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Thursday, September 2, 2010


1.Why after significant weight loss do people look like bobble head dolls. You have clearly lost too much weight if your head is bigger than your body! Example Sara Rue Jenny Craig, Marie Osmond Nutri-System, Thin Oprah!

2.To be soo scary I used to read Stephen King books and watch his movies. Why? I don’t know? His books are definitely more scary than his movies. I watched a few classics and they did the books no justice.
Did you know that new show Haven on Sci Fi is from one of his books! I saw one episode it was okay.

3.I recently watched a "Disaster Date" on MTV were a white girl was “acting black” *blank stare* She had two kids and she kept saying “you know what Om sayin?” and backing it up on the date who was of course white. Her perceived blackness and single baby mama status was the disaster. Really MTV REALLY???

4.I have always wanted to be in commercials. I’ve done nothing to pursue this endeavor its just a want. Every time I see an air freshener commercial I’m like I could do that! Yep air freshener! LOL!

5.I want to go on the Price is Right I’ve added it to my list of things to do before…I die!
GORGEOUS PUDDIN COME ON DOWN!!!!!! I bid the exact price for some great prize like jewelery I get called up on stage to play a game for… A NEW CAR!!!! I win the car! I spin to be in the showcase and get exactly 100 and win the $1000 I get my bonus spin and win $10,000. I’m in the showcase I bid within 100 dollars of my showcase and win BOTH!!!!!!! showcases which includes another car, a motor home, three trips Italy Australia and Dubai, a 60 inch flat screen, a blue ray, an i Pad, a hot tub, a boat, a Vespa, new furniture, appliances, and Calphalon Unison Nonstick cookware. A girl can dream right?

6.What is going on with the Asians??? They’re usually so even mannered. Today in the Bay Area after a high speed chase and Asian man was gunned down by police.(click here for that story) He is suspected of killing 4 possibly 5 people over the last week!!!??? And today the man (also gunned down by police) who was going to blow up The Discovery Channels offices because he had issue with their programming? Huh? Was Asian also. WOW!(click here for that story)

7.How old is Burberry? I was flipping through the channels and landed on “The Patriot” I’m not really a war movie type so I’ve never seen this movie. During this scene a large group of people were walking and Native Americans were running up an tomahawking them! As appalling as that was, what caught my eye was a colonial woman had her baby wrapped in what appeared to be a Burberry blanket!!!!!!! Burberry? I guess they brought it over on the boats from England!

8.Labor Day kinda snuck/sneaked? up on me. It’s considered by some the end of summer. The last day for the big barbecue etc. Well not me! I’m fighting summer’s end with a vengeance! Summer officially ends Sept 23 and I’m going to keep acting like its summer and wearing white as much as I want! Humph! *folds arms and stomps feet*

9. Top Chef D.C. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They KNOW WHY! I'm fighting mad. Take that!
Bruce Lee


Jameil said...

1) How could you forget STAR JONES??? Queen of the bobble heads!
3) Fail. You should email them your displeasure.
5) I mean DANG! If you're gonna dream, dream then!
6) So wrong for this!
8) Snuck. I'm getting in my white this weekend! Lol

P.S. I love this... said...

1. I think because the weight lost is too rapid that their heads look bobbley. There was this lady on Essence.com that had lost like a gazillion pounds and she lost the weight with sensible nutrition and exercise over 2 years, not only did she not have a bobble head but no extra flappy skin! She looks amazing and so young.

4. You should definately go for being cast in a comercial. It could pay off handsomely, especially if it's a national piece, multi occurance. Look at the Lysol lady, she is PAID!!

5. I used to love the Price is Right!!

6. I guess no one is immune to craziness.

8. I know, Summer has come and gone!! Matter of fact, this year has flown by!! I had planned a back to school bbq for my daughter and nieces' to enjoy with their friends. It will be a fun filled day completed with a kickball game. (loved that when i was a kid)

Rock your white whenever you want. I will still be rocking my white skinny jeans in the winter.

AR Gal said...

1. Photoshop. I don't think she's that small..she didn't look quite as thin in the commerical.

5. Girl, ME TOO!!!

6. Maybe they didn't like what their fortune cookies said. *runs*

9. Kevin over Tiffany?!?! Absolutely LUDICROUS!!!! From what I could tell they were probably at the bottom of the heap. But come on!!! Not taking her to Singapore?!?! Why couldn't they have decided it based on past cooking...they've done it before. A Top chef Finale without Tiffany is just......*sigh*

AR Gal said...

Forgot to ask, how do you add the .gif thing to your post so that it shows the file and not just code? I've tried it before but it didn't work for me.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.I completely forgot about Star Jones. You are so right! She was the original bobblehead!!! LOLLOLOLOL! Bwhahahaha!
3.As much as I like to complain, good idea!
4. I know!
5. I saw someone win both showcases once and I died. It was so much stuff!
6. I know *shrugs*
8. That's good!
9. I hope you've seen this travesty by now!

