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Saturday, February 6, 2010


I was thinking about theCaptain today... and I had some  random thoughts about him that I want to clarify.

I have checked out out quite a few blogs and the women all have made up names for their signif others. I have read about Mr. 1969, Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Incredible, Mr Darling, The Count, The Boy, Vh1. just  to name a few.

I thought about why I named theCaptain theCaptain. I was thinking my blog fam and lurkers might think it was from E-40's Captain Save A Hoe. **Absolutely NOT!!! in Frankie voice**

To me theCaptain is soooo old school, He is the first beats of Al Greens Love an Happiness **shout out to Don**, an old OJays song and I named him based on this old skool song by Lakeside called Fantastic Voyage. Thanks mom for introducing me to good soul music.

And the beat is so Funky ass Funky *shout out to slaus at OHN*

The lyrics to the song are I'm theCaptain of this vessel, we wanna take you on a cruise...
                                      Were the directors of this cruiseship and you are under our command...

and this is what I hear **I'm theCaptain of this vessel and you are under my command** I know I know crazy

I feel like this ALL THE DAMN TIME just out of control and under his command. But when it is GOOD. Damn it is a fuggin Fantastic Voyage.  I  know this post is totally out of left field but I mentioned theCaptain to my friend and she immediately went to save-a-hoe. *side eye* on that ish. Is you trying to call Moi a hoe on the sly.  Yes, my educated azz said is you LOL!

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