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Thursday, September 9, 2010


1.I watched the Sound of Music for the first time on Sunday. Shout out to K Rock! I was enlightened about a few things. I had no idea the “Favorite Things” song came from this movie. The Do Re Me song?? And I fell out that she made the kids some play clothes from those curtains. Wait hold up did that fool just say Hiel Hitler???? What kind of  racist boobaloo am I watching here? And the Baronness, that lying heffa and that snitchin a** Ralph. Romance, intrigue, danger. An overall great movie. Two thumbs up!

2.The Project Runway haters! OMG the cast this season is so on my nerves. Step up your indivivdual game and stop complaining and hating. I hate them right now! I know it makes for good TV but Dang!

3.The previews to the new season of Hoarders scared me like a horror film. I couldn’t watch. The possum in the house, the bugs, people climbing over mountains and mountains of debris. I can’t!!!

4.Do you hate watching a TV show and it ends up being two parts and you don’t know if or when the conclusion is going to be played?? Yeah I hate that too! HOW DOES IT END??????

5.I got a shout out on another blog about Thursday’s Thoughts Awww! Thanks Mommy + Me. I feel so special! I really do! I also got a shout out about a comment I made on another blog. I thought the blogger was about to go in on me, but she didn’t. Would not have been a good idea! She wrote the post and I answered honestly. She said she thought about what I said. I was telling the truth. I can be a bit didactic, but it was said out of sista girl lurve!

6.Last week I was in awe because I saw a colonial woman with her baby wrapped in a Burberry blanket in the movie The Patriot. Well it turns out Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1835. So my eyes weren’t deceiving me!

7. A couple of Thursday’s back I talked about Es.tee La.uder and my new anti-aging regime. Well the end result is my face does not like it or anything new. I broke out and had acne like in my teens! Aargh~! My regular routine is washing with Cetaphil cleanser which was recommend by my dermatologist and moisturizing with Cetaphil moisturizer. I will continue with the EL eye cream. I also invested in a Clarasonic last November and it really does give you a cleaner face. Worth it! So totally worth it! I think I look refreshed. Back to pretty skin!

8.I like Joel Osteen. He is so uplifting and positive! Last Sunday nights sermon was "Have a Good Opinion of Yourself." And during the service he talked about exuding a quiet confidence and saying good things too yourself about you. I’m normally just like that, Positive and Confident. I know how to encourage myself, but lately I’ve had self doubt about my life and certain choices. This sermon got me almost back on track! Thanks Joel! He’s coming to Sacramento CA. November 5. I wanna go, and tickets are $23.30. In the big scheme of things that’s cheap, but I’ve never paid to see a preacher before. I do give offering! I thinks that will be their offering! Yep!

9. I pick new blogs to read based on witty comments by the commenter on other peoples blogs. If the comment makes me laugh out loud or is interesting, I have to check them out. That’s how I found AR Gal and MrsTDJ. So if you see me on a new blog I’m not blog stalking I just liked what I read! LOL! Speaking of stalking my sister had a FB stalker. Everytime she made a comment on someones page the stalker would make one too! Right after her!

10. I can officially say that I was truly disappointed with T.op Ch.ef  last week with Tiffany's departure. I had HIGH hopes a sista gurl was gonna take the title this year. Still mad! Still sad! BOO!
Tom said,"Tiffany had many fans, but I haven’t received too many angry tweets about her elimination." The hell!!!! I guess since it wouldn't have made a difference...? He also said, “I think it was clear to viewers that she was disadvantaged by the inadvertent freezing of her mussels and might not be able to fully compensate for their loss"...her concept just wasn’t as nuanced and sophisticated as the others. Curried fish over rice? Really?" I’ll stop there because he made me MAD with that last comment!!!

11. To.p M.odel premiered last night. I was interested in this show for years! Then I lost interest. I'm interested again!

12. "C.at Ladies" on Animal Planet! Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha! They have life altering????? attachments to their cats! I can't! Please no offense to the furry lovers.


K. Rock said...

1. See!! Better than you thought it was gonna be wasn't it? Folks try to hate on it until they watch it. There is nothing like a chorus of little white kids singing to soothe the soul.
2. I know!! I think it is because the eps are 1.5 hours long now that they have more time to focus on all the drama. I wish they would go back to an hour.
3.OMG! I saw that possum on the commercial and that junk looked disgusting!!
5. It always feels good to get love from other bloggers.
9.FB stalker? Is that what people are doing now?
11. I used to love that show but I haven't watched in quite a few seasons. I may try to get into this new season.

