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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubbies,

This week since there wasn't an episode of True Blood my focus is True Blood Trivia, Re-Caps and What Nots.

True Blood is wrapping up Season 3. What were the most exciting scenes, plots, story lines etc. for you?

It's the little things that I sometimes missed that I caught later that cracked me up. In the opening before the music in Episode 6 when Bill killed one of the guards at the Kang's house then attacked the Kang and got clowned. Did you see Sookie and Talbot scream like girls! Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also did ya'll see Budda from I Love New York as one of the guards in Episode 1?

What did you think of Snoop Dog’s Ode to Sookie. I personally thought it was the most ghettorific, buffoonish, tomfoolery I’ve ever heard and I could NOT stop laughing! But mostly it was just Whack!

Arlene’s dude use to be on Gilmore Girl’s in 2000 as Rory’s friend dude. He either aged horribly in 10 years, or maybe it's just his character on the show. Excellent make-up! his name is Todd Lowe

Which of the new characters from this season where your favorite? Mine was Alcide! Just finenesssss!

Which character/s annoyed you the most?  I fricken hated the Mickens!! All they triflin free loadin selves!

I really like some of the songs as True Blood goes off and how they tie into the episode! Genius!

and for those of you who missed the True Blood In Memoriam. OMG that cat. What was funny about the cat was the fact that there was a cat in the memoriam. A cat! Bwhahahahaha!
I tried to get it straight but blogger is trippin click an enlarge it to see everything.

Super rockin Rolling Stone Picture. They made Rolling Stone!


P.S. I love this... said...

Boo to no new episode!

LOL I had forgotten that the Kang quickly took Bill down when he got to his house. I bet Bill wished he was the oldest vampire then.

Yup, I peeped Budda. I've seen him in a few things since ...New York. Zane's cable tv show and some getting married show.

Ugh no comment for Snoop Dog.

Mmmmyeah, that Alcide is ALL kinds of fine!! I hoped Snookie would hook up with him. They definately had chemistry, especially since she was nursing a broken heart. They say one way to get over a guy is to get UNDER another one. LOLOL

Oh and Eggs.. super cute smile, great deep voice and Adonis body!! Boy, who is your trainer!!??

The Mickens. *cues In Living Color's "Hated It!"*

I never saw the cat die. Poor thang.

I read an article about that Rolling Stone cover and it mentioned that Eric doesn't wear a "sock" when doing the sex scenes. *say whaaat??* I also read that he is dating Kate Bosworth. Ummm, no don't like them together.

I hope that Tara is empowered some kinda way next season. All that crying was getting on my nerves!

Oh, MaryAnn was annoying too.

GorgeousPuddin said...


I know! Boooooooo!

Yeah that spin the Kang did was awesome! But Talbot and Sookie tee hee!

Buddha trying to be in stuff. LOL!

I think Sookie and Alcide will be all about season 4. "They say one way to get over a guy is to get UNDER another one." True Dat!!!!

Girl Eggs! That was all types of sexy, yummy, chocolate goodness!

Yeah the Mickens! Ewww!

I am giggling right now about that dang cat! I don't why. I must be sleepy!

Umm Eric should wear a sock! Rubbin that thang all up on people! I hope the women have on the anti bacterial nude panties!

Yeah Tara! I think she got some mojo back.

I hated MaryAnn like she was a real person! LOL!

Bajan Beauty said...

I missed Buddha, you guys won't believe this but I see his dad all the time in the building where I work! He is a fine older man, lol.

I was feeling Alcide, I was kinda hoping him and Sookie were gonna hook up. He just kinda disappeared, they need to bring him back.

But my favorite character was Lorena, she was a B****h but she was always fly ass hell, lol. Her hair, makeup and clothes were always on point and I loved her speaking voice.

Alcide ex Debbie got on my damn nerves...she was annoying. I'm glad Sookie jacked her a** up. She seemed overly dramatic about everything.

Oh and that damn SUMMER!!! argh...she was too much. "You want to taste my biscuits" I'm not surprised Hoyt's mom had some doings with that.

P.S. I love this... said...

@Bajan Beauty

Lorena was fly.

Speaking of older fine gentleman, I used to work Brice Wilson (Groove Theory fame) father. Very handsome man. I used to get worked up into a tizzy when Brice would come visit his father. *Swoon*

AR Gal said...

I don't remember Sookie screaming but Talbot's scream......... Chiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllle, bwahahahahahahahaha

Snoop's song it a ridiculous entertaining mess. Oh Sookie...LOL

Favorite new character? Why King Russell of course!!

Yeah, Sam's kin pissed me off too.

I think Alcide will be back next season. There's still hope to see them hook up! *fingers crossed*

GorgeousPuddin said...

I could see Buddha dad being handsome! LOL!

I thought Sookie and Alcide would hook as well but I think they are saving him for Season 4. I felt like he would have been killed trying to defend Sookie this season with all she was going through...

You know what Lorena was fly!!!! I overlooked her fashion because of my dislike for her character.

Oh Dang Debbie "they killed my Cooter" trash how could she leave Alcide for Cooter?????? Yeah her and Sookie's fight was good!

Summer! I said a lot about her in a past post. I was surprised about her being connected to Hoyt's mother! I can't wait to see how this plays out!

@P.S. Brice is the FINEST ever!!!
So I know his father must be FINE too! You meet the best people!!!
Do you realize you said you use to work him? LOL! ;)

@AR Gal
The scream was in unison and that was HILARIOUS then he clutched himself Oh Gawd!!! LOLOLOLOL!

When they played Snoop's video I was like REALLY?????

I know YOU like the KANG!!!!! *smile*

The Mickens were authentic TPT!

I think the same thing about Alcide!

Thanks Ladies!!!

~Mommy+Me~ said...

I've only seen a few episodes. I can't quite seem to get into the whole vampire thing. Which of course means I haven't seen the Twilight movies either.
I saw that same pic from Rolling Stones in US magazine & read that same article as P.S. I love this. Said he refuses to wear one. Interesting. Not sure how I'd feel about that if I was in the scene with him.
I did happen to see the latest episode this past week & I was thinking about checking out the season finale.
I finally saw Aarti Party. It was ok. I did like the sound of some of her recipes though.
What will you watch once this show comes to an end?? Looks like some good ones are starting for the fall. Have you seen the previews for the one with Blair Underwood (The Event)or Boris Kodjoe (Undercovers)?? Thinking I might wanna check those out. :)

P.S. I love this... said...


*ROFL* I can't stop laughing at "I used to work him" Freudian slip maybe. I kid! I never did anything besides work WITH him..the father, that is.

Speaking of meeting great people, while in Miami, my sister and I got to hang out with Dougie Fresh! You know I had to ask him to beat box. lol

GorgeousPuddin said...

I didn't get into it until season 2. But once it got me I've been hooked every since.

I'm into Twilight too! Team Jacob LOL! Okaaay!

I think the sock is so needed I mean it's not supposed to be porn! LOL!

You've caught enough to be able to enjoy the finale. Please watch I would like to hear your thoughts on it. :)

I missed Aarti party this week. I like her so I have high hopes for her show.

P.S. and I were discussing what would be a good show to talk about once this season ends. I don't know. I may change the focus on Tuesday there's something special about TB!!!

I have not seen the previews but I've heard about the show with Boris. All that fineness too!

@P.S. I had to point it out! LOL!
Cool about Dougie Fresh. I clearly need to travel more! The only people I've seen in the Bay is Delroy Lindo the daddy in Romeo must Die and Golden Brooks from Girlfriends.