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Thursday, June 3, 2010

THURSDAY's THOUGHTS...#1 shout out to Jameil

One of my favorite bloggers Jameil has a spot on her blog called Monday Mindspacing every Monday she says some stuff that keeps me laughing. It's just her random thoughts about stuff and we comment. I need a space to express random thoughts so I’m introducing Thursday's Thoughts…. The title maybe corny, but oh well

1. I watch the Housewives series I like some more than others. I can NOT wait until Atlanta starts again. Have you seen Ne Ne’s new nose? What she do dat for? I’m so mad at her.

2. PG&E installed new smart meters to everyone’s house to monitor usage. Why are bills higher since the new meters were installed FAIL!

3. Maxwell and Jill Scott are coming tomorrow.  I saw Jill a few years back. Her show is great. I heard Maxwell's show is great too.WHY DIDN’T I GET TICKETS?

4. I walked Bay to Breakers May 16, 2010 It was about 8.5 miles including the walk from the BART to the start line and from the finish line to the bus. I had not worked out since, until today. I do need new walking shoes because my feet felt like they died after the marathon.

5. I actually had a blog beef a few weeks back. Dude went as far as to do a WHOLE post about me. I’m famous ya’ll

6. Why is the oil spill still spilling? Can’t they fix that already? Everybody was on Obama about his stance against offshore drilling. I bet he has no problem passing the bill now.

7. I found my sister’s blog by accident. I feel weird. I was the one that told her to start blogging because she kept putting CRAZY ish on Facebook for all to see. I have to admit I was embarrassed. I read her blog and my heart is so full of sadness for her. She is very sad. The question is should I tell her or just not read again?

8. Me and theCaptain had a cool weekend together. No fighting. I hope this keeps up.

9. I was so hyped to go see Sex and the City 2. I had invited my mom to go with me. Ain’t it a trip how mother's can change your plans. I’m FINALLY going to see it tomorrow a whole week after it started. Hmph! My mother made me PROMISE not to go without her. I’m so mad! But I kept my word.

10. I’m bored


Jameil said...

Yay! I'm all for randomness off the dome! I'm straight on 8.5 miles at a time! I've never seen Jill or Maxwell. Hmmm... The oil spill is ridiculous. FIX IT!! If she didn't tell you about her blog, you don't have to tell her you know. She probably needs the outlet. Do you feel like you can help her?

K. Rock said...

I saw Maxwell last year. It was a great show but he kind of put me off a little...

Blog beef. Wow! I think I would feel famous too if someone mentioned me in any capacity on their blog. Can I have your autograph?

I don't think you should tell your sister you stumbled across her blog. It could make her censor what she says and who wants to censor their personal blog?

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Jameil I almost died walking that much, but I plan to do it again next year. It will be the 100th B2B

Yeah they need to get a handle on that oil. I heard it's almost to Florida. That will be so bad!

Idk if I can help. Some things she expressed on her blog she censored when she told me. I thought she was doing much better but it seems she's just been wearing a brave face. I will try to be more avail to her and call more.

@K.Rock What did Maxwell do that was offputting?

Yes you can have my autograph LOL!

You're right I won't tell her. It also let's me know what's going on in her world and if I need to intervene. I mentioned above she's been rosy around us.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hey Gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your Thoughts..

Ugh, NeNe's nose... HATED IT!

That oil continued spillage is outta control. Poor animals.. the trickle effect is gonna be a bitch! Hmmm maybe I should buy some BP stock, should be nice and cheap now.

I've heard so many bad reviews about SATC2... Let us know what you think.

Yea for you and Captain.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@ P.S.

Yes Ne Ne's nose is just hateful. She looked so much better before.

Yeah girl stock should be real cheap now! LOL! And I agree the damage is devasting to the environment.

You have to go see it for yourself. Boo to the critics! I LOVED SATC2! LOVED IT! It was different from the first one , but enjoyable just the same. I took my mom and my sister went too it was so much fun. We dressed up all fab then went to dinner. I liked it so much I'm going again. My mom likes to talk in the movies so I couldn't really focus. LOL! In my opinion it's a must see for any fan. I'm dragging theCaptain next time. Thanks for stopping by.

Don said...

Finding your sister's blog sounds bittersweet. That has never happened to me. I did come across my daughter's classmate blog. It left me shocked because you think you know a person and damn. I have never seen Jill Scoot or Maxwell live but my sister constantly speaks well of their performances.

Blog beef. I have been there myself. I am surprised that still occurs.

GorgeousPuddin said...

@Don Yeah my sisters blog thing is still bothering me. But since she is sad I can kinda monitor in case it gets too crazy.
I'm thinking of doing a post about the beef.