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Thursday, December 2, 2010


1.I use to be the last to arrive to the movie theater all the time. I would arrive after the 15 min previews. Missing the first 5 through 10 min. of the movie There are several popular films that I’ve just now seen the beginning to. Weird! I know LOL!

2 From the makers of COPS. Have you seen the TV show JAIL???????? OMG its hilarious. They had this drunk lady in a straight jacket strapped to a chair like Hannibal Lechter. She hollers out ya’ll got me all strapped down like I’m gon do something. I JUUUUST NEED A DRANK! I died!

3.It’s recently been brought to my attention that latecomers other bloggers whose blogs I lurve to read are realizing Idris Elba’s chocolaty goodness and talent. I’ve been a STAN since The Wire. I love him and if I could give him babies I would. LOL! I really would!

4.I really enjoy saying Really?? REALLY? Yep I like it. I especially like saying it loudly too someone who has said something really dumb! LOL! REALLY?!?

5.I’ve decided I want a fabulous new coat this winter. I haven’t bought a new coat in 2 years. It really makes no difference I counted I have 8 winter coats. But I think I want a camel or gray coat or some kind of weird pattern.

6.It’s finally cold enough to legitimately drink hot chocolate and hot apple cider Mmmmmmm!

7.Okay so my license plates were stolen. I got them replaced and I put one in my back window until I buy new plate holders. I got pulled over by the police because the cop said she couldn’t find the plate in the system. 2 questions and a statement.
a. first off I just pulled away from the curb. Why are you running my plate???
b. Did your partner really need to get out of the car?? I’m looking for the police report to show you MY LICENSE PLATES WERE STOLEN!
c.Thanks for letting me go once I proved I wasn’t the thief!

8.I was truly BORED out of my mind today so I took a quiz to determine if I am a Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Can you guess which one I am? I'll tell you in the comments. Please take the quiz here to see what you are.

9. I went to see Harry Potter. It was utterly Amazing!! okay not really but it was good, and I liked it!
I found a Hufflepuff patch in the parking lot SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay not really I'm down with Gryffindor.

10.Scene and Heard : Girl walks by in really short shorts
College boy one: Yells out  I see you girl!!! says to other boy that a** gets an A
Girl turns around smiles.
College boy one: to other boy: But her face grade gets a F and he gives the thumbs down gesture! Bwhahahaha! Just listening to people is Hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I like to say really too. And I say "hello" a whole lot. You know you can say hello for just about anything...

I was on the coat thing myself just the other day. Thinking, I really have no need of one, but I so want a red one. Or a cream and black designed one. But the red, yes, the red.

That scene and heard was complete hilarity!!


K. Rock said...

1. I was late to the theater to see Sixth Sense. I JUST made the tail end of the part where he got shot in the beginning. If I would have missed that part the movie would not have made any sense.
4. I like that too. I also use "oh yeah..."
7. You must have looked up to no good to have the coppers all on your tail like that.

8. I came up as a rock but I am so not the description they gave.
10. Love it!!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. Late to the movies...BOO! I hate to be late to the movies. I went with my fiance, brother & his girlfriend the other night & was getting irritated because they were all lollygaggin and tryin to have a drink first & what not. C'MON. ;)

2. I'll have to check that out. I did catch Celebrity Rehab last night, Frankie, Keyshia Cole's mom is on now. She's a wreck!


7. How annoying. They do that a lot here now. You will see 2 cops pulling someone over. I guess they're SCARED

10. HAHAHA! She was a Monet like they said in Clueless remember? ;)

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Says I'm Paper- mostly accurate.

keyalus said...

3. I don't get all the Idris Elba love. I always trip out when I hear his real British accent though.

5. I like coats like other women like shoes. I see no problem with having 8 coats. You need different coats for different occasions/outfits!

6. I don't do hot drinks. Coffee, tea, chocolate, cider. Nada. I drink because I'm thirsty. If I have to sip and blow that is too much work.

8. I'm scissors. Based on the description they gave, I'm a little scared of myself.

GorgeousPuddin said...

4.I say hello sometimes too! I also say Whaaat! and Okay! Like Lil Jon! LOL!
5.A red coat sounds haute!! I saw two coats by Laundry for Shelli Segal and I'm in total coat lust!
3.Girl Idris!
10.The college kids keep me DYING laughing!

@K Rock
1.I'm crackin up because I missed the begininng of Sixth Sense. I didn't know he got shot!!!! until they replayed it later and I was BLOWN away. I said he's been dead this WHOLE time Whaaat??????????? LOLOOLOLOLOL! When I Finally saw the begininng I was like OH??!! I've been hooked on M. Night ever since. I've even seen his garbage movies! LOL! and liked them LOL!
4.Oh Yeah?? lol
7. Maybe I did maybe I didn't LOL!
8. I'm scissors and it was pretty accurate. You could destroy me! LOL!
10. I know, right!?

1. Completely a thing of the past! I HATE being late now. It's too much stress and I don't like missing the begininng. I totally feel you! I have the nerve to get mad when people make me late for the movies now o_O. What did you go see?
2. I'm going to catch up on CR this weekend! I saw a little bit with Janice Dickerson she's a nut!
3. Exactly!
7. Yeah it's crazy right now. What was odd, I didn't get pulled over none when I had NO plates but my first full day of driving with plates?? Get outta here.
10. Yep! Bwhahahahahahaha!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Uh oh! I'm scissors lol!

