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Monday, August 2, 2010

They's Married Now!

So what was it about July 31, 2010?????? There were three "celebrity" weddings on that date.
7/31/10 doesn't seem that special a date to me. I remember when a ton of people were gettin hitched on 07/07/07, and 08/08/08 etc. Even 12/31/00. So what was the big deal about last Saturday?

Does anybody know?

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. Chelsea Clinton wore Vera Wang

Alicia Keys and Swiss Beats. Alicia Keys wore Vera Wang

TI and Tiny
Is it just me???? How did TI and Tiny manage to make a Valentino original and a custom-made Prada tuxedo look cheap and dare I say ghetto???

Congrats to all the happy couples! Ain't love great?


Adei von K said...

you know what they say, you can have all the money in the world but you can't buy class. Case in point, TI and Tiny.

K. Rock said...

You know how it goes. To each his own. When it comes to weddings especially, you have to do what makes the day special for YOU. They dressed how they wanted to do and you gotta love it.

Nerd Girl said...

Congrats to both couples! I wish them well.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Adei I'm inclined to agree!

@K.Rock Well maybe... but I think since they are in the public eye maybe a little more effort could have been put into one day instead of spreading it over 3 and ending up with that!

@Nerd Girl
I wish all the couples the best!

AR Gal said...

I didn't realize Alicia Keys got married this weekend as well. The backdrop in their photo is nothing less than breathtaking.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR Gal Yes! Absolutely beautiful! As far as destination weddings go, they picked a winner!

P.S. I love this... said...

I would like to see the professional pics of Tiny and T.I.'s wedding.. it may look alot better. Usually T.I. looks good in his clothes.

Alicia looked happy. Their wedding locale was gorgeous.

Chelsea looked nice..

GorgeousPuddin said...

@P.S. I want to see the professional pics as well. I agree T.I. does normally look good in his clothes. Really good! I 've seen a few more bootleg pics and it's not looking good. LOL!

Alicia was a pretty bride! I want to go there on vacay one day...

LOL! @ you, I thought Chelsea's dress was beautiful.