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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

THURSDAY's THOUGHTS...#12 On a Wednesday?

1.I love creamy desserts! Key lime pie, Crème Brule, cheesecake, puddings, ice cream all things creamy!
 I like cake too! One thing I would never eat was bread pudding. I HATED bread pudding but I went to this fancy little spot and Yum Yum their chocolate bread pudding is slap somebody good!

2.Fine dining for less! I received a birthday email from one of my favorite places to dine . It came this month in August. My B-day is in March. O_O They said it was a computer glitch. The coupon was buy one entrée and get the other for free. They were also having 25% off all gift cards. Let’s add this up. I bought a $50 gift card for $37.50! So with food and drink. 1 meal was free! A normally $85 meal for 37.50 bucks! Score!

3.My blood type is AB negative. Which I understand to be really rare. I’m so special!

4.Aarti won!!! Next Food Network Star! I’m sooo happy for her. Aarti Paarti premiered this past Sunday. Did anyone watch? I did. Sort of.

5.I get an extreme kick out of seeing things that I own on TV commercials and shows. Example: I saw my rug in a Glade commercial. A shirt and a pair of sunglasses on a t.v. show. There’s more but I’ll stop here. LOL!

6.The California Lottery Mega millions is 115 million!! I wanna win!!!!*sings* All I do is win, win no matter what! I need that to apply in this instance for real! Everybody hands go up!!!

7.What’s up with all the devil movies??? I’m kinda scary but I made myself not be scared of things that are clearly NOT real like vampires, werewolves, Jason, Freddie, Michael Myers etc. But I never could get with the devil movies. To date I have never seen the Exorcist. I just watched Rosemary's Baby this year. I watched the remake of the Omen on TV then the original which almost scared me to death! Just this year I finally saw all of The Devils Advocate without covering my eyes. LOL! But all these new devil flicks No ma’m! And why do they promote them so heavily???? Every commercial break? Really?!?

8.I am still hooked on "the creamy crack", and I just can't "stop living the lye" LOL! I’ve decided I’m only getting four relaxers a year. This is my first time stretching my relaxer to 12 weeks. Whew it’s been rough! Sept 4th will be my 12th week and relaxer date. Can anybody recommend a good detangler?

9.Everything is whole grain or multi grain now. Which I like. It's helping me make healthier food choices. I recently purchased some multi grain saltine crackers. Umm no difference to me! I should have just gotten the unsalted’s like I normally do.

10.Is anybody watching Money Hungry on VH1. Whyyyyyy is there ALWAYS a character???????????? Where do they find these people???????? Phillip is hilarious! I watch just to see what he's going to do or say next!

11. This commercial STILL cracks me up! Bwhahahahahahha!!!!!! But the REMIX Oh GAWD!!!!

**note**  I posted this on accident it is clearly NOT Thursday. I be trippin LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. I love this... said...

1. I love dessert period but my body.. not so much. Everything I eat besides fruit and vegs makes my stomach hurt. Been like that since I was little. Makes being a novice vegan easier but I still love dessert.

3. My blood type is O Positive. I can donate to everybody. =)

6. Winning the lottery would be awesome! The chunk Uncle Sam takes is robbery!

7. LOL @ devil movies. I can only watch scary movies in the daytime. Exorcist STILL freaks me out.

8. Trying to transition or stretch is ridiculously difficult..so I appluade your efforts. Creme of Nature has always been a good detangler but the old formula with green label not that new crap.

10. I haven't seen any "reality" shows in a while.. so sick of the scripted conframa (confusion and drama). I watch old sitcoms, like Golden Girls lol. It's the geriatric version of "Girlfriends". lol

Great post!

Did you see "Claudine" yet?

AR Gal said...

1. I love cheescake but it must be plain or have fresh fruit on the side. Non of those syrupy, glazy toppings. Blech!

2.The menu at Skates looks scrumptious!!

3. I'm AB positive...so regular. :(

6. That reminds me, I need to go buy a lotto ticket today. Here's hoping we both win!!

7.I laughed at the Exorcist the first time I watched it (10 years ago). Oh and The Shining too! That movie is hilarious to me. I laughed at Rosemary's Baby.....the actually baby I mean. That little devil face....bwahahahahahaha The Devi's Advocate with Keanu????!!!! Girl that is my damn movie! It's one of few that I will drop what I'm doing and watch.

I kind of want to go see the new movie about the girl that's possessed (I can't recall the name of it). Yeah, I know. I'm just a heathen.

8. Living the lye.....*snickers then snorts* That's funny. I'm getting a relaxer this weekend and cannot wait!! I doubt I could make it to 12 weeks. I'm doing good just getting to six. I'm going to try and do an eight week stretch one day soon.

K. Rock said...

1. I am all about ice cream but I cant do bread pudding either. I have this thing about soggy bread. But if you say it's good I will take your word for it.

2. Yipee!!

4. I missed the Paarti. I heard it was boring though.

6. I need to hit it big too. I needs some mula.

7. I don't do scary movies in general. So i can't mess with any of those.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

1. I LOVE cheesecake too and my grandmother made THEE BEST bread pudding ever! I don't eat anyone else's because she spoiled my tastebuds to expecting it to taste a certain way.