3. That man is FINE!!! and his accent OMG!!
5. Finally somebody who gets me!!!
6. Okay I get that. Ahh but a cup of hot chocolate warms my soul!! LOL!
8. me too! I said the same thing. I go hard like scissors? Dang!

Nexgrl said...

I took the test and I'm paper. I didn't read the description though.

I don't go to the movies often. When I do go, I time it so that I miss the trailers. I hate trailers.

I have seen the jail show. I especially enjoy the Las Vegas lockups.

I've also been a fan since the Wire.

I want a new coat often, but my taste and pocket book aren't in sync.

I love hot chocolate, especially the Williams Sonoma shaved chocolate.

Obviously, it was a slow day for the cops who stopped you.

AR Gal said...

1. I can't stand being late to the movies but I also can't stand sitting through all those previews either.

2. Sounds like my kinda show! What network does it come on?

3. I don't know about birthin' no babies for him but I would help him practice by letting him bust a few.

5. I saw a cute plaid patterned coat at TJ Maxx but honey that thing didn't even look like it could keep my fingernails warm.

6. Mmmmhmmm!

7. Damned if you do, damned if ya don't!

8. Je suis papier!

10. Oo, see...lol

GorgeousPuddin said...


Hmmm Paper interesting!

I love the trailers! I get excited to see what's coming out next.

I was just flipping through the channels and stopped at Jail. Hilarity! I have to see LV.

Yep Idris!

I can understand that.

Oooo that sounds yummy. *off to check out WS website!*

Clearly! but irritating none the less!

@AR Gal
1. I don't get it! I like the previews.
2. I KNEW you would like this!! LOL! It's on SPIKE TV on cable.
3. See I can't!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! you are a nut!
5. Sounds extra cute though!
6. Loves it~
7. For real tho! The haters! Glad I was straight!
8.At first I was like what the?? Then I realized okay this must be French. So you're paper! Interesting!
10. Bwhahahaha! I know. The kids!

Anonymous said...

3) I couldn't focus too much after that picture of my next husband. From the very first second that he stepped on the scream as Stringer Bell, I was a STAN. I cried when he was killed. Ya hear me? CRIED for a damn tv character!! Really? Yup, really. Watched that stupid azz movie Obsessed just because he was in it. *smh* I must really, REALLY love him to be subjected to that nonsense on the big screen. Suffered through The Losers, again, because he was in it. **deep sigh** I'm really gonna need him to pick better film roles. However, Luther is a fantastic show and I'm able to enjoy him and his work. Sorry for the long comment. Did I mention that I love him?

GorgeousPuddin said...

Girrrrrrrl! I LOVE him too! I lost interest in The Wire when he was killed! Grief sticken FOR REAL. He does need better films. I watched Prom Night because he was in it! LOL! Obsessed was whack! but he was in it so I watched that too! LOL! We are STANS!

Anonymous said...

OMG! How could I forget him as the cop in Prom Night? Yep, we are STANS for real, for true! *lol*

Jameil said...

1. Why bother to go???
3. Hursh!
4. Me toooooo!
5. Ditto! I've wanted a camel or cream coat for YEARS. A red one, too!
6. Yuck cider. Yum hot chocolate!
7. I hate cops.
8. Paper.
10. Rashan said you made that up.

Daij said...

about JAIL that was hilarious!

P.S. I love this... said...

1. I like to go to the matinee, during the week, first show. That way I can watch my trailers, which crunching on my nachos without feeling self conscious. Yup, sometimes I'm eating nachos at 9am in the morning. teehee

2. "Jail". I shan't. lol

3. Oh chile!! The way Idris is looking at me in that picture, it's about to be ON and POPPIN'!! I have absolutely adored him since the Wire and have suffered through some horrible films to continue to see him. Obsessed, Prom Night, The Losers, RocknRolla, 28 Weeks Later, The Unborn, This Christmas, American Gangster (that was good), The Reaping, Daddy's Little Girls, The Gospel and The Big C.

Yummmmm, Idris.

4. I say "and then" ALOT. My husband always teases me when I tell a story or talk about anything really.. "And then.."

5. I bought a camel wrap coat.. don't love it.. makes my butt look HUGE! That's what I get for buying online.

6. Love hot chocolate with big marshmellows in it and made with milk. So rich and creamy.

7. Yes, why is he running your plates and you JUST pulled off!

8. I'm Scissors.

9. My daughter wants to go see Harry Potter. I'll pass..

10. Boys..

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Because I love movies and that was usually girls night out.
4.Great minds! LOL!
5.Ooo a cream coat!
6. Cider is great!!
10. Tell Rashan I've been working at JC lately. He would be shocked at the things I see and HEAR. Oh yea STOP HATIN on my post!!!!! LOL!

it so was! *smile*

1.I gotta try the nachos because the popcorn with extra butter had me jacked at 10am LOL! But yes the matinee is what's up!
2. I watched in passing, but it is hilarious!!!
3.And the STAN award goes too... LOL! Some of those I haven't seen.
4. And then I like! !!LOL!
5.Aww dang I hate when that happens!
6.That sounds yummy!
7. Just being some haters. I didn't even notice I pulled in front of them. SMH!
8. ME TOO!!!! LOL!
9. It is an adventure
10. I know right?

Nina said...