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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If at first you don't succeed...GOALS 12 - 2010 Update/WRAP UP!

As 2010 comes to a close here is my late wrap-up of my goals for the month of Dec.

1. Exercise 3 days per week. Which includes walking 4 miles on Saturday 4x this month, using the Total Gym 2x per week. And I'm starting the 100 push up challenge/squat, I read about on Nerd Girl's blog
Hmmm Let's see I was fired up at the beginning of the month. It was very cold and rainy so I did a bit of treadmill walking instead of walking the trail about 2 days per week. I started the push-up challenge and promptly stopped. LOL! to be con'td in January.

2. Spend more time in prayer and continue to look for a church, and visit churches!
I went to the most amazing revival for 3 nights. The minister was a really anointed/gifted speaker. It was wonderful and just what I needed for my soul.  I had a wonderful time in the Lord the first night. I let myself be distracted the 2nd night because my old church came. Hmph!! I was vexed! But the 3rd night was back on point for me. Just a blessing! I miss going to church regularly so much! However, being amongst my old church members reconfirmed THAT IS NOT THE CHURCH FOR ME! I hate those people! Pray for me! I really have to get this church thing together. I prayed a few times, but I  clearly need to pray much more. How you gon be hatin church folks?? LOL!  I feel like such a holy ghost pumpkin!

3. Keep applying for jobs with better pay.
I have applied for some really good paying jobs. With this economy the competition is fierce! I recently took a test for a county job with nice pay. There were about 90 people at this test! I passed the test and received a letter for the interview on 12/29. Hmm how should I say this the interview was interesting. It was a panel interview with about 5 very bored with life individuals. Maybe due too the many interviews that day! The creator of the test let's call him L.A.M (little asian man) was a part of the interview. He said I had an interesting view on management. I said Thank you. Somehow I don't think it was a compliment. Anywhooooo I put my best foot forward. I was confident I was nervous as heck and I was understated fly . We shall see. But, I am more optimistic. If it's not this position then God must have something super amazing in store for me!

4. Cook and eat healthy meals more days per week, cutting out fast food and high sodium meals.
I ate fast food four times. Almost five, but the food was old at W.endy's so I returned it and got my money back. I did eat a salad at Jack's.Box.  O_o So does that count as three times?? It was the holidays pish posh on the sodium I cooked and it was good!

5. Ooops!!! O_o Bwhahahaha! Thanks Jameil!

6. Continue to be frugal with my spending and use coupons when shopping for everything.
I did shop sales and all the online shopping I did included percentages off with free shipping! SCORE!

7. Drink 64 oz of water a day, and cut back on C.oke.
What do you think??? LOLOL! I did include water most days of the week. There were four (yes four) 2 liters consumed by the end of December.

8. Re-line cabinets and drawers in kitchen. Get rid of old storage containers. Rearrange pots and pans. Buy new flatware. Clean oven.
Oven cleaned!! I received new cookware for Christmas so the rearranging continues. I still have not purchased the new flatware I wanted these from Target but the reviews are so horrible. I have some smoke black glasses, and these fab plates and that flatware would go just nicely.

9. Go to the library and check out a book and read it!
I passed the library six times and did not want to go in. O_o! I did start re-reading The Purpose Driven Life.

10. Take pictures of my shoes and tape to shoe boxes and/or purchase clear see through shoe boxes.
Many of my shoes are back in the boxes and neatly arranged on the floor. I still need to take the pictures which is why the boxes are on the floor and not in the closet on the shelf. The clear boxes still need to be purchased for the shoes with damaged boxes. I forgot Christmas was coming when I added this goal I used the money to buy gifts.

11. Color coordinate my closet.
Nope not done.  I Really need this to happen!

12. Buy storage bins for misc. items in bags in storage area.
Nope not done.


Jameil said...

1) You can do it!!
2) Church people can be really hateful. Just find the church for you!
3) I can't wait to hear where you end up!
4) 3xs. Fast food is fast food.
5) Where are you???
6) Alright! I love a good coupon!
7) I decided I'd drink an equal amt. of water for every other beverage I drank per day. Maybe that will help you stop guzzling coke like within those bottles lies the answer to life!!!!!!
8) Bad reviews? Leave them in the store. Not worth it.
9) You are so wack for that.
10) I like seeing my shoes lined in my closet but it's not exactly effective when it comes to space.
11) If you fly me out I WILL DO THIS FOR YOU!! LOLOL. But I'm serious though. I loooove organizing closets! All hangers the same color, facing the same way, arranged by item and then color.
12) I have a $50 Container Store gift card and don't know what to do with it...

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Can I just say you made me laugh reading a few of your goals?! lol

The best thing about messing up is there is always tomorrow to correct it as long as you don't constantly mess up. So get back on that horse! You can do it!

I realized I drink way more water out of the bottle instead out of the cup. I take a bottle of water to work everyday and I fill the bottle up every time I finish. On an average day, I drink 64 oz a day. That's about 4 bottles. Another tip is drink some as soon as you wake up. I can now drink a full bottle before I leave the house to head to work. I'm proud of my water intake because just 3 months ago, I was probably only drinking 3 bottles of water a week.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.O le do it!
2. true dat! I'm looking
3. Girl you and me both! *smile*
4. Yeah yeah! but it was a salad.
5. I don't know??? I hate the number 5 today! Ooops LOLOLOL!
6. Me too!!!!
7. Oh Gawd!! but thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. too funny@guzzling coke like within those bottles lies the answer to life!!!!!!
You didn't know?? It is!
8. I know your right, I just want them. *sad face*
9. It was cold!! LOL!
10. It looks so neat! LOVE IT!
11. Man!
12. Are you taunting me Lucky?? LOL!

January is my fresh start! LOL! Thanks for the suggestions. I will try drinking more in the morning.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. You'll get these things done. Get into the library. I belong to several libraries actually. I recently read the sequel to Waiting to Exhale. It was great. And now I'm reading The Help, I highly recommend it!
Good luck with these goals and your new ones. :)

GorgeousPuddin said...

I belong to two libraries. Now I have a reason to go. I wanted to read the sequel to WtoE. I'll see about The Help also. Thanks for the suggestions! Seems like a lot of goals huh? LOL!

Reggie said...

It would seem that you have a few challenges ahead of you.

Fortunately though some of those challenges are rather enjoyable. I love to read, I read about three books a month and the exercise thing can be fun too. Over the last couple of years I've trimmed about 30 pounds through diet and exercise and kept it off. I look forward to going on the long walks I regularly take.

Good luck.