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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubbies!
One episode left! Season finale Sept 12, 2010. Why we gotta wait 2 weeks BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Wow Sept is here. This year has flown by.

OMG the memoriam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was hilarious! They did it like at the Academy Awards the only thing missing was the clapping. I did my own clapping LOL!

Jesus is scary! What the f**k was that? La La better watch out! I would’ve sent dude home too! That dark magic! Tsk Tsk Tsk!

Oh Sam. I guess he’s a bad a** now! LOL!

Looks like Tara just needed to find out the truth to get herself back. Good! Finally!

Arlene fell for the okie doke. You canNot mess with the witches and expect anything good to come of it!

Hoyt got his Jessie back LOL! I was wondering where his mother was. Did it surprise you that she is connected to Summer? Cute as pigs?????????? Bwhahaha! What?

The Kang is still holding the candy dish with Talbot in it. He is really strong! Did you see him stop that car.

ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can’t die I lurve him. I can’t wait for the twist Eric can’t DIE!!!!!!

*side note* his ring tone Bwhahaha!

Okay it's your turn! Chime in Fans! What were your favorite parts?


AR Gal said...

I was hot when I heard them say in two weeks. Then I remembered next weekend is Labor Day but still. Booooooooooo!!!!

I hollered at the memoriam. I think the cat did me in.

I have to really go back an re-watch the episode because I missed two of the most important parts of the episode. Jesus' face and Eric's ringtone. I darted out of the room for just a minute. :(

Sam is just going through some ish right now. I don't think this billy bad @ss phase will last. Then again.........

Arlene is so f'in stupid. You don't trust vamp's but you'll let a witch take you out in the middle of the damn woods and put that hoodoo voodoo on you? Girl BYE! I hope that baby comes out looking like Rosemary's Baby. That'll learn her! LOL On a sidenote, when they showed her dream sequence she actually looked really pretty.

Summer and Hoyt's momma....classic. LOL

People on the TB FB page called Talbot's remains jello. 'Here comes the king and his jello'. LMAO!!

Now you know Eric ain't going nowhere. I think the older the vamp is, the quicker they die. I'm assuming that was the logic behind the grand plan. Russell is still a boss though! LOL

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR Gal

Oh gawd the cat Bwhahahaha!
I had originally missed the Jesus scene. It scared the ish out of me!

When Pam calls to tell Eric Sookie escaped check out the ringtone and the way Russell looks at Eric. Priceless!

Yeah Sam. I like nice Sam better! But this may be the new him?

I never thought about it like that! No Vamps but down with witches???? LOL! @ Rosemary's Baby
She did look pretty and sweet! I thought something was about to jump out the water tho.

Hoyt's mama "cute as pigs" had me rollin!

That's funny! It looks more like melted red licorice to me. Which is why I keep saying candy dish LOL!

Ahhh okay! I would miss Eric so much! Russell not so much. LOL! But yes he was a BOSS this season!
Everytime you say that I hear Fantasia's brother sayin I'mma BOSSS! LOL!

P.S. I love this... said...

Maybe it's just me but Bill was really working my nerves asking Sookie can we try again.. It just really irked me and I was tickled with Sookie's response..

The Kang and his gooey Talbot.. he just carries it around like a baby on his hip.

I hope Tara uses condoms.. she is getting it in with er'body. Maybe she should get preggers, that would be twist.

I'm glad LaLa sent Jesus home.. I think anything else would have been out of character for Lafaytte.

A community of Werepanthers that peddle Meth.. ummm wow. lol
And Crystal having to breed with her half brother, WTF??

Sam is having a much needed moment. Having so much anguish built up inside, one will implode or explode. He chose the latter.

Arlene has a strong lil whatever it is in her belly. Now it's prolly mad..

No, the finenss that is Eric can't die!!!

I have to watch the episod again.. what cat? What did it do?

GorgeousPuddin said...

Yeah it was a bit much! Maybe a cover for his secret?

Riiiight! That one scene when Russell turned around with Talbot in hand???? Bwhahaha!

Yeah Tara! I'm a little annoyed with that. The professor in me is being poked with the whole hyper sexed black woman theme... yes condoms needed! Indeed!

Did that LaLa/Jesus scene make you jump??? I was not ready. It really
scared me. Heart beating fast and err thang LOL!

Yeah Crystal with the werepanthers being inbred backwoods drug dealing hillbillies! Too much!!!

Sam yup you right with that one! It was good to get the back story on him. So much pain!

I'm scared for what's in Arlene's belly now. It's been tainted!


Right before the epi they did a memorium of all the deaths on the show. A cat died too! LOL!

P.S. I love this... said...

Gorg, you have to expound on the hyper sexual black woman theme.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. I'll email you. LOL!

Bajan Beauty said...

I love this season! Everyone has there on story line...omg, so much to keep up with.

I love Eric too, I think he's sexy, and I'm not sure what Bill is hiding but something just doesn't seem right to me. I still want to know why he had that file on Sookie.

And why does Jason fall in lust so quick, smh. He is getting to caught up with that were-panther.

I hope the finale is more then an hour because they have a lot to explain.

GorgeousPuddin said...


Hi and Welcome!!! I love it too!

Eric IS very sexy and so tall!!
I want to know why Bill had the file too!

Yeah Jason is special. He doesn't even know Crystal like that and after seeing her cousin eating whateva that was. I would pass. He might wake up and she's eating him.
Big cats are unpredictable

I hope so too. TB needs two hours to close all this seasons cliff hanger storylines. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! Come again!

Freaky Deaky said...

I loved season 3 although I'm disappointed they didn't do much with Alcide.

I don't really like the whole Jason vs. the high school quarterback storyline. I'll be glad when that's finally over. Seems like he's been in a standstill this season and not really going anywhere.

Those dolls, statues, and other knick knacks of Lafayette were creepy before they started talking to him.

I wish Russell was going to stay around a bit longer. He's funny.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ Freaky D

Hi and welcome!

I liked Alcide's storyline too. I think he had to leave because with all that's going on he would've been killed trying to defend Sookie
Maybe he'll be active season 4

I HATE that part of Jason's storyline! What's the point?????

I actually never really paid attention to LaLa's decor before that moment. My bad! :)

Russell was cool. I don't know I'm glad his time is up. Or is it??

Thanks for stopping by! Come back!