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Friday, September 3, 2010

Lanvin at H&M this fall... Say Whaat???

For all the fashion heads like myself. FYI  LANVIN

The San Jose Mercury News Reports

NEW YORK -- Lanvin will be the next high-fashion house to become a partner of fast-fashion retailer H&M.

The joint collection, featuring womenswear and menswear, will go on sale Nov. 20 in North America
H&M has made a habit, a fairly successful one, of joining with top fashion names for limited-edition, buzzed-about collection. Previous partners included Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney  and last year was Jimmy Choo.

Those names are well known to the mass-market audience; Paris-based Lanvin is more of a fashion insider's favorite brand.

H&M will preview the collection to the public in an online film on H&M.com on Nov. 1.
Lanvin is a really pricey high end line sold at Barney's, Neiman Marcus etc. It's very edgy and FIERCE!
I'm excited to see the line at a more affordable price. I'm so there November 20, 2010. Will you ?


Ladynay said...

I won't be there but I am excited that you and other fashionista type folks are excited! :-)

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Ladynay Thanks! if I can just get a sweater or a dress it would make my day! :)

P.S. I love this... said...

I will have to see what's being offered. I hope at least there's a fab dress that I love and that the quality is good. I need to take a trip to H&M.. haven't been in a minute.

Jameil said...

Swoon! I would love some Lanvin. Biggest issue with high end lines at low end places-- sometimes they save the good style for their personal lines. That would be a fail. Also, the quality is not always worth the price. :( Don't be like this, Lanvin!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. One thing about H&M is they seem to have pretty good quality on most of the items I buy from them.
I think it takes a good fashion eye. I know you have it.LOL! I haven't been recently, but I want to see the Fall line.

I have high hopes for the Lanvin line. I know it won't be the same but... Still EXCITED!!!!!

@Jameil Lanvin!!!!!! Yeah we have to hope for the best as far as quality. Look with your fashion eye! LOL! If the quality sucks, I hope they have good accessories. Jimmy Choo's were great! Again, I have high hopes for some reason.