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Thursday, August 5, 2010



1. Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter Montana is doing porn SMH!  *sad face*She said, (and I quote)
"I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape. I'm hoping the same magic will work for me." She wants to be famous like Kim K and Paris H. This girl is 19 years old and I’m mostly mad at the state of the world. She has equated gaining celebrity via a sex tape the option for her??? from what were supposedly leaked "home videos" by Kim and Paris. Montana decides to go to a real porn house and be exploited. I mean her father is Lawrence Fishburne. I’m certain she could have gotten a role in a regular movie just on her name alone! I read her father is very upset. Umm yeah he should be!

2. Is the seafood in the Gulf safe to eat UMMMMMM NO!! Are they fishing the waters and beginning to sell the fish yes. WTHeck? On the news the fishermen said it's because the fish are no longer dead or dying. So because the fish have acclimated to the toxic waters its cool to eat them????!!!?

3. I just found out my favorite meal the Alice Springs Chicken at Outback Steakhouse (yes Jameil a chain) GASP!!  LOL! has 1,303 calories, 94 g fat, 2,146 mg sodium. WOW!!!
It's a grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, smothered in mushrooms, melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, with a honey mustard sauce on the side Yum! I shouldn’t eat this ever again but I really love it. I only eat here about twice a year when others who love this place invite me out. I searched the web for a pic, now I want to go here.

4. Okay so I want a new car really bad. (feel free to click the buttons and change the colors to black) It's not feasible at this time to buy a new car. It's not even feasible to buy settle car 1 or settle car 2. struggling grad student and all,
In the last 2 months I’ve had a flat, my brake lights went out, I got a parking ticket, my tags expired(and remember the DMV went on strike after I had been in line forever) and somebody bent my front license plate. My car is making it hard for me to keep loving it. No I love my car, I love my car *wink*

5. The Beach Boys I know like who? were supposedly going to sue Katy Perry the I kissed a girl singer for a line in her song which says "I wish we all could be California girls." You may not know the history but, the Beach Boys were successfully sued by Chuck Berry for stealing the opening guitar rifts from his song that they used in Surfing USA one of their most popular songs and others. I’m glad they decided not to sue her, that would have been beyond hypocritical.

6. I have a confession. I like the Kardashians. (mostly for the designer fashion) I watch the show and I like Kris, Kim and Kourtney the most. Kim managed to start raking in millions due to a big butt and a smile. So I can’t knock the hustle.
That said, the media is grating my nerves with Kim’s new man a week coverage. Every since the break up with Reggie she’s been linked to a couple of different guys and that’s fine, but is this really news? My rant which goes back to the Montana Fishburne issue is glorifying the sex life of a non celebrity.What message is this sending to the kids.

7. How in the heck did I miss the premiere of Project Runway last week? Oh Tim Gun I'm soo sorry!

8. TheCaptain is mostly a chain restaurant eater. It can get frustrating because I'll say Oooo let's go here. He'll balk at the idea so I don't really ask to go to different places much. I adventure dine out with friends, but get this he gets mad and says I would’ve went when I tell him about different places I've been. HUH? Passive aggressive much?

9. I woke up this morning and the thermometer said it was 67 degrees in the house, it feels like 50, and that's cold !! I had to turn on the heater. It stayed gray and overcast until 1:00pm. The news said it will be overcast tomorrow with a chance of misting rain??!!?? Oh Summer where art thou????


P.S. I love this... said...

1. That Montana mess is a MESS!!

2. I'll pass on the BP marinade.

3. Whoa! That's the caloric intake for an entire day. Shameful Outback.

6. I like the Kardashians too. Chloe is funny to me. What does Kim keep doing to her face? But you can't knock her hustle, uses what she got to get what she wants.

7. I missed it too.. actually I haven't watched since Christian Sirano was on the show. LOL

8. @_@ *side eye at you not picking restaurants too*

GorgeousPuddin said...

1. It really is! I'm so embarassed for their family. And so sad for her! I watched this video interview of her and the "producer" of the porn and she looked like a sad little lost girl.

2. LOL! I can't believe they're seriously fishing. You should have seen the fishermen being interviewed. I understand it's their livelihood but...

3. What got me more was the sodium!

6. I know! She and her mom are looking a lot a like in the face.

7. Well okay LOL!

8. See I do pick them but I like Thai, Japanese (sushi), Indian and Mediteranian sp? food. He does NOT eat that! It has to be American traditional steak and potato's or Chinese or Joes Crab shack. LOL! But since I keep going without him he may come around LOL!

AR Gal said...