AR Gal said...

1. I love that daggone movie! I am 16 going on 17......*sigh*

2. With the exception of Casanova, none of the other contests do anything for me. That's just personality though. Most of their designs so far have sucked to me.

3. I saw that damn possum in the previews and didn't want to see no mo! I hope to the good Lord above that I never ever ever feel that low that in life.

7. I like Cetaphil. It's not fancy and does it's job.

9. I'm glad you found me so I could find you!!! FB stalking? *side-eye* Where dey do dat at?

10. Kevin over Tiffany? Absolute BS! And now he's in the top 3??!!! iCan't.

11. Top Model used to be my show! I may catch an occasional episode here and there but my obsession with is nowhere near what it used to be.

Bajan Beauty said...

I love Cetaphil too, it's inexpensive and it works, I have yet to try the moisturizer.

I watched the same Joel Olsen show Sunday night!, he is coming to Miami as well. I was considering going but like you I have never paid to see a preacher...I'm still undecided.

Some of those people are not hoarders their just plan nasty...I can understand if you have several collections of stuff that you have accumulated over the years. But not ever taking your trash out, never ever cleaning your house and allowing pet fecal matter to stay all the over place...ewwwwww, smh.

I haven't watched Top Model since Whitney won, I'm out of the loop on that one.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1.Yes! The previews never moved me at all! But I really liked it! Bwhahahahaha!@There is nothing like a chorus of little white kids singing to soothe the soul. Girl stop!
2. Oh that's it! NO model show now they have more time! To let us see stuff we don't want to see! It's draining!
3. Right!! my friend said makes you want to jump up and start cleaning don't it?? I hollered!
5. Yeah it does!
9. Girl yeah! My sister said she went to her page and was like I SEE you! Dang it!
11. It used to be my show! I always catch the premiere, then lose interest.

1. I see why! It was very entertaining! The singing was really cute! And I don't like musical like that.
2. Just boring and critical! Booooo
I just want them to leave that one dude alone! And yes the designs have not made me sit up yet!
3. Exactly! They need so much help!
7. I really does! That combined with the Clari Girl!!!!!
9. I'm glad I found your blog too. You keep me laughing *tee hee*
From what I heard they doing it here! LOLOLOL!
10. Man TC has me so mad. I don't get it! I can't and I won't!
11. It died down for me too. But Wed is boring right now so what the hey!

1. Yeah Cetaphil is the best! I won't be changing from cleaning with it again. I do want a better moisturizer. The moisturizer is mild too. What do you moisturizer with?

Yeah Joel had me with that sermon! I want to go so I probably will this time. But that fee has detered me before. And I don't really know why it bothers me? It's not that much money. Well If you go let me know what you think.

I agree on some level. But I think its a sickness too! Who wants to live like that??? It has to be a really sad dark place to get you to give up like that. And the smell???

I stopped watching that season! and have only caught bits and pieces of other seasons. I use to be so excited for the finale! But now that it's in reruns I get to catch up here and there.

Anonymous said...

Hoarders is such a example of watching a car crash and not being able to look away. I feel so sorry for those people because they really do need therapy. Makes me want to throw all my ish out and become a minimalist, living in a white house, with no furniture except one bean bag chair and a snack table. Geez!

Yep, I don't know who found who first, but I'm happy that we're blog buddies!

I only read to #10 because I still can't bear to even watch the episode where Tiffany is eliminated. That and the finale are just sitting on the DVR, gathering dust. **smh** So so disappointed.

GorgeousPuddin said...

See it's the things you say??? Bwhahaha!@one bean bag chair and a snack table. But I totally feel that. I can't watch. I've never even seen a whole episode it just makes me itch!!! I want them to get the help they need too!

I'm happy were blog buddies too! *smile*

So sorry mrstdj!!! :(
They had the nerve to break the finale up into two boring parts. Please believe that you are not missing a thing!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

Yay......Thursday! :) Thanks for the shout out about the shout out! LOL
Sound of Music is a good movie, not necessarily one I could watch over & over, but good. I bet a lot of people didn't know those songs come from that movie. Someone gave my daughter a used, VHS copy of that movie a few years back as a gift. Say what?? Yeah.....you can imagine how excited she was about that! ;)

Hoarders is a mess, I started watching the old ones, but I'm with you, the pet hoarding is way too much for me. The food hoarding was nasty enough. I'm not a cat person either, AT ALL. Ick!