1.I like Essence.com I need to check out her story. I think they just lose too much. The lady on Essence got to ideal weight and stopped. Imagine if she went 10 or 20 pounds further???
4. When I get back to L.A. I hope to go on some castings. Maybe something will come up in SF.
5. I don't watch anymore. But the L.A. trip had me thinking of things I wanna do. Drew is mehh.
6. Right! It was just shocking to see two incidents of TOTAL craziness in the same day???
8. I know, it's September???? How did this happen? It has gone by too fast I have not accomplished my goals. I'm mad!
I love Kickball!!!! I'm looking into joining this group who plays on the weekends the only prob is they play on Sundays when I'm supposed to be at church. LOL!
Have fun at the BBQ! Sounds so fun!
Oh I will be rockin the white believe that! LOL!

@AR gal
1. Her head is still so big tho and that neck. LOL! I liked her before I hate her now. She wasn't even that fat. She went up and down like humans do.
5. Okaaaay! I just want to win! LOL!
6.Bwhahahahahahaahahahhaha! See that's why!!!! I'm SMDH!!! You are a complete nut. I love your humor!!!
9. Okay??????? NO WAY!!!!!!!! I'm so mad right now. I almost don't care who wins! Almost! I so teared up with her. She got so close. I feel her. This close with all those wins and excellent dishes???? She would've made history! I want to see what Tom says this week on the TC blogs. He explained away Kenny but I want to see what he has to say about this!

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

1. After reading through the comments I see I don't have to mention the queen of the bobblehead, Ms. Star Jones! They lose weight too dang quick! They go on Friday 320 and come back Sunday at 110. WTH?!

5. I want to go on Wheel of Fortune! I put the game on my laptop and I have it on my iPod. I'm always guessing the puzzles and screaming at the folks when I watch it on TV. I know I could rack up some money on that show!

8. This year has indeed flown! I keep thinking if I should pull out one of 10 million white dresses I have to wear before Labor Day actually gets here! I still have no b-day dress!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR gal
When you are posting at the top there is a link that says [edit html] click that. The post box turns white. Cut and paste the tag onto the white screen. When finished click [compose] and it will turn back gray and should show up. Hope this helps!

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Bwhahaha!@Friday 320 and come back Sunday at 110. I know. It's crazy! I don't get how they don't know they look weird!
5. I like the Wheel to. I watch it with my aunt. I holler out the answers too. LOL! You should look into getting on. They travel around so maybe the show will get to your city!
8. Indeed! but you have to join the movement and wear white after labor day!:) What kinda of dress are you thinking of for your B-day??

Anonymous said...

1.) Praising God that I don't look like a booble head because GP would be talking ish about me! *lol* Another 50 lbs though and you might.

9. I heard the TC news last night, but I haven't watched the episode. Seems crazy to get so caught up in a tv show, but I'm truly saddened.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. It's just weird to me. I want people to stop before they get to bobblehead status!
Please don't lose 50 pounds if you only need to lose 20-30. You will look like a bobblehead and I'm talking about you LOL! But I would also bring you a burger! *smile*

9.I was really rooting for her. It was a little more than tv to us because she was a sistagal doing the dang thang! I thought she was going all the way or at least to the finals. It just blows! *sad face*

K. Rock said...

1. Girl yeah!! Star Jones is the number on weight loss big head.
2. I read SKeleton Crew when I was younger. It had the story "The Fog" in it. They turned in into a movie tha came out a few years ago. The book was scary as a mutha.
5. Girl that is already on my list. When I go to the west coast, getting on that show is top on my list of thing s to do (and hang out with GP).
8. I don't follow those rules. Wear white all year round if you want to.
9. DOUBLE BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I don't know who to root for now. I quit!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@K Rock
1.Girl I don't know how I forgot her on the list. LOL!
2. His books are so much scarier. It's like they can't be translated to film effectively!
5.LOL! Man I want to do Price Is Right so bad! We have to get shirts that say something about the show or Drew. I noticed those people get picked the most! Sure we could hang! And tear L.A. down!!!!!! You hear me TEAR IT DOWN!!!
8.That's good! There really aren't any rules to fashion anymore anyway! I was just talkin. I might wear a white suit to thanksgiving dinner LOL!
9. I feel the same way. Kevin isn't that cool to me so there is no one left! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

1969 said...

I am mad at Top Chef DC too!!!! Damn them.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Okaaay! I almost can't take it. The show is over to me!

Ladynay said...

#3 bothers me :-(

Air freshner? Word? To each their own! LOL!

Get you a Price Is Right ticket go on down there and see what happens. Just make sure you tell us when your episode airs so we can watch you win all that stuff and know what to ask you for. *wink*

GorgeousPuddin said...

3.Riiight! I was like you still doing this kind of stuff in 2010!!#FAIL
4. I know! But I like air freshner so much! I figured I could really endorse it.
5. For sure!! If I get on the Price is Right I'm telling errbody!!!!!! LOL!@know what to ask me for.*smile*

AR Gal said...

I'm about to try it and see. Thanks for the tip!