars...it shouldn't be that serious, it's. They're the days of the year...right? RIGHT? hmph

I love the Kardashians...shhhh

I LOVE honeycombs...haven't had that in ages. I don't see it on the shelves. Dr. Oz says 4g of sugar or less...boo hiss. The 11g's or more taste so gooood.

I refuse to tweet...I don't even know what it looks like. Refuse.

Satan lives and breathes in the entertainment industry. They're box office killers.

LOL @ coke coupon!