7. I can't stand the damn advertising for those devil movies at all. I either switch the channel or just tune all the way out. They make me feel some kind of way and I refuse to support it.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ P.S.
1. Bummer! Sorry to hear that. But you are right it does help you eat better if you know pain is following the meal. :(
3. Yes you can! Saving lives all over the place! :)
6. I know isn't it like 30%. I get another chance. Nobody won it's 133 million!!
7. Trust the watching is in the daytime! Except when dude is here. But why he had to walk me to the bathroom and wait after the Omen???? In the house! Bwhahahaha!
8. I have some of the old stuff. I will use that. Thanks!
10.Yeah it is scripted now. But I still watch LOL! Conframa? Bwhahaha! Stop it! I don't watch GG anymore to many dead people. But it is funny! That Blanche!!!!!!!! After she passed I can't :(
I have to Netflix Claudine.

@AR Gal
1.I tend to like the one's from the cheesecake factory. Never plain and maybe topped strawberries.
2. It so is!!! I love going there! It's easy to overindulge so I can't go often. I have to get appetizers, entree, dessert, drinks
Yep can't go often. LOL!
3. I read AB positive is the second rarest. Not so regular :)
6. Yes! Get that ticket! I wanna WIN! You wanna WIN! Everybody hands go up!
7. You laughed?? I can't! LOL!
Now I did laugh at the baby in Rosemary's Baby. I was like stop with the cat eyes. Bwhahaha! The Shining was scary but good to me too! The Devil Advocate didn't play fair. Doing scary stuff before the music!!! Scared me to death! My sister LOVES those movies and is going too! The Last Exorcism
8. I'm not alone in the lye What!! LOL! I love when I get a new relaxer you can't tell me NOTHING!!! Swangin and Bangin! LOL! The stretch can get hard. I just keep it really moisterized and don't touch it much.

@K Rock
1. The soggy bread is what made me hate it too! But this place?? I don't know it's just soooo good.
2 Yassss!
3. It was a little boring. The first show she made sloppy joes, ice cream pops and something else. She better step it up this week!
6. Money is ALWAYS good!
7. I just don't like to be left out the loop.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. See you got introduced to good bread pudding from jump. The mess I used to see No ma'm

7. Isn't it just overkill! I turn the channel too. Since I've been responding to these comments. It's been on 3x!!!!! I'm glad it comes out Friday so they can STOP!

Nexgrl said...

1. I love cheesecake, but only a
different flavors. I made a
Lemonade Cheesecake with a
ginger cookie crust, that I
love. My go-to favorite
is Khalua Cheesecake.

2. I've never been to that
restaurant. I think the main
reason is that the weekend
bridge traffic works my nerves
now. Oh how I miss the days
when not as many people lived
in the bay.

4. I've never watched a NFNS
episode ever. No desire to

8. My favorite detangler is the
Paul Mitchell Original Detangler

P.S. I love this... said...

He walked you to the bathroom!!!?? That's hilarious and cute.. kinda. I got two for you..

1. I don't sleep with any part of my body hanging off the bed, so I won't be dragged under there by "something", never to be seen again, ala the movie "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark".

2. I never use the bathroom without looking inside the toilet because a rat might have decided to take a dip in my sewage pipes and think my toilet is a cold jacuzzi. Saw that on Discovery Channel..

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. Yeah the different flavors! I love Vanilla Bean. Also Banana. I don't like lemon but that lemonade pie sounds yummy. If it's that condensed milk, lemon flavor. I LOVES that! Kaluha is coffee flavor right? I don't think I'd like that one!
2. When was that????? Bwhahha! It's always been to many people to me! The best time to go to Skates is a weeknight after the 7pm traffic. Check it out It's good!
4. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT! I don't know what to say I'm shocked! LOL! Food Network lover here!
8. Hmmm I might pick some up. Does it really detangle well? I need something the just slips the tangles out.

1. Never saw that one and Now I scared LOL! I don't hang off the bed anyway tho.

Wow! I've never heard that! But I always look in the toilet and at it! Fell in before! EWWWWWWWWWWW!

Jameil said...

key lime pie is THE BEST!! yay AARTI!!! Wanna pay my student loans if you win the lottery? Wheat tip: your bread must have at least 2g of dietary fiber PER SLICE to get the benefits of eating wheat.

GorgeousPuddin said...

1.Isn't cool creamy key lime pie the Best!!!! Especially with a good crust! Have you made one before? Do you have a good recipe??


6.You know what???? In the spirit of giving if I won 133 million dollars I would LOL! I mean I'm RICH that would be nothing! Bet you didn't expect that huh?

9.So the multi grain crackers I would have to eat the whole sleeve for benefits? #fail

Nexgrl said...

Late '80's, early 90's, there wasn't as much traffic. A drive to Richmond used to be 20 minutes for me, now it's an hour.

Paul Mitchell really works for me. You can add the leave-in spray conditioner also, if you need the extra help. Since you still use the creamy stuff, probably not.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Nexgrl Maybe the 89 earthquake had something to do with the traffic changes all the closed and fallen freeways and such. I saw a documentary a couple months back.

Thanks! I will look into the Paul Mitchell

Jameil said...

Nope, I don't have a good recipe. But I'm gonna find one one day! I actually have agreements with several people to pay off my student loans if they win the lottery so you may get lucky! lol You don't want to eat a whole sleeve? *innocent face*

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Jameil well I didn't win this go round so maybe next time. 1 person won 133 million. Dang I wish it was me. I only matched 1 number BOOOO! I hoped you did have a good key lime pie recipe. The ones I tried #fail. No whole sleeves! LOL!