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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A True Blood Tuesday? Yes Yes Ya'll

Hey Trubbies!

I just realized it’s only two episodes left. Wow this season flew by. I guess that’s why they are revealing so much this episode.

Well its revealed...Sookie is a fairy/farie alien? LOL! Why is that other fairy's name Claudine???

What's the truth????????/ Can we handle the truth???? What is Bill hiding?

So Sam has a DARK side. Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought thief/murderer. Did you? When he shot dude in the back that was hardcore gangster ish and a little cowardly!

Tara was so grateful to Jason for saving her she wanted to give him a taste. I didn't like it. No chemistry! Why did Jason tell Tara about Eggs at that moment????????? Excellent acting in that scene from her tho. Did you see her face?

Okay I know this is not relevant but Rutina kept looking like she was about to start crumpin while she had on that tank top with her hair in that ponytail!

So the waitress is Wiccan. Um okay but she is still a witch. I read that Wicca is the actual religion or practice of witches. I think she is a real witch not just practicing.
Sam,"You got anything that works for noisiness and bad boundaries?" Bwhahahahahahahha!

Very noble of Terry to decide to be the father of Arlene’s baby. I still think the baby is his and not Renée. What do ya’ll think?

OMG!!!! The V trip Lafayette and Jesus went on was revealing and scary at the same time.

Ooooo Jesus' abeulo was into the bad voodoo. Black dark voodoo. Did his grandfather turn into a demon? That scared me. This has to mean trouble. A conjurer and sorcerer in both their pasts???????? Hmmm.

*sidebar*According to the dictionary both words mean about the same thing, a magician, or somebody who summons supposed supernatural forces or beings. Spoooookeeey!

Okay so Crystal IS a panther. Not a very cute one I might add. What’s up with the whiskers? Oh cause she’s a blonde? Jason was scared! He said mama LOL! I thought Bill was going rogue and came back in. But I guess he couldn't really do that being a vampire.

When Jason put Bill out! I laughed. Don’t you just wish you could do people like that. Say get the f**k out and they go like that?

And Jessica and Hoyt!!! When he was sucking Jessica's blood it seemed really sexual! I wonder what changes are in store for him???

So the Kang found him a Talbot look alike. Wasn’t that weird when dude died he turned into Talbot briefly? Those vampires are so magically delicious. LOL!

When Eric kissed Sookie it looked he wanted to suck her inside him. That’s sooome passion!

Eric got Sookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think it’s because of what Pam said? It seems like he really loves/lusts her so that last scene caught me off guard.

*sings* I smell a rat baaby! Perfect!!!

Wow! I had a lot to say this week! Okay fans what say you? Chime in!

**note** On-screen and off-screen couple Anna Paquin(Sookie) and Stephen Moyer(Bill) got married Saturday, August 21, 2010 in a secret late night wedding in Malibu. I guess that passion on screen from last week was REAL!!!!!!!


P.S. I love this... said...

Yes this week was chock full of goodies. I was totally surprised by Sam but seemingly everyone in Bon Temp has a skeleton or 5.

I wonder what's the story line gonna be with Jessica, Hoyt and Sam's brother.. he got it BAD for Jessica.

What IS Bill's secret.

Eric's kiss was passionate.. I had to rewind.. he's sexy.

Hahaha, the Kang is trippin'. Poor Talbot 2.0

I read somewhere that Jesus might not be human.. I wonder how that will play into the storyline.

I think it's Terry's baby.

Can't wait til next week!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. LOL! @ a skeleton or 5!

Sam's brother does have it bad for Jessica. That storyline is going to be interesting!

I don't know Bill's secret. I want to know tho. I can't wait til next week.

In the preview for next week was that Jesus wearing that mask??? That was scary. He didn't seem to scared on the V trip!

Talbot 2.0 Bwhahaha!

AR Gal said...

Russell is a BOSS!!! That is all.

Vee said...

LMBO @ the Rutina comment! I have to watch the episodes online and have so much catching up to do. After reading your post I think I will do that today looks like I've really been missing out!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR Gal Well okay! LOL!

@Vee Oh yes True Blood is it! Catch up! I forgot the crumpin link. It's there now.