1. I thought the same thing about LF's daughter. Why not just use her father's influence and name to help her get in and ahead in the industry? I know her parents must be thinking where did they go wrong with that girl. I do thing you're correct about the state of the world. There is a lot of temptation for kids coming up these days to idolize things that are not in their best interest.

3. I love the salmon at Outback. I shudder to think what the caloric intake is.

4. The DMV went on strike while you were standing in line?!? *faints* I would have been pissed (and may have even jumped the counter to get my own shit for free)!

5. Awww, I love that Katy Perry song. The Beach Boys can suck it. It was just one line...geez!

8. Mistah is too but I encourage him to think outside of the box sometimes. Different is good I say.

9.Heater. *weeps*

K. Rock said...

3.I used to like that dish too (sans bacon). But Outback never had anything else I liked. I haven't been there is years. But those numbers are ridiculous. Thats alot of sodium.

7. I didn't know that PR was starting up either!! I was shocked to learn I had missed the premiere. So I didn't watch the one last night either. Now I am 2 eps behind so I hope they put in On Demand.

9. Summer over aalready where you are? Bummer. We had a heat index of 104 yesterday. Maybe we can meet in the midlle somewhere.

Qucifer said...

1.That whole thing is a sad disgrace! I mean it a young cute girl.. ugh!

2. Ew I really don't bat team seafood though

3. Girl! the description alone told me it was a million calories!

4. I love that my car is still chugging would like a new one but I want needddd fiend weep and whine for a new floor

6. You are so... DEAD to me..... No ok I forgive you

7. It was so good!!!! and then santino has a show right after

~Mommy+Me~ said...

1. I heard about that, & I'm with you for sure! I really don't see how it's possible to be proud of your son/daughter if they're in that industry. That's just me.

2. That's just wrong! Supposedly we are already getting exposed to bad things from our food. I don't think it's a good idea to start eating fish who swim in oil.

3. I love the Alice Springs Chicken too, it's the bomb. I'm not really big on that restaurant otherwise! Luckily we rarely eat there.

4. I hear ya on the new car thing. I bought my first NEW car in the end of 2007. It's nice to not have to worry about anything. But on the other hand we just got done used car shopping for my fiance. It was the most frustrating task I've done in a while! Especially because we had a very low budget.

8. I hear ya on this one! I LOVE to try new restaurants. And my fiance is not too good about trying new things. For example I took him to California Pizza Kitchen (which is not that "different") but anywayz.....we go there & what does he order?? Buffalo Chicken Strips!! LOL

MrsTDJ said...

Montana needs her tail beat. Period.

Alice Springs Chicken and a baked sweet potato is my favorite Outback meal too. I haven't been there in forever. I'm going to forget that I read the nutritional content you posted and pretend that it's healthy! *lol*

GorgeousPuddin said...

@AR Gal
1.Well said and true! The youth need better role models.
3. I know! This new bill to show the calorie content,is I don't know ignorance was bliss. It will def make you make better choices!
4. LOL!!!! you are funny! !Yes I was so MAD!!! I understand now but still that day I could've hurt somebody for real!
5. I agree!
8. I think he's coming around. I learned that every culture has a chicken/beef or potato dish!
9. Yes a dang heater! I did not get the gas bill savings of past years!

@K. Rock
3. That's the only dish I like too. And yes knowing the numbers is a deterant for real!
7. The good thing is they usually play the old one before the new one so I was able to catch up. OnDemand should have it or Saturday reruns.
9. That's just it summer NEVER started yet!!!!! I'm afraid the weather is so off what if it's hot in Dec.?

1. It really is!
2. That's good. I am only into Alaskan Cod right now LOL!
3. I know, I know but it was so good!
4. I have to be grateful that mine is too. But Errbody is getting a new car *stomps and pouts*
6. LOL! LOL! I know *shrugs*
7. It was!!!! I got caught up. Whew the characters this season!

1. Right! It's a MAJOR #fail as a parent.
2. Okaay! What are they thinking? And the pics of the oil they keep showing EWWWWWW gross!
3. Same here. It's the only thing I can eat.
4. Really what did you guys end up getting??
8. That is too funny! I can totally relate! Mr. chicken over here as well LOL!

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ MrsTDJ
1. Glad you said it and I completely agree!
2. Right! LOL! Not knowing is Bliss I tell you Bliss! Got to work out all hard and drink a gallon of water too!

Daij said...

i LOVE project runway! Who are the beach boys?

By the way, that J holiday song is still my ringtone, since the day it was new

GorgeousPuddin said...

Hey The Beach Boys are a group from the 60's who sing songs about Cali and surfing. Being a California girl I couldn't escape knowing about them. But I learned of the beef with them and Chuck Berry from the movie Cadillac Records.

Yaaaay! Project Runway fan.

I love that J Holiday song!