I used to love ANTM but stopped watching it a few seasons back. Kind of lost interest. I may have to check out the new season though. Especially since there's not much good tv on these days. I am a sucker for Reality TV though. Real World has managed to suck me back in this time around. I also like Jerseylicious & occassionally The Bad Girls CLub. Did I just pubicly admit to that?? :)

Not a fan of the 2 part thing either! I started watching old episodes of My Wife & Kids the other day & it was To Be Continued....

Jameil said...

1) LOL @ your reaction & just seeing it for the first time! My sister watched that movie all day every day for MONTHS when we were kids. I wish I was kidding. So my relationship w/it is just getting back to like.
2) I will be watching AS SOON as it's online! Can't wait!
3) LOLOLOL. Never seen a full ep. So nasty.
5) Yay! Shoutouts are theeee best! I got one on fb for my cooking blog!
6) LOLOL. You are cracking me up!
7) I really want someone to send me the face cream they hate that will become my new fave. *ahem* Lol
8) IDK about paying for pastors either. Esp. considering that dude makes BANK off of his name already. Is he donating it to a local charity? I mean come on.
9) I pick them the same way! However, if they don't return the blog love, I lose interest.
10) I was sad this week, too but not like last week! I seriously stopped mid-sentence on this number and watched b/c I was afraid you were gonna pull a NERD GIRL and spoil it! I almost fainted!
11) Haven't been a fan in years. I watched cycles 1-6 or so as they happened and was addicted from day 1. I've never missed an ep. of Project Runway & only one of Top Chef b/c it never came online. FAIL.
12) How you gon die laughing then say no offense??? YOU FAIL!! LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

You're welcome! I guess it was a shout out about a shout out!!!! LOLOLLOL!
1. It actually played on ABC family all labor day weekend! I don't need to see it again, but I'm glad I did! I can just feel the enthusiasm of your daughter getting the VHS! LOL!

Girl Hoarders! Somethings should not be on TV for others to see! EVER!

Yeah I'm gonna watch Top Model until I lose interest because you are correct there really isn't much on these days. I watch BGC too. I am not ashamed LOL! A little mindlessness can't hurt!

Exactly! To Be cont'd WHEN????????
I wanna know? I wanna see what happens! LOL!

1. I get that! You were traumatized from all those songs over and over again! LOL!
3.Exactly! You want to clean up and take a shower!
4. LOL!
5. They really are!!!! Your cookin blog is dope! The angry lobster!! LOL! Yasss!
6.But can you imagine rockin Burberry during the colonial days? I mean Really?
7. If you're serious I will because I CAN'T use it. It hates my face! And I hate it!
8. I discussed it with a friend and she said maybe it's to cover parking so parking can be free and they will probably be giving out bags or something. I'll see.
9. Hmmmm that's diplomatic.
10. No I didn't want to spoil it. I was actually writing TT while I was watching last week and was utterly shocked and stopped in my tracks when it ended! I try not to spoil stuff because A.I like surprises and B.It makes me angry when it happens! LOL!
11. I'm in awe/baffled of/by the recent ANTM seasons winners. You are a PR and TC super fan!
12. I know but some people are cat lovers and I'm not trying to hurt their feelings! LOL! But it did make me laugh out loud!

Ladynay said...

1. Me likey! Doh, a deer, a female deer. Ray, and drop of golden sunnnnnnnnnnnn :-)

3. it takes a special kind of person to make the Horders show

8. Me and Joel get along well. My grandmother never misses him.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Another super fan!!!!

3. I know right!

8. I love his positive message! If I ever make it to his town. I'm so there!!!

Nina said...

Don't be afraid to say what you feel...if its the truth, its the truth...

Was the FB stalker male or female?

I'm glad I don't have TV...not missing a thing

Kudos to you for having Naima playing on your blog...my favorite John Coltrane song ever!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Thanks I will! It's all lurve!

The stalker was female. She said everytime she posted the stalker would post directly behind her it went on for weeks until she said something.

I have In a Sentimental Mood by John C and Duke E from Love